California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


people who shouldn't attend this school are slackers. People who are just coming to waste their time and the professors time, many students come and pay for their education we don't need students making it harder for us to get our education.


This is not the school to attend if you plan on attending all four years without making any type of relationships with other students in class, clubs, or even teachers. There is a very welcoming student body at Cal State Northridge.


In my perspective, I believe a person who is not open minded and willing to have new experiences with a diversity of cultures and ethnicities , should not attend my University.


I beleive California State Univeirty is a school for everyone. There is a diverse group of students on this campus where one will definately find their group and fit in. There are hundreds of clubs on campus that are focused on culture, hobbies, and volunteering. It is bound that incoming students will find their place on campus and enjoy their time.


A person who is looking to live in an urban area should not attend this school. Although it's close to Los Angeles, Northridge itself is a quiet, suburb that doesn't offer the boisterous atmosphere of the city.


An angry one


I believe everyone should attend school, however without a healthy motivation, one will not get too far.


Someone who is not willing to work hard or be open to other possibilities and oppurtunities.


Someone who expects a "party school" should not go here.


The type of person that should not attend Cal State Northridge are those who are against a muliracial enviornment andthose who are homophobic. CSUN is a place of diversity and people of many cultures and background attend this university. Cal State Northridge is a campus that supports LGBTQ. They welcome lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queer with open arms.


Someone who is lazy and wants a degree in couch potatoeness


A person that wants to attend a small school probably shouldnt attend our school. Our campus is big and has many students. A students that would like to go to their school because of Football shouldnt attend this school neither because we do not have a Football team.


in my opinion, a person who is very determined and knows what they want in life should attend this university. i believe when going to college you should go in having a plan and knowing what you want out of life. Even though I'm not sure of what I want to major in while in college, i have an idea of what I would like to get done in college.


People should not attend this school if they are to shy to meet new people or to timid to branch out and join clubs and prganizations.


Students who lack the true passion to achieve their academic goals should beware that their poor academics will prevent them from becoming competitive candidates for jobs. To compete for the same esteemed jobs that IVY league students are going after, a CSUN student must exhibit excellent acadmics and superior leadership qualities. Those students who are not willing to volunteer in their communities and are not focusing on their studies will regret their failures later in life when the situation will be far out of control.


California State University of Northridge welcomes all ethnically diverse students, accordingly everyone who wants to acquire great education should attend CSUN.


If you are looking for high quality education do not attend this school but if you are looking just to attend than this is the school for you.


People who are looking for a very stable and smooth education. There are chances you won't be able to get classes you want each semester. Also if you don't like urban areas then this school is not for you either. It's surrounded by many buildings, streets, fast food joints, and loud noises.


A person who has to be pressured into getting friends should not attend this school. CSUN is for people who are willing to put themselves out there and meet new people day in and day out. You have to be willing to be yourself and feel comfortable with opening up to whoever might want to be your friend.


A person that likes to be around a lot of people. The city is big so the person should like to live in a fast pace enviroment. He or she should also be open minded because a big school equals a lot of different types of people but most of all they should be ambitious and determind to get to where he or she wants to get to.


In my own personal opinion, I believe that a person that isn't mature, nor has the right attitude doesn't belong at anyone's university because without those two characterictics the person would more than likely lack respect. Most and foremost a person has to be strong in taking of respnsibilities.


I don't recommend attending CSUN if you prefer to be around people of the same race, sex, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. Since the levels of diversity are so high here, someone who prefers similarity would not be happy attending this school.


I would not recommend my school to anyone whos idea of college is going to huge parties every other night, getting drunk, and skipping class. CSUN is not much of a party school nor is it a school that is consistantly focused around football, simply because there is no football team. Attending class every day at my school is crucial to getting the best out of the education offered. Professors strive to make the most of every day of class and the fact that teachers really get to know their students does not allow for slacking off.


Everyone should attend this college. But if you are not academic focused then this may not be the college for you. Because this school is very strict on education.


A person who is not focused on their studies and on graduating, should not attend California State University Northridge. It takes a strong and dedicated person to get to the top. If you do not have these skills, you will not make it at this school or any school for that matter.


The type of person who should not attend Cal State Northridge is someone who is not serious about furthering his or her education, who does not want or will not take the responsibility to go to class and do whatever it takes to pass his or her classes and just wants to have fun and party instead.


The kind of person that is reserved and anti- social. Someone who doesn't take their work seriously, or someone who is not intrested in sociable events, activism, or philantrophy.


This question is tricky, I could not not say that anyone should not be allowed to go to this school. Everyone should have the opportunty to recieve an higher education, no matter what there background was or the things that they messed up on in the past. With every school, i guesss they should not allow murders and things on that level. But if there is no explainable reason for the person not being allowed to go to school, than i think that they should be able to go.


The one who works full-time or close to full-time


I believe anyone has the right to attend this school. No one should be discriminate or turned down to go into a school.


This campus caters to all types of students. It has been noted that CSUN is a commuter school, and I tend to agree. Many of the students maintain full-time jobs, while they pursue their educational goals. Some people, when looking for a campus, look for a campus with a long sports tradition, if you are, don't go to CSUN. Although we have sport teams (No football), we are not very spirited. Come to CSUN if you are looking for a great education, from great professors, in a great city.


Commuter school, little else is around it that is interesting, traffic is bad around it, parking is a pain


Someone who doesn't like a diverse campus. Someone who is looking for a social active campus with greek life. This is a commuter school and works fantastically for that purpose.


Anyone that wants to go into nursing should probably find a different school to attend. That is one of the few majors that isn't offered here. There is a health major and someone could take some prerequisites but it would be better just to start somewhere else. There is no football team here either so anyone wanting to play football should go somewhere else.


everyone is welcome


Someone who wants a real college experience with dorming and living separately from home should not attend this school.


A person who slacks often. In other words, it is very difficult to get back on top of your work load once you've fallen behind. A lazy or unmotivated person shouldn't go to CSUN


Someone with racist beliefs. Also, someone who knows no one coming to the school and isn't interested in joining a social organization or club such as a fraternity or sorority.


The type of person who should attend Cal State Northridge should be a person who is goal oriented and is willing to learn and who can accept diversity from all walks of life. A person who is willing to mature as an adult and take on the responsibility of not always having parents around to guide and help out when needed.


One that needs lots of attention and likes small communities. Someone who doesn't make friends easily or adapt to things easily should choose another type of school.


Cal State Northridge is a very very diverse university, i believe it could be the right university for any 'type' of person.


A serious academic person, this school is more for slackers it seems.


People that want an on campus experience. CSUN is very much a commuter school. Also people that want a good job after graduation, CSUN has poor career placement.


Someone looking for a very active campus


Someone who is afraid to interact with others.


Some one who is too close minded.


Anyone looking for an indisputably strong education with access to a supportive alumni network or job connections (or football fans, as there is no football team).


The type of person that shouldn't attend this university is someone who doesn't like to socialize with so many other different cultures, someone who doesn't like the valley's heat in the summer and someone who doesn't like the huge campus that we have.


Someone who does not tolerate ethnic diversity and artistic creativity should not attend this school.


A very conservative person should not attend my school because it is so diverse. Also, if you like being in the cold then Northridge is not the place for you, because it's always hot there.