Capella University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All online


Working people trying to get a degree. Mostly adult


he student dynamics at Capella is one that fosters collabration between students through teamwork. It is a community of support.


Our classmates vary by geography, age, and experience; and since the distraction of appearance is non-existant, so we are able to function in a class removed of visual presumptions, allowing us to relate and interact based strictly from our thoughts, beliefs, learned experiences, and intellectual identities.


At Capella University diversity is common among the student population which offers a wealthy of knowledge and the university maintains a policy of non-discrimination. All students should feel welcomed and supported. Because you are home for most of your classes, student get to be comfortable. When you attend a site training, appropriate attire will be expected. Students are from all backgrounds and each is welcomed and students are encouraged to continue to be professional and supportive. Political aware is a private matter and is not evidenced in classes.


My class mates are generous and kind. They are thought provoking and challegeging. They incourage critical thinking and review my work. They bring up ideas I would not have otherwise thought of and they thank me for my ideas and comments. My class mates provide leadership and team worksmanship.


The are a mixed of social architypes.


My classmates are very helpful and insightful.


my classmates are very intelligent, hilarious, and very energetic.


I would say the majority of my classmates are driven to succed because many of them have returned to school as adults to change or advance their respective careers.


Since it is all online the only time I talk to my classmates is in the discussion area when responding to a discussion or a reply.




Classmates are from all walks of life with verying experiences and allow for many learning opportunities.


My classmates at Capella are dedicated adult learners who balance jobs and family with pursuing educational goals.


My classmates are extremely helpful in commenting and complementing on my work. The comments of both appreciation and criticism help me improve the quality of my work.


They are all working, experienced, intelligent people.


I am currently enrolled in online classes. So the only interaction I have with my classmates is thru emails.


My classmates are hardworking and enthusiastic.


All of the people I have communicated with so far have been very determined and very helpful.


I do online classes and my classmates are very responsive, give good feedback and nice to work with.


I don't know any of them because I am taking classes on line