Carthage College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The weekends bring a lot of people to find themselves alone.


The school is very seperated from the town. There is not much to do in the immediate area, you need to drive at least ten minutes to get to anything.


too expensive


I think that that worse thing about Carthage College is the tuition. It is really expensive, but they due offer a lot of financial aid. Plus if you are smart, you can get multiple scholarships, which brings the cost way down.


The winters are so cold right off the lake.


The worst thing about Carthage College is the high amount of freshmen students who choose to transfer to different schools after their first or second semesters; this is mainly due to them being homesick and carthage being a smaller campus.


The hypocrisy about the "dry campus" policy.


At times it seems it is a bit too small. Many of the students, tho, stay on campus on the weekends. So there is always something to do.


Carthage is kind of secluded. There are only a few resturants that are around and a lot of fast food. Sometimes at night, there are some shady characters that wonder the streets outside of Carthage (in the city).


The worst thing about carthage would probably be the availibility of classes as an underclassmen. It is sometimes hard to get in to classes that you need, but in the long run everything works out because most students that attend Carthage end up graduating on time.