California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very helpful and open to helping me with any questions I have.


my classmate stick together and help where help is needed.


helpful and eager to learn


Classmates are very open to meeting new people. Do not be shy to socialize, because you are not the only one that wants the "college experience". Who knows the classmate sitting next to you may be your best friend down the road.


My classmates are self-motivated to take school seriously, they are friendly to help out their classmates through emails, study groups, or share lecture notes, and they are approachable to talk to and hang out with!


The classes are very diverse and most classmates are very friendly.


They are diverse.


So far most of my class mates have been self-motivated, helpful individuals that don't mind reaching out to others to assist them if they need help with something. No one here is overly success hungry.




Friendly people


My classmates are outgoing, fun, and focused.


They are clearly there for the wrong reasons, and are not focused academia.


Typical Southern Californians, from Orange County and Los Angeles.


My classmates at CSULB are enthusiastic, helpful, and friendly.


My classmates will answer any question you ask them, as long as its not too personal, too forward, or too hard.


My classmates are friendly, energetic, and mostly female due to the fact that I am education major.


Diverse and friendly.


Fun, creative, hard working


Some have been helpful and some have not, but largely everyone has been good to me.


Diverse, and a lot of fun.


Open hearted and minded individuals who are relaxed in manner, but not lazy or unmotivated.


Classmates are engaging in discussion and fun to be around.


Most are too scared to talk to each other, but once you start a little conversation, the barrier breaks down and people seem more friendly and helpful.


Classmates vary according to classes. In my general education courses, there are a variety of intellectual levels, but one can't expect a math or science major to do well in a English Composition course, and vice versa. When in my courses that are directed towards my major, my classmates seem to be far more focused and more well prepared. As a whole, my classes have been very diverse; however, I have noticed that I tend to have more female classmates than male classmates. Classmates are generally friendly, and it is never difficult to find a study group.


My classmates are a beutiful mix of every human under the sun with unique backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas that make our campus community a vision of the future.


Friendly, engaging, interesting, and good at communicating and questions or concerns.


My classmates are energetic, socialble, and ready to meet new people.


My classmates are very goal oriented


Men and women going to school to get an education so that they can succeed in life but also having fun along the way.


The classmates I have had are great; we help one another and do study groups; they are friendly, collaborative, cooperative and want to be successful.


They are very into the subject since I mosty took medieval history classes and were typically History Chanel nerds.


CSULB is has a very healthy mix of backgrounds and affiliations. I am part of the LGBT community and I feel right at home there. It is a very progressive school, and at times, almost too politically correct. Students from all over LA and Orange County who have different economic statuses attend there. Most students wear their street clothes (whatever that means) to class. There is a confusing trend sweeping the city which involves pricey clothes and pricier sunglasses, and this has definitely translated onto campus. As shallow as most of the students may seem, they show an amazing realization that it's more important to be happy with one's career, rather than to work hard for a high salary. Most students seem to be politically aware, and most seem to be lefties.

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