Cardinal Stritch University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time when I was a senior in high school knowing what I know now, I would change the way I looked at the future. In high school, I spent the majority of my time worrying about my friends, sports, boys, and clothes. It was difficult for me to think of anything in the future because I was so wrapped up in the present. I wish I would have taken the time to focus on my education back then instead of prioritizing it at the bottom. At the same time it was a relief to start college because it gave me the opportunity to have a fresh start with a whole new group of people. When I started college right after high school, I realized it didn’t matter who my friends were or how popular I was back then, no one cared what type of person I used to be they only wanted to know who I was now. When you begin college it’s your chance to start over and be the person that you want to be, not the one you were in high school.


Knowing iwhat I know now from when I was High School if i could go back I would want to get a trade in nursing so i can land a Job instead I'm going to school online but i still want to get a trade so I will be able work .


Do. Be. But don't "do" for just anything. And don't "be" your old self. All my big, future plans were fueled by the money our family didn't have when I was growing up, and by fierce determination to prove doubters wrong. I wish I would have know then that the only person I had to prove wrong… was myself. Don't let yourself get the best of you, your own worst enemy. Make mistakes for you. Become what you want to become, for you. And be. Take the great aspects of yourself, your kindness and generosity, and expand them. Find the things you don't like about yourself (fear, timidity, etc), and crush those traits with crazy, positive learning experiences. Find friends who will help you with the task, too. Have the courage to travel (to Europe! Alone!). Give up the comfy, secure job to do something "crazy". And after 5 years of being out of school, go back to get your masters in arts administration. But don't let it take you as long as it took me. Do and be anything you want to do and be. Just allow it of yourself.


Dear Jen, What were you thinking when you thought going to college wouldn't matter? You are now 41, the mother of three and attempting to work, manage a family and attend college. It would have been so much easier if you would have went after high school. Don't wait! Just imagine how things could be different; rather than working below your potential because you didn't have a degree- you could have had a career, been doing better financially, and had a brighter future. Please go to college, don't take a chance on your future again.


You should apply for scholarships as soon as possible! Don't wait. Start early. Make sure to speak with someone in your prospective department about what professions students have achieved because they attended the department at your university. Ask about class sizes. Ask about the availability of personal one-on-one attention with professors. If one or neither of these options are available, then you need to make a decision about your learning environment at the university I attend. Do you like big class sizes? Do you like less attention from professors? Make sure to research the school you wish to attend before applying. You can usually find most of the research you need at the university's website. If you're looking to go into music, make sure to observe Youtube videos online of ensemble or soloist work from students, past or present, from the university you're applying to. If you don't like what you hear, the university you're applying to may not be the one for you.


As I high school senior, I would recommend attending college when you are ready. Not everyone is ready for college right after high school. When you are ready to attend, you will be able to have the drive that is needed to succeed. Doing well in college requires dedication, prioritization, committment, and being able to stay focus. If you do go to college right after high school, there are alot of choices that must be made. Your parents are not right there telling you what is right or wrong. It is your decision whether it is a good choice or not. You must remember your values and make the choice that you know is right regardless of the peer pressure and trying to fit in. College is important and you will learn an amazing amount in a short time that will benefit you for the rest of your life!


I have not gotten the maximum experience of college but that is due to my circumstances. Being a full time single mother of two children (both under the age of 12) takes precident. It is more important for me to care and provide form my children than to participate in a lot of the extra curricular activites porvided by the college. Although I have not participated in the extra curricular activites by the college there are a few things that I could do with my children on the campus. One of which would be free movie night. For me it is valuable to attend my classes so I can provide a better future for my kids and provide a good example for them aswell.


When I selected Cardinal Stritch as the college to complete my further education, I chose their program because it fit into my schedule and I knew how much they cared about me as an individual. I have made some life long friends in both the fellow students as well as in the teachers and staff at Cardinal Stritch. I have experienced some medical difficulties which has resulted in eye surgery. The staff was more than helpful and oh so caring. I would not have made it through my medical difficulties still on track for my education at any other campus. I am still in the first year of my program but I forsee the Bachelors Degree in Business Management backed by the name of Cardinal Stritch to be a powerful degree to have on my resume for my career advancement.


Not only have I been given tools and resources I need to succeed in as a manager, I have made life long friends in my cohort. Also, I have gained so many contacts for future networking in my Business Career. I would recommend any adult or focused high school graduate to attend Cardinal Stritch University to see their education expectations met. I have quickly moved from a beginning Freshman to nearly a Junior in a little over a year. The adminstration takes experience and extra classes into account and really do their best to help you succeed. My overall experience has been very rewarding and a blessing in my life.


One huge preperation task I would have told myself, would be to manage my time better and that I don't need to get everything done at one time because the classes are spread apart, so its a little less stressful. I would have also told myself that I need to be less stressed if I don't exactly get all A's, yes it is about grades and getting A's I can do, but also to learn and know the content because that is what you will use in the real world. Something else I would tell myself, is to just be myself and talk to everyone and make many friends because its nice to be able to talk to many people because they all have gone through different expriences that they might have in common with you. Also its just a lot more fun because you will have many study buddies then.


Before you choose a college, you really need to decide what you want to get out of it. Do you want to be close to home, or on your own? Do you want a big party scene, or small classes? What other things are important to you? After you find a school that meets your criteria, you should really visit the campus and see how compfortable you feel. Sometimes, one school just feels right. College is really about preporation for the real world. Take work seriously, take time to relax. Get to know where you feel the most like yourself. Explore new things. Listen to your parents' advice. Take a chance. College can take you to a place you'd never expect to go; and you might just love it.


Make sure you know how you/your student learns best (small class sizes/large class sizes). Also take into consideration whether or not the "college experience" is right for you. There is a big difference between living at home and living in the dorms, and one should be ready for what life will be like.


Shadowing the school or taking a tour doesnt always give you the best idea of what a school is really going to be like for you once you actually get in there. I would recommend talking to the students as much as possible and see how much they really think theyre learning at their school.


In my opinion as a college student who has an elder brother at a huge college i would have to say you have to tailor your college selections to your childs personality. Make a wise decision on the size and type of school they attend to maximize the ability for your child to grow. I know from personal expeircine college students who are in the right enviroment flourish just as the seeds that are thrown into the fertile soil yet just as the seeds that get cast into the stoney and malnurished soil, college students who are set into a bad and restrictive college enviroment wither and get consumed by the negative aspects of life and bet bogged down. Thus i conclud for the growth and behavior of your son or daughter i highly recomend you searching for the school that fits your childs way of life and outlook on life to make the most intelligent and correct decision in their life. Remember this decision will make or break the success of your child for the rest of his life.


In order to find the right college I would suggest looking at many different colleges and visiting them and if possible staying the night to get the true "feeling" of the surroundings. I would not judge the campus by what it looks like on the outside, but rather what the college offers. Make sure they have a good advising center and financial aid office. To make the most out of a college experience I would get involved in sports and other on campus activities. This will help you to meet a lot of people and stay active in the college community.


The first thing you should know about the college of your choice is the tuition, credits, classes, everything that is possible to know. When you finally decide the college of your choice, make the experience as memorable as possible. You only live once. Be as involved as possible, make new friends, go on trips with new friends, but also stay focused, go to class everyday and on time, and stay responsible. College isn't free nor cheap, so make it worth your while and your money!


Save for your child's education when or before their born, so that they can choose the right school.