Cazenovia College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who enjoys quite small towns should attend this school. Environment adds a lot to the college experience and Cazenovia is located in a beautiful small town, but if you are unable to entertain yourself it isn't going to be for you. Cazenovia College is best for those who know what they want and who are focused and willing to work hard for their degree.


This college is in a small town so you would like to live in small towns. It is also a small campus with less than 1,500 students so the person would want a small tight knit community and not a huge university.


A person who likes a small school, small campus, and upstate New York. It certainly snows a lot up there. It's close to Syracuse, a big city, but far enough away that there are many farms.


Cazenovia is for anyone who is interested in gaining an education in a small setting. The best thing is the learning center where you can get help in any class and if the center does not have tutor to help you then they will find someone who can help or show you how to gain the Caz no student should fail because they are given the tools to be successful.


An art major


Someone from a small town close to cazenovia


You should care about your future and your academic success but at the same time it shouldn't be that important. If you are overally driven or have a lot of goals and dreams I would look elsewhere. People here like to find the easy way out of things. But you should be friendly and like to be social and make friends. That is one of the best things about the school is the students form really tight bonds.


Someone who likes a small campus, and likes small classes where the teachers will actually know your name. It's quiet and theres not much to do, so if someone likes to spend time doing work and keeping to themselves, or just hanging out with friends, this colleges is right for you. This college is also good for equnie majors or art majors.