Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Carnegie Mellon is interesting in that you either love it the whole time or you just stick around because you know you'll get a job when you graduate.


Carnegie Mellon University is renowned for their genuine earnestness in the pursuit of greatness through the combined efforts of hungry students and faithful scholars.


Carnegie Mellon University is a school of specialties - whether you're majoring in computer science, engineering, design, architecture, or any of the other majors in between, Carnegie Mellon is a place where each of the professors care about your success as a student and do their best to support you in your studies, where the students are willing to accept you, warts and all,, where the dining is dispersed into restaurants around campus instead of focused in one cafeteria, and, as icing on the cake, where the laundry is free.


A nerdy pressure-cooker where you'll laugh, cry an uncomfortable amount, and learn a whole lot.


Intelligent school with plenty of diversity and a focus on hands on learning. Great school for creators, and it really gives you a lot of experience so you feel confident about your abilities.


A place where education is based not solely on the class room, but on the knowledge acquired from working with others and individual experience from day to day.


Carnegie Mellon University is an academically challenging and diverse school that allows you to be an expert in your field of choice.


Our heart is in the work.


Diverse and studious.


It prepares you marvelously for a career, and also gives you immediate access to cutting edge research.


Carnegie Mellon contains a lot of intelligent people.


Carnegie Mellon is a great place for your career, research, learning, and technology, but the social life or lack thereof is a drag, and there aren't enough attractive women.


Makes most people work way to hard and sleep too little and stay up too late.


Carnegie Mellon is a place for people who want to succeed in life and are willing to sacrifice some of the small pleasures in order to get the best they can.


A school that is at the top of the rankings in Engineering, Business, Arts/Architecture, Music, Performing Arts, and Computer Science (show me another school like it).


This school places a lot of emphasis on academics and most of the time the student's social life suffers greatly becasue of it, whether this is becasue a large population of the school is just naturally antisocial has yet to be seen but is entirely possible.


My school is performance driven- literally it's a tech school.


Logic is a heavy aspect of every course.


A place where you get to learn while pulling all-nighters just to get by.


Geeky yet consisting of a variety of student body


The Fence is one of the CMU's most recognizable landmarks. Students give a real account of the tradition behind it.