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This a good school for working adult who need to balance time between work, family and school. They have flexible schedules to allow you to manage oyur coursework. They can answers questions and give answers promtly.


Capella University is the type of University that allows to you learn in an online environment with the full support of all your Professors and educators. It is extremely tough, compared to traditional schools, but the knowledge that you will gain is priceless. This school is for students who want to learn their field of study and become experts, rather than allowing students to "float by" like other Universities often allow.


Since I have only just begun the school year this last week, I have but a limited amount of information to compare to. However, I can say that this school has every type of students needs in mind. I am thoroughly impressed with the ease of the website and how it is individualized to each learner. There is help in every area from the application process, computer skills updates, library needs, to just needing to talk to a counselor. This college shows an interest in each individual to have the best experience and the most success with their college career.


Capella has a good Information Technology degre program that can be obtained via online learning; the teachers are helpful and encouraging, and the online classroom is easy to use.


They have a link to the major law enforcment agencies so when I graduate, I will get a job