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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To students, make sure to visit the universities that you plan on attending and ask bored students what they think about it. Try to get away from home, but not too far. Finally don't follow what your friends are doing for college. Ninety percent of the people I know who came here with friends from home learned they could not stand each other every day. Go to school and make some new friends. Remember, there will be more people your age together than any other time, chances are you will meet people you will know for the rest of your life. You may even meet someone special. To parents, support your children. If they would like to go to a big school, don't be afraid to let them go. On the other side of the coin, if they would like to stay at home for a semester of community college, by all means, let them stay. You must also expect some changes in your kids; a change in major or career goal is nothing unusual or career ending. Your kids need support now more than ever, make sure they get it from you and not someone else.


The advice that I would give to other students about finding the right college for them and making the most of their college experience is that I would tell them to begin looking early, and be sure visit the campus. I was the first in my family to attend a college, therefore did not really know what to look for when looking for a school, but some advice I have given my sister is to go sit in on a few college classes, and begin to think about what you want to major in. I also told her to keep reading books all summer so that it is not such a shock when she has to read three chapters in one night once school starts. All in all, I would warn a student to not take college for granite, it costs alot of money that is not worth throwing away to attend a party, rather than to take a night to study for a class. I would also tell a student to not get too wrapped up in work, and too be sure to have a social life, and to have fun, I mean, it is still college, Right!


Don't limit your choices. Apply to all schools that interest you and then narrow your choices down by visiting the campuses. Making a visit will help sort out any uncertainty that may be lingering in your mind.


The one peice of advice I would give to students looking for a college would have to be make sure its something you want and you know that you can see yourself growing from it. The worst possible thing would do, is going to a college that you had no interest in at all. Because then that would put an effect on you your education knowing in the back of your head that you do not want to be there. Always look for something that you know will increase your learning career down the long run so that you will have a better outlook on life. No matter what, never pick a college just becuase all your friends are going there, make sure its right for you.


In order to find the best college for them research is the key. Look into a variety of colleges and apply for as much financial aid as possible,. As far as making the mos of college experience I would definately say don't get overwhelmed with alcohol and parties. They are fun to partake in in moderation but get involved in clubs and organizations on campus, take part in community service projects. They are not only fun and a great way to make friends but they also look awesome on your resume and help distinguish you from the majority of college students graduating who make be applying for the same job you apply for. Being involved in clubs and organizations helps create a sense of community on your campus and taking on leadership positions within those organizations is exhilerating and empowering. Try and create as much school spirit as possible by supporting your sports teams and organizations competing in different events. Wear your schools clothing, be loud and have fun., but don't forget your paying for an education and to keep your grades up. It is truly a rewarding experience to see a 4.0 as your GPA.


Look around before you jump the gun and enroll into a college. It seems what most employers want to see is a degree. The popularity of a school doesn't always garuntee a job, so pick a school that fits you. If you don't your four years will be a lot more difficult than they could be. Lastly, challenge yourself. It is more rewarding in the end to have known you pushed yourself and came out on top. Get as much as you can from the experience.


Have a computer at home-- stay connected with school, and professors as much as possible.


Do not be afraid to ask questions. Universities are there to help, not to criticize. With the cost of school these days, it is important to find a school that fits you perfectly. Also, get involved in school! It will help you to grow socially as well as mentally.


Just visit the schools and make sure you like the atmosphere.


Make sure you know what you are doing the first time around. I suggest having a plan for your academics. Make sure to get involved on campus! It is a great way to meet new people and to learn about new things!