Cazenovia College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i would of know how much money they were going to give since it is going to put me into a lot of debt after the four years are done


Before I attended Cazenovia College I would have liked to have known that because of the small villiage that it is located in, it is difficult for students to obtain jobs or get certain supplies within the villiage, and that it is especially difficult for the freshmen who are not allowed to have cars there to find jobs, venues or fabrics in other cities in the surrounding area.


That there was nothing to do on weekends. I wish I had known the town was extemrly small, I iwsh I had gone to a school with a bigger population. ONce you get here everyone thinks they now ypu , this school is extermtly cliquiey. it is difficult to make new friends


I feel that I was well aware of how Cazenovia College would really be. I do not feel I was "tricked" into becoming a student, or that many things weren't true. This college is truthful and extremely friendly.


that everyone is unfriendly


I wish I knew how expencive everything is around here.


How much it sucks not having a car as a freshman