Cazenovia College Top Questions

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Cazenovia is relatively small and that is a factor I was intrigued by. I wanted that close relationship to my professors created by small class sizes and you definitely get that at Cazenovia. I also liked that Cazenovia was not a huge city. The atmosphere around town is very comfortable and homey and that is exactly what I was looking for.


IT is vey small and not sport oriented


However what makes Cazenovia College unique is its small town comfort features. Being located in a small town, most of the time I do not have to be over-worried about my safety, because i know my surroundings. That is one thing that the parents also do not have to worry so much about that their children are attending a small town college.


Our equine program is very unique and very hands-on, and all of our art programs are very in-depth.


Small classes ,The freedom to change your path easily and with the support of the faculty and administration,


Cazenovia College is very small, so professors know you by name and it's a more casual learning environment. Professors are usually very willing to help when needed. I also liked that my specialization (Equine Business Management) included so much of the business aspect, whereas a lot of other schools I looked at offering equine degrees only focused on the science aspect.


Caz is very very small so it was just like home. I also applied to just one other school: my community college. I had decided that it wasnt for me and am glad I picked Caz over the community college.