Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is our current President, Steven Livesay, who refuses to listen to his faculty and students and instead has his own agenda.


The small size of Bryan is a good thing in many respects, however, it also can have its drawbacks. One example is in the sports department. Because Bryan is so small it can't support many sports teams. There are other opprotunities that are thwarted because there simply aren't the means to provide them. With the exception of a new coffee station, there aren't any options for food outside of the main dining hall. Many students wouls appreciate more variety, but it is not in any way feasible.


I would definitely say that keeping up with school work is the hardest thing. Professors very rarely give students "fluff" work. Therefore, you may only have three problems to due for one class, but those three problems could take an hour or so. The great thing is that these problems usually require critical thinking skills that you need to build in order to use them after college.


I wish we could dance on campus- dancing off campus just isn't the same!


The most frustating thing about the school is the amount of rules. From a curfew to restircted access to opposite sex dorms, there is some frustation involved with the size of the rule book. However, it is not so legalistic that it completely cramps the students style, and there is not an overall sense of frustration over the rules, although there are some who will tell you that there are far to many rules.