Capella University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I am a 43 year old adult student who works full time, has a full time family, and no time to drive to a brick and mortar school. Capella allows petitioning out of classes in which my experience counts as valid knowledge. Capella's online program gives students the unique opportunity to self-study and utilize instructors key input to complete assignments. Grades are based off narrative discussions and research papers, not just multiple choice tests. Programs are created to foster higher learning in a non-traditional lecture-free enviroment. Four words of learning: flexible, challenging, enlightening, and enpowering.


The Prof because of their willness to help their students and the way that the work with the online student.


The way professor's help with assignments and discussions!


My school allows me to learn on-line. It provides me the flexability to still persue my aspirations in my career field while keeping my current career. I am a single parent and I can participate on my time which makes it easier for me to attend to their needs also.


Going to college give me knowledge and the cutting edge to learn about what is expected from an employer to employee relationship. For example: Learning the fundamentals in my business course. That would give me the basic skills that add to my confidence to bridge that relationship with my future career. My attitude toward learning and growing with the company will be a win –win relationship. My compassion to learn and grow in my college pursue will boost my career with new ideas with added freshness to my job plus the bonus that come having a college degree.


Capella University is an excellent school for on the go people who work full time and have a family. It gives and opportunity for a person to get educated without venturing out to a classroom setting. I have learned so much from the online courses. The professors are alway willing to listen and help the students gain the knowledge they need to ge the highest degree in education.


The best thing about school would have to be my instructors. They are highly professional and have never failed to give me assistance when I needed it. All of my instructors, so far, are professionals in the IT field. This is useful because some of them have coached my with my effort to obtain certifications to accelerate my progress in IT. This kind of support is invaluable when achieving success in the IT field.


The best thing about my school is that I am taking online courses. I decided to go back to school in 2008 and I decided on capella. I live in Florida, work full time and have a family to take care of and Capella was one of the few schools that have all online courses. In addition, the price is very reasonable.


What I would consider the best thing about my school, is that the staff is nice and you can always get a hold of someone, if you ever have any questions.


The business oriented perspective forces you to think of IT from a business perspective. This is much more helpful than I thought it would be. If you want to reach management level in IT you're going to need to be able to relate how IT can fulfill the needs of the organization.


it is online and my class is in the living room.


The best thing about my school is the staff's dedication and their guidance in my work. The faculty is very attentive to my studies and they are eager to guide me to what I want to achieve in life.


The faculty is amazing about supporting the students and encouraging useful learning.


At Capella University, their online classrooms are based on an open discussion forum. Each person in the class, including the teacher, is free to put up their opinions on course subjects and respond to posts. This allows us to grow and learn together based on thoughts instead of memorization. Learning based on thoughts is a better education method than memorization because unless the memorized information is consistently referenced, it becomes lost. While with thoughts or concepts, the learner will have to work through each idea in order to understand.


The flexibility of online classes and the support of counselors. I am a single mom and work 40+ hours a week, so needless to say I dont have a lot of time on my plate. I do, however, desire to be the first to graduate college and be an extraordinary role model for my 3yr old little girl. The classes have discussion boards which allows creative juices to flow and I can input my work at any hour of the night, which works with my hectic schedule!


This college respect's working adults and there are many undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees that can be solely completed online.


The education level is so high. The instructors will help you with any questions. The online courses are hard and challanging but that is why I consider the school as one of the best. Anyone can also attend Capella University. The degrees available are Bachelors, Master and Doctorate.


What I consider the best thing about Capella is the ease of access. The counselors do what is possible to help with the admission, or any question that I had on my mind it would be answered in less then 1 hour after asking the question. The process for anything that comes into mind is also one of the unique qualities the capella university also posses.


The best thing about my school Capella University is the orientation class they offer new students. All students have the opportunity to participate and it helps to prepare them for beginning school online. As a new online student, it helped to prepare me for my first class so I knew exactly what to expect.


The best thing I like about Capella is the ability to juggle work, school and family without having to feel pressured or involve a lot of sacrifice from both myself and my family for the university online classes.


The best thing about my school is achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Busines Administration with Specialization in Management and Leadership. This degree has enable me to advance my professional career to become an effective leader, and my ability to advance a higher degree level of education to complete a Master's Degree in Organization and Leadership. I hope that I can inspire others to leadership and build a community where people could still believe that they could do all things.


The flexibility.


Capella University is an on-line universityI am attending with a focus in Healthcare Management. The on-line educational experience is daunting and comes with rumors of challenges and difficulty. Hearing this created my apprehension and worry that I was making the wrong choice in continuing my education in a web-based environment. I found this is incorrect and the on-line environment is easily accessed and provides the format to meet the needs of an individual trying to collaborate the personal, professional and school related experiences. I would encourage anyone interested in this style of learning to research further.