California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Sacramento State is best known for it's beautiful scenery, diverse student population, good personal class experiences, the WELL, and career opportunities available after graduation within the city of Sacramento.


Sacramento State University is the most diverse college in California, if not the United States. People come to the Sacramento to have the rare and exciting opprotunity to work at the State Capital and many students that attend Sacramento State come from all over the world. My school is growing into a large college campus with actively involved and motivated students. Our clubs such as the Associated Students Association, the Green Army, and our philanthropic Greek Community as a whole, just to name a few, are growing and making a difference in our local community and our world.


Sac State is best known for dedication in both the students and professors, in everything they attempt to do.


We have an amazing outdoor aquatic center that is known as the best on the west coast. We also this year opened a new wellness center that has a gym, indoor running track, soccer court, many basketball courts and a large rock climbing area. Located in this builing are all of our health services.


Having a close relation with the capitol.


My school is best known for the 3,000 treess on campus, criminal justice program , diversity, and financial aid opportunities.


engineering, computer science and criminal justice fields


Business Administration and Criminal Justice program.


Sac State is best known for thier Nursing program.


Sac State is best known for the diversity found on campus, as well as the knowledgeable and caring professors.


CSU Sacramento is best known for having the best quality in education for students attending.


The school is probably best known for being the largest campus in Sacramento. There are several private institutions but CSU Sacramento is the best known public one that thousands of students attend. The teachers are also fantastic and are remembered long after students graduate.


My school best know for computer work


It's best known for its graphic design program, business and engineering programs as well.


Sacramento State has a good criminal justice program. I took one class last semester and I like it a lot. Since the school is located in Sacramento it is a hub for opportunity. This meaning if you have drive, then you can make something happen.


Sacramento State University is best know fors its life-changing opportunity that it provides us , as students. This university offers a strong and diverse academic curriculum ,which include that of sixty undergraduate programs and forty graduate programs, as well as two joint doctorates. Its larger programs include that of teacher education, business, computer technology, criminal justice, psychology, and communication studies. Sac State has one of the largest cooperative education programs in California, placing students in paid positions where they receive academic credit. It remains the nation?s best higher education values, with student fees among the lowest in the nation.


California State University of Sacramento has one of the best engineering programs out the CSU system. The number of students that graduate from their engineering program and get a job directly out of college is extremely high. Many of the top computer companies talk to the teachers at CSUS looking for students who do well in their classes as potential hires. There are also many top computer companies that have offices around the area and it makes it easier to find a job right out of, or even during college, either as an intern of full time.


My school is known for its campus security everything there is wonderful, it seems that the place is safe, kind of remotely controlled. The students are wonderful, no one really bothers each other. The Professors are awesome they really care about the student, they dovote their time to help a student succeed. That is what I love about my college experience so far.


The School of Business


I don't know. Sports I guess...?


My college is best known for its business degree.


I believe our school is best known for the diversity of students on campus. There is a broad spectrum of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and age within the student body. To me this improves the overall atmosphere on campus because along with our course work we're also learning to coexist. We are given the opportunity to collaborate with people we may have never even met if it were not for attending this school. This awareness leads to acceptance, and this acceptance leads to a better human life experience for all of us now and in the future.


We have one of the best Criminal Justice programs in the nation, we have great female sports.


Our school is know as a communter campus.


I have no idea what it is best known for. I transfered from UC Berkeley for Sac State's Interior Design program, which is considered by many to be the best in the western U.S. The program is small and somewhat cloistered, so I don't really know why other people come here.


It is best know for the mix of big city and small town.


Business Program


CSUS is known for being a comuter school. Also-they are becomming more involved with research.


My school is best known for having a lot of trees, squirrels, commuting students and providing excellent education to the Greater Sacramento Area.


Sac State is known for its criminal justice program. People come from all over to try to get into the criminal justice program. Following that the nursing program is extremely popular as nursing is becoming a very highly saught out major. Sac State is one of the few schools that offers a bachelors in nursing. Therefore, many people apply. Sac State is known for its diversity. Sac State is a commuter school. Sac State makes an awesome school for networking through all the people one meets as the years go by.


CSU Sacramento is best known for its nursing, engineering and graphic design programs. The nursing and design programs are impacted and very competitive to get into , students from all over California apply to our campus to attend these programs.


My school is best known for our criminal justice and business programs.


Lots of trees.


Good leadership skills, sports, getting you prepared for your career.


My school is best known for their business program and how bad out parking is.


California State University of Sacramento is best known for their competitive nursing program, however, it is one of the best programs in the area.


It's best know for its diversity. It also has a beautiful campus, a large amount of classes and majors available.


The music program, and cuktural diversity


Sacramento State is best known as a commuter school. Involvement at Sacramento State is either club affiliated or included in Greek Life. There are some sports that our school is known for such as the big foot ball game "The Causeway Classic". Otherwise in the sports department Sacramento State holds the summer qualifying competition for the Olympics. The school has done renovations to better accomodate for those Olympic trials. Sacramento State is considered a prestigious school for less the cost, at only a half hour away from U.C. Davis there is a lot of competition achedemically.


Leadership, academic support program for students who face educational barriers to careers in the health professions. In addition, we are best known for our diversity and small class room sizes. Furthermore, we are known for having a great business, biology, and criminal justice majors/deparments.


Sacramento State is best known for Business majors and Communications majors. It is fairly cheap compared to other Northern California Universities. It is a commuter school, many of the students who attend here live in the surrounding cities such as Folsom, Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Ranch Cordova.