Cairn University-Langhorne Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates where engaging and committed to learning.


My classmates are encouraging, loving, hard working, awesome people who I am blessed to share my life with.


They are typical college age people discovering their passions and purposes for their lives, and while at PBU, they are growing in their knowledge of Christ, the world, culture, their area of study as well as growing in personal, emotional, professional, and spiritual maturity with the benefit of strong christian moral teaching and professors to counsel, guide, and assist them along the way.


Many are intentional about their learning and then like in any college there are apathetic students. However, over all people are friendly and desire to learn and grow in their thinking and beliefs.


Students are friendly and find lots of ways to have fun that do not center around partying.


Diverse, very focused on learning and doing well in the school and normally form groups of friends around their personalities.


very dedicated and determined to learn. My classmates are always willing to help others and to encourage one another to grow not only academically but spiritually as well.




Many students are sheltered, but I would say about half of them "break the seal" to see the world past a cloudy Christian perspective by the time they graduate.


My classmates are very helpful and fun to be around.