Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Carnegie Mellon University?


Carnegie Mellon is known for being rigorious. It's not uncomon for an ungraduate degree to take longer than 4 years to complete. The students that attend here should not be timid or unclear on who they are. Those with no work ethic need not apply. A person who has no clear vision of their future will not thrive here, because they lack thae motivation to pull them through the long nights. He need to be thick skinned, self starting, and open minded.


The type of person that should attend Carnegie Mellon University is somebody who knows what they love and isn't afraid to work hard for it. I am saying this not because I don't believe in searching in colllege, but for other reasons. Each department at CMU is very proud of what they do and excited to teach. Your passion can be fine arts, engineering, computer science, or global studies. If you know what area you love you will find Carnegie Mellon to be very supportive and eye opening.


The school is filled with Geeks and Nerds and in general takes great pride in that. Anyone who has a problem with Geeks or Nerds should probably steer clear.


Anyone who is highly motivated to succeed and learn. It takes a large committment on your part to take something away from this school, but I believe that it will definately be worth it.




Someone who is motivated and hard-working. It would also help if that person had a strong idea of what kind of career he/she wants to pursue.


You should not attend this school if you're looking to go out drinking every night. Everyone here takes their studies very seriously. We have to - we're paying 50 grand a year!!!!


If you're looking for a party school, this is not it. If you come here expect to work hard and pull a couple all nighters. There is some partying that goes on here but more likely you are going to find a lot of people in the library or working in their rooms one a week night, maybe going out on friday or saturday. If you aren't willing to work hard at your classes, you will easily fail out of school. Sorry!


If you're looking to party nightly and get by in school, CMU is not a good fit. There are parties, mostly on weekends, but on weekdays you'll be expected to work. Many students are involved all over campus and get really busy. You can have a social life, just don't expect to have huge networks of friends. You'll likely have a good group.


People who are not willing to work hard and put in the time and effort into their classes because they are not academic. Also people who really enjoy liberal arts should probably not attend Carnegie Mellon since there is not a big focus on liberal arts are for most majors there are very few liberal arts requirements.