Carson-Newman University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our service work that we do, our version of "The Hunger Games" and how much money we have raised from doing it, and the one and only Ken Sparks, football coach legend.


I would its outreach programs. We're heavily into missions here at Carson. We work with a lot of people involved in social welfare programs and overseas ministries. I know we have a lot of Appalachian Outreach workdays, and every fall and spring break we have groups that go work in NPOs in local areas and in places like China. It's hard work, but it's rewarding. We enjoy doing it, and the sense of accomplishment and purpose that outreach ministry gives us goes a long way toward our success later in life.


Friendly campus


My school is best known for its academics. Students at Carson-Newman strive to achieve their dreams, which means they work very hard in the classroom. Carson-Newman is very well known for its dedication to its students academic success.


This school is best known for its people. You cannot and will not find a school with a more caring faculty and staff.


Nursing and Music Program