Cape Fear Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Cape Fear Community College is the staff, faculty. They go out of their way to be helpful and to accommodate the students whenever possible. Whether they are a part of financial aid; administration; registration; or faculty – they go the extra mile to make sure the students are not only well informed but also organized. They seem to really care if we are successful.


The best thing about Cape Fear Community College, is the flexibility of the classes. When I was still a Wendy's e mployee it was very important to me that I could both work and go to school. Cape Fear Community College gave me the oppurtunity to handle both priorities in my life. Cape Fear Community College's flexibility also applies to it's tuition payments which is wonderful for hundreds of my classmates.


The best thing about Cape Fear Community College is the professors. These are teachers that love there jobs and it comes across in there teaching. If a student have a willingness to learn the professors will pour their wealth of knowlegde into him or her. The professors at this institution are excellent. Hopefully everyone who attend college have some professors such as the men and woman at this institution.


The best thing about CFCC is the diverse set of degree programs. They offer far more majors than the typical community college. Plus some of the mojors are cutting edge, such as mine: Computer Integrated Machining. Plus they are located just accross town from University of North Carolina at Wilmington, which is a top notch school. Many students transfer after completing their Associates at Cape Fear.


i'm receiving a top grade education in a field that I'm interested in and that I know has a stable outlook in the present economy and that will help provide a better life for my family.