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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


One of the first things I would tell my high school self is to work hard, but keep balanced. I would tell myself it's very important to find the happy medium between school work and finding time to relax. It makes all the different in the world when your mind is clear and you are trying to do school work rather than being completely overwhelmed by having too much to do. I would tell myself to thank my teachers for all that they do. I would remind myself that I am my own worst critic; go easier on myself. Of course I would mention taking as many honors classes as I could, because collegiate level courses aren't as intimate as high school; I would have learned more and been able to ask more questions. Overall, I would go back to tell myself to keep up the good work and keep my chin up, things will always work out if I try hard enough.


I would first tell my younger self that no matter what is going on and what is going to happen that I need to apply myself to my school work and go to school. I would say that no matter what is going on at home that I am capeable of amazing things if I just buckle down and apply myself. I would also tell myself that all of the people that I think are my friends that are influencing my to make the choices I am making are not going to be around forever so I need to worry about me and make sure that I am making an effort to be successful.


The advice I would give myself is to never give up! Go to college right away instead of waiting and pursue my dreams! I never thought I could make it and I was wrong. This is something that is worth it and you should strive for it! You can do anything that you set your mind to. Stop being so hard on yourself and believe in who you are! You are amazing and awesome and you can do it!


Take a look at all of your options, do not just assume that college will come easy and that an on-campus setting will be your best choice in furthering your education. Look at the way that you learn the best and look at all of your options, on-campus and online campus, and decide what type of learning would be best for you instead of trying to be like everyone else in your class. Do not give up on your dreams of going to college just because it is hard or because something life changing, such as having children, has happened in your life. Use your life changing experience to set an example for others such as your children or other family members and finish what you start.


Stay in college and stick it out while you are still young. This pays offsin the long run allowing you to be earn more and start out in a position you are truly qualified for.


Finish college immediately following graduation, you have your whole life to have fun. The fun happens when your life is secure with an education and career to support your any activities your heart desires.


I would tell myself to attend college while I am in the service and be sure to complete getting my degree. Even though a degree may not seem important now it will definetly be important later in life. A degree will help with your self confidence and help better support your family. This is what I would tell myself knowing what I know now.


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I can recall being a senior in high school and feeling overwhelmed with the idea of college. If I could go back knowing what I know now I would of told myself that college is an important opportunity that allows me to learn new skills that in turn would provide the path for me to locate a rewarding career. I would explain to myself that there are advisor who will be there to help me through the process making it an easier transition for me to begin my college career. Eeryone needs a little guidance or support.


If my 45 self could tell my 17 year old self anything it would be; to hold your head a bit higher, realize that the only thing in life to fear is fear itself and to go out into the world and accomplish anything in the world you want because you can achieve success and a career despite the odds, not to let anyone tell you otherwise or let the learning disabilities stand in your way. That obstacles are only speed bumps on the path to a journey well-traveled and if you go over them enough times slowly, and with caution there are a million you will get past with ease. And never go through life alone with out a mentor.


I would tell my young self that I can succeed. There are many ways to attend college with scholarships and loans to help pay for your education. The time is now, do not put your education and learning on hold. The most important thing you can do for yourself before you start a family is to be the best you can be. Get that education and become self reliant. Be a strong latino woman and get that education before you have children. You will show your children that education is a high priority, you will have a great career instead of a dead end job, and most importantly, you will be able to take care of yourself and your future children. The most important thing you can do is get that education and give back to the community, reach out to our youth and express the importance of an education. You are our future!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would let that person know how important having a degree is in landing a job. When I was in high school I didn't think internships were a good idea but now I know that is another way to get your foot in the door, so I would highly suggest them to the young kid. I would also tell myself not to wait until I'm 22 to start college. One more thing I would my senior self know is how bad the economy will become over the next eight years. It would be important to land a job and save money just in case something happens.


Since I am 43 years old at this moment, I would tell myself to go to college right after graduating high school and not wait until I am 40 years old to start going back to school. It is much more difficult trying to balance work, family, and school. I was accepted into the Nursing Program at Purdue North Central right out of high school, and I had decided to take time off from school. One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life, but our choices all have consequences. I would tell myself sometimes life expectations do not always happen the way we want them and that life is not fair sometimes. Everyone has choices to make and it is these choices that determine our path in life. I would tell myself that four years is really not that long of a time to be in school, because time goes by in a blink of an eye. At 18, it may not seem like that until you wake up one day and you are over 40 years old and wonder where did the time go. Be determined, persistant, study hard, and enjoy your time in school.


Do it now, learn all that you can while you are young enough to make something more of yourself in the future.


I believe I would tell myself to learn to be more orginized. Being able to orginize your time and work will vastly imporve your chances at success. Orginize, orginize, orginize.


I have gained a level of confidence that I didnt have before returning to college. This confidence level has been very instrumental to both my personal and professional life.


It is valuable to attend college so you can make a better life for yourself and maybe down the road your own family. It is also important for your mind and body. It is important to challenge yourself.


So far I have not gotten anything. I am currently enrolled in Brown Mackie College in Phoenix Arizona. My first class starts on September 1st 2010. My major is Healthcare Administration. First I should let you know both of my parents are deceased. After losing my mother I went into a depressed state which lasted for years. But I did have 2 sons both are adults now.One of my sons was born mentally challenged and a learning disabilty. So I had to take care of them by working dead end jobs just to survive. I finally decided to get an entry level position as a medical bill collector. I put 15 years into it and after a while it is not what I was looking for still not happy. I always end up getting laid off meaning I have to start my life all over again. Updating resumes,looking for another job and applying for unemployment. Well I 'm tired now I need to better myself by educating myself.That was something I put off in my life. No more excuses. No children now they are adults. So its time for Jacqueline to live her life and be happy.


The most important lesson in my entire college experience is proving to myself that I can do whatever I am willing to work for. After two failed attempts at "traditional" colleges, I stopped pursuing higher education because I thought it was something I could not successfully do. I learned that there is a time and season for every person, and my time and season to graduate college is now. It has been valuable to attend college because I recognize how important education is. You cannot succeed in this world without some kind of education or training. Finding a college that will help you meet your goals is essential to your success. When you have found that college and start working toward a degree that interests you, the world begins to open up and you find ways to be a better person than you ever imagined you could be. What is more valuable in life than knowing you have given it your all and made the world a better place?


I have gotten a new sense of myself from my recent college attendance. I have not attended school for 40 years and now I am part of an online college that respects my ideas. I fit in completely with the rest of the class and throughly enjoy going to class. I have learned new things about myself in the first 2 classes of my program. I have learned how to interact with the class as well as post in the discussion forum. I am looking forward to the next 18 months in college and hope to win this scholorship to help me pay for the program. I have learned that I know a lot more than I thought.


I have gotten a lot out of my college. I have a life to look forward to now that I am in school to further my education. I am the only person in my family to go to collede or even get their high school diploma. My college is so valuable to me because it has showed me that there is more to life.


The best thing about my online college experience so far, would be the flexibility of working on my assignments at my own pace. Sometimes, my life can get very hectic with six children, ten grandchildren and the small hobby farm I have here. When the economy worsened, and at the same time our youngest daughter was graduating high school and going into the US Army, I started to explore getting my education to secure a job that would pay more than minimum wage. Finding a college that would fit with my lifestyle gives me peace of mind at this time in my life, knowing I will have a good, sound college education to find a job to see myself into retirement age. I was so impressed when I started online college that my husband, who also joined the US Army, will be attending the same college wherever he is in the world. Attending college online is also better for our enviroment , which is also a concern in the world today, by not using my car and those associated costs, or paper products and saving trees, I am being proactive in the fight against global warming. That is real value.


I would encourage myself to begin college soon after graduation. Putting off graduation to "work for awhile" or start a family makes the college transition difficult. Once you begin making money, you will want to work all of the time, not wanting to take off from work to attend school. If you start your family first, school will not be a priority. I wish someone would have had this talk with me twenty six years ago. I do not regret my family, but the transition has been very difficult, in terms of time management. Going directly to college from high school ensures that the student has not lost knowlege in the basic classes and will not have additional responsibilities that can hinder their progress.


I would definitely tell myself to do the best I can in each and every class. Finish the program that I have decided on. It is a lot harder to go back to school after having kids. It was alot easier when I went to college right out of high school. Now I am a single mom and work full time. Even though when you first get to college and away from your parents it seems like fun but you need to stay focused of why you are in college. Look to the future not the moment.


If I had the ability to go back as a Senior and advice myself i would say for me to work harder on getting a higher GPA. I would also ask for as much help as possible as i could. One last thing i would have done different was apply for the most scholarships i could.


I would tell myself to take all the preparatory classes that are offered in helping to prepare for college classes. I would have talked to my high school counselour and gotten help with applying for more scholarships and grants to help pay for my classes. I would have taken workshops to help me with deciding what it is I would have liked to do with my future at that time. I would have worked at having a more active social life in that it would have made it easier to go from a small high school to such a large school. I would have payed closer attention to my teachers and what they were teaching us. And the one thing I would have emphasized the most, never give up keep going. Then maybe I would have gotten my degree much earlier in life.


The transition from high school to college is a scary one but with preparation, the experience can be a new chapter of life. If I were able to go back and offer some advice to my senior self, I would start off by stressing the importance of creating a relationship with the professors. College professors are much different than high school teachers in that they are not there to judge you or hold your hand but rather may be able to help ensure your success if you are willing to go the extra mile. College requires you to stay on top of readings, assignments, and participation in class and without any of these factors you may jeopardize that success. There are several temptations that come with college life and while it is fun to take a break, you should try to coordinate those breaks as rewards once school work has been completed. For a final piece of advice, I would relay the key element to college: ask plenty of questions. College can be a tricky place and even the smoothest cats can get lost. By investigating the layout, you will be able to pave a way to your future.


If I was able to go back in time and taak to myself about attending college, I would say go to college. The reason is that education is important to having a successful career in a field. I would also explain the difference between attending college versues not attending college. Attending college opens the door to opportunites in the field that I take for instance Computer Information and Science. I could learn about the different fields and chose the IT career I would work in. By not attending college, I would be working as a general labor. I would not be happy while working in this field because of the work involved. For example, working on a fast paced assembly line and possibly getting injured on the job. Also, the job market for general labors is not that good. There will be people losing their jobs because of a reccession. So in closing, I would tell my high school senior counterpart to attend college and pursue a degree.


If I could go back in time to tell myself what it is like to be in college I would tell myself that I need to keep my head up high and reach for the sky. I would tell myself to keep a positive attitude for everything that I will become later in life and that is a very respectable person. I would sit myself down and tell myself that I will become a great person to give a helping hand to others. I would say that life will be a struggle, but that won?t stop I from becoming a smarter and more intelligent person. I would tell myself that getting a higher education in information technology will be the best way to further my opportunity to go anywhere I would want to go in life. If I was able to talk to myself in the past I would most likely listen and most likely move me further in my life then were I am at now.


The best advice that I could give to a high school senior would be to prepare for college early. I would advise making financial preparations before entering college, so that when the first day arrives, there are no worries about finances.


Knowing what I know now , if I could go back in time I would tell myself to listen to my mom more and study, study, study. Go to college right after high school and finish as soon as possible , get the best education available because it makes for a better lifestyle and you won't have to struggle and raise your kids alone as a single mom. Having a college education is a privelege and a honor and you can go any where with that college education and be proud that you achieved one of the american dreams. Being educated is one the highest honors America can offer you, I would tell myself to reach for the moon and land amongst the stars, that nothing is impossible. Simply to be inspired enough to be the best student I can be because my life depends on it, our dreams depend on it . At least that's what I tell my daughter who is now seventeen, I hope she hears me.


Okay although seniorize is trying to take hold of you, remember you have to finish high school with a bang, you do not want your grades to drop because it might affect your gpa. Also, take signing up for scholarships just a little bit more serious, the extra money really comes in handy. Make sure that you complete your applications early and have at least three schools in mind that way you have your back up plans. This is very important. The summer before college really think about what you want your future career to be because you will not have to waste time nor money with classes you do not need because you change majors one too many times. Do your research and know which college is right for you whether financially, socially and location wise. Lastly, take a deep breath, sure you are about to experience a big change in your life but understand this is to better yourself for your future. You will do great.


Do not put off the inevitable. Every thing in life is a choice, the choices you make now will impact the rest of your life. There are only two things in life you can not get back, they are words spoken and time spent. Making the transition now, while you are still young and impressionable is much easier than when you are older, you will get so much more out of what the world has to offer if you utilize the opportunity to get your education early in life. The decision you make to continue your education immediately following high school makes achieving your life goals much simpler. Becoming the person you want to be, and living the lifestyle you want to live will happen much sooner in life, and life is way to short to waste even a minute of time. Acquiring your degree will make you someone your children will look up to and be proud of, so set an example for them, prove to them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. So stay focused and never, ever quit reaching for your hearts desire. What your mind can concieve, your actions will achieve!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself: Life is not always easy but it will be only harder if you listen to the people that say you cannot. You can and you will! Do not listen to the people that say you are not smart enough or college does not matter. You are smarter than they think. College is not always easy, but you will make excellent grades because you are working for your goals. A college's financial aid office can help you learn about scholarships and financing options. "You won't make money being a teacher!" Teaching is about the kids not the money -- you do not have that much patience no matter how much you love those kids. However, you do not have to stay in a career you have earned a degree! That degree will open so many doors. You can change your goals. Do not listen to the people that are finding reasons why you cannot do college. Seek people that say yes you will! Mostly, I would tell myself have faith in yourself it will be the key to success.


High school was 21 years ago for me. Since I graduated, I've learned a great deal. During high school, I felt unintelligent. I had difficulties with math and science. I actually recall my geometry teacher telling me that I was stupid. This left me with no confidence about my intellect. I have since taken college algebra and statistics and did quite well in those classes. I wish I could have told myself 21 years ago, "Just because you don't get it now does not mean that you won't get it eventually! You are smart!" That teacher's words stuck with me for so long and I dreaded math classes because I believed his words. If only I could go back in time and tell myself that I could do it if I tried harder. There is no telling what I might have done. Now I have the confidence that I can do anything I really set my mind to and just hope to have the financial aid needed to finish the last 15 classes of my bachelor's degree.


If I could go back in time to high school knowing what I know now, I would definitely make up my mind a lot sooner then I did on what college I was going to. Next, I would better prepare myself for the upcoming school year, as far as, finance, enrollment, books, and tuition are concerned. Finally, I would actually go and not wait several years like I did.


Embrace new and different ideas. Embrace new experiences and new adventures. What awaits you will be far more beneficial if you continue on with an education. Education can help in understanding just what's in store for you as you embark on this journey of life. You will understand more and want to explore all possibilities of the wonderous things to see. Do life right and it will be a life fulfilled for you and those that kow you. Let learning, Loving and laughing always be your guides.


I would tell myself to go to college. Don?t let this opportunity you have been given pass you by. You have been accepted, go for it. Going through life and wishing you would have taken the opportunity is no way to live. A life of living paycheck to paycheck and wishing for something better is no fun at all. You would not have to live like that if you would have gone to college. Please get a degree and enjoy life. Your dad is wrong girls do go to college. Girls are just as smart as boys and you can do anything you set your mind too. Yes, there is help to pay for school; talk to the counselors they will help you find the financial aid to go. The last thing I would say to myself is you are a very smart person. You want to be a teacher. Do not let anyone stand in your way go for your dream. You can do anything you set your mind to I know you can!


I would tell myself to go to college and actually pay atention in class and do all your school work. The classroom is much easier at 18 then it is at 40 with a wife,2kids,dog,mortgage,car payments, and the rest of the daily stress. I would say you will have time for fun whn you have your degree and good job. Life moves real fast and if you screw around long enough it is going to fly right by so make the right choices when your young instead of trying to go back and fix what you should have done 25 years later.


I would sum it up in five words, ?You have me all wrong.? Terrell you have said it many times that you are not college material and that the experience from the United States Navy would be just enough. Well, Terrell your wrong, stride to do better listen to what your elders say. I have to tell you that they all right and that have a college education will not only help find your sense of purpose but it will also define you.


I would tell my self to do better and take things more personal. You need to work harder and commit like I am now. You don't need to wait to the last second to do things because it makes things worse to where you might not get what you need at all. Take all the chances you can get. You need to apply for scholarships and make sure your grades are high enough to get life scholarship and others, so you dont struggle and be like I am now. Being out of school, working all the time, getting no where is not the place to be. You can do it and do not say that you can because you can. I know how smart you are and there is not a reason why you should not make it though. Stay strong and commited.


I would tell myself it is much better to go to college before you start a family, but if for some reason the family starts first than still don't want till the kids grow up to go to school.


I would strongly suggest to myself to continue on to college right after High school, reminding myself that it only gets harder, the older I get, and not to count on the current employment and econimcal status to remain the same. Be better prepared for the future by attending school to at the very least obtain my associates degree, and if need be, there will be online colleges available to finish my bachelors degree.


As a senior in high school I did not know what I wanted to go to school for and I joined the National Guard. I think that I would tell my self "As soon as you graduate AIT and get moved (you'll understand later) start school. There are many opptions where you are moving to school wise which are very good schools, but lean more towards online. The sooner you start the better off you will be. Life will get in the way and you will have many suprises, but don't let it mess up your studies. You are very smart and even though there are classes that are boring, stick with them they are the ones that will make or break you. Also start looking for scholarships. Hopefully they will help in the long run. If there is one person you should take advice from its me, your self. I know what you have been though and what you will go though: I know whats best for you. Keep up the good work. And one more thing it is important you don't lose your self."


Tasha, don't short change yourself on time. Make time for all studies. Not just the classes that are interesting but all classes. Also, enjoy being a college student and stop worrying what will make everyone else happy. Keep on top of your assignments. Even if it means doing a couple extra assignments earlier. Above all things enjoy your time and learn as much as possible with each new adventure.


If I could go back in time to give myself some advice about college, I would tell myself to stop worrying so much. High school will be over before you know it, so enjoy it while it lasts. College will be a chapter new chapter in your life and you need to just deal with it one day at a time. If you try to focus on the far future, you will just stress yourself out and you don't need that. Although if you do start to stress out, turn to those who care about you and ask them for help. I am sure they will be able to help you somehow.


I would express the importance of going to college. I am a displaced worker, and a single parent, who had to relocate. My former career was a one of a kind in New York State. Now I am considered either under qualified for some types of positions or over qualified for others. I am not allowed to share some of the knowledge from my past employer. I am now back in college hoping to get a degree so that I can start a new career, to better support my family. I would explain that you never know what challenges lie ahead and to be as prepared as possible. Taking your education very serious is important for academic success. You will never regret having the opportunity to learn. If you do not take advantage of the education available, this is something you may regret. I know, because I regret not taking my education seriously when I was younger. I had a wonderful career of ten years and in a flash it was gone. Look where I am today, back in school and loving it.


The advice I would give myself or anyone wanting to ascertain a college degree would be to be dilegent and work hard to obtain a degree. Moreover, aperson with a college degree earns $1.4 million more than a non-college graduate. Additionally, a person with a college degree can use this degree to help their respective friends and communities. One can also further the lives of their childern and show their childern the value of education. With a college degree, one can have an impact on many lives. Therefore, do not put off what you can do today. As tomorrow is not given and with education one can be a positive influence on society. The bottom line is a college degree will make ones life better and more fulfilling. Have a wonderful day and procure a bright future through the acquaintance of life long friends and a life long learning experiance. Jan C. Luchsinger (CST) [email protected]


If I was a Senior in high school again, knowing what I know now about college life, I would say: Always remember that the road to success will always have its ups' and downs'. You will someday feel defeated, that you are tired and want to give up, but keep focused on the actual goal of your dreams. Who do you want to be? What do you want to contribute to society? Go to college knowing that you have made the right choices and walk into class, friendly, alert and ready to learn. Always try your hardest and you can never be disapointed. The friends you make in college could last a lifetime, and the classes you take shall forever be instilled within you. This is the end of one path, merging into a larger path filled with promise, fortitude and friendships. Good luck and remember to always be you, if you do this, you can never go wrong...


Assuming that time travel becomes a possibility during my life, if I did have the opportunity to go back into time to speak to my self as a high school senior, I would have to warn myself: not to become a drop out, not to get discouraged, not to be bothered by high school teachers who do not appear to care about their students. I would also share the future of computers, and how vastly different they would be in the next few years, telling myself how much people would come to depend on computers for even the seemingly mundane things in life. I would stress the imprtance of a good education and the necessity of a college degree to obtain many of he good paying jobs today. With all that in mind, I would say "Just remember that things that appear to be part of the fun college partying scene will not help you get ahead in life; however don't be so strict on yourself that you never have fun. The best way to make it through college is to have some fun on the weekends, but place your importance on your studies during the week."