Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Carnegie Mellon is a research and career focused school. It dabbles in interdisciplinary education but is well suited for those who know what they want to do and have the drive to do so. It works you hard, and you become a stronger person for it. The ideal person to attend this school would be one who has a clear idea of where they want to go, or a person who doesn't mind being broken and remolded into the person they will become. This is not a school for those who are unclear on what they want to do.


This school is the best fit for anyone who is passionate about what they are studying, and willing and eager to put in hard work and long hours to learn the most.


Someone who is ready to work really hard and at least has some idea of what they want to do in life. Self-motivation is really important for CMU, so is being a little bit nerdy.


The kind of people who want to try new things.


For many students the first few weeks and months are a shock; the work required to stay afloat can be overwhelming. Therefore, only students who are willing to adapt and work hard should attend Carnegie Mellon. That being said, students who enjoy learning and gaining new knowledge are well fit for this University, and will have little trouble fitting in with their peers who share this same desire.


Someone who loves what they are pursuing


A ver intelligent, hard-working person who wants a very technical education and a great job after graduation. They must be willing to donate a very large amont of time to academics and must prepare to be challenged like they haven't been before.


People who attend CMU should be driven, capable, and mentally strong. There is a lot expected from the students. We are expected to perfome well academically as well as be involved in whatever ways we can on and off campus. There is often minimal sleep involved which makes for an exciting experience. If a student is not driven to excel, they will often fall behind in class and fall into a hole, which can be a slippery slope. Driven, capable, and mentally strong students who enjoy campus involvement are the ones who learn the most, in and out of classrooms.


a person willing to put in the work


A hard working individual who is looking to go to one of the best schools in a number of fields. They must be willing to work hard, but also must view CMU as a standout institution, not merely as a second choice to some Ivy League school that rejected them. It hurts the spirit if they only come to CMU because they were rejected from every Ivy.


If you think you can handle a heavy workload, and don't mind "nerdy" humor.


Hard worker. Doesn't need alcohol to have fun.


People who attend Carnegie Mellon are mostly students who are smart enough to go to Ivy League schools but did not get in. There are a lot of nerdy computer science people, lots of weird drama kids, and tons of international students who don't talk to anyone else. It is very hard to find any normal people here who get their work done but also know how to have fun unless you get involved in Greek life.