Cedarville University Top Questions

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The most unique thing is the fact that we have daily chapel. Their is nothing like worshiping God on a daily basis together with all 3000 plus students. The other thing is just the incredible education we recieve along with the Christian background we get.




Cedarville has a beautiful, conveniently arranged campus. They challenge you to do your best and will not accept hastily completed work. They are committed to excellence in teaching.


My school is unique in the fact that while the classes are challenging, and the coursework rather heavy, the focus is more set on ministry. This could be in the form of helping out the community by holding conferences or by asking the students to volunteer, or sending out ministry teams to different countries, both also more locally like in nearby Dayton and Columbus. Above everything, the attitude that almost everyone expresses at Cedarville is a willingness to serve in whatever way possible


At most of the other schools I looked at, I would have had to choose between a strong academic focus and a Christian atmosphere. I was disappointed that I might have to consider choosing between the two biggest things I wanted in a university. Cedarville University combines both with ease. The university is very academic and strives for excellence in its students. It was also the most Christ-centered university I found. The school expects much from its students academically because they will represent Jesus Christ to the world.


I was attracted by the small class sizes and the personal relationships that one can build in such enviorment. Also, it is a Christ-Centered institution that emphasizes the importance of building a strong faith in Jesus Christ. No other universities I looked at offered that the way Cedarville did.


It has been many years since I have even visited the Cedarville campus, so I cannot speak to its uniqueness now. In the early 1990?s, when I was ?interviewing? colleges, I chose Cedarville for its strong Business Administration department, its Baptist affiliation, and its beautiful campus.


The smallness of the campus and the feeling that everyone is friendly and everyone will be readily available to be there when and if you have questions. Along with the religious aspect and feeling that I am growing in my faith every single day.


It is distinctively Christ based in its classes and encourages students to think about why they do what they do. It also has a majority of the students living on campus which gives it a closer more intimate environment with the other students and staff/faculty. The campus is small enough so that walking is not a problem, but big enough so that you do not feel crowded. It also is a very beautiful campus with up to date buildings and classrooms that make learning more enjoyable as well as more effective.


My school is amazing! Not only are the classes great, we get involved in our community! Which to me is an amazing part of life!


There is a heavy focus on the eternal life in Christ Jesus. The theme of the campus seems to be the verse that says, "And whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." Sports, music, and recreational activities are all focused around the glory of God. Classes are even opened in prayer. Everyone on campus is accepted as a unique and important child of God.


www.cedarville.edu Not for everyone, but truly a Great School with everything from Education and Criminal Justice to Pharmacy and Engineering.


The people that go to Cedarville is what really drew there. They are all professing Christians who want to excel academically and see God glorified.


It helps me develop my potential academically. I know when I graduate I will for sure have a job. This school also is serious about community involvement and highly encourages you to invest in other people's lives.


The students have great interaction with each other and with the faculty and staff. I love it!


Cedarville University is a well-rounded, academically oriented, socially conscious institution. The academics are outstanding, and well-reputed in the surrounding area. The major departments are not only set apart in comparison to other school, but have gone on to win national competitions. However, the greater benefit of Cedarville is it's emphasis on minstry and active faith-living. The opportunities provided have radically altered my priorities and lifestyle. I will graduate from CU not only a well-prepared student, but a man of character and integrity seeking to serve others and God through my skills and abilities.


It is an academically excellent Christian university. It has what most would call fairly conservative rules, but they are not restrictive, and most students do not have a hard time following them. Students are required to attend chapel every school day. This is an excellent opportunity for students to hear from a variety of scholars, business people, and pastors. All students also recieve a minor in Bible by the end of their studies here.


Christian. All other schools I considred where state schools or non-religious private schools. And it was in Ohio (horrid state).


this school has great access to learning facilities and things to help you be able to get good grades and know what you are learning. the school also has great workout facilities to keep you active. the food is also the best here.


It is a Christian University.


This school does have class dress which means no jeans except friday, I think that it makes our campus look nicer and gets us ready for the work force. Another big thing was that there is chapel everyday and I love that. It is an amazing time of worshipping God.


My school has a very friendly atmosphere. For the most part everyone is kind. It's easy to make friends around here. Also, the majority of the students maintain a well-balanced life... they balance studies and social life in a health way. People get involved in extra-curricular acivities, including sports, community services, organizations, etc. Also, this school has a very healthy spiritual atmosphere. Students are serious about and active in their faith.


I love that we have chapel ever day and a required Bible minor. We are one of two schools in the country to require both and I think it is an awesome opportunity and makes us very unique. I also love the welcoming atmosphere here, I didn't feel that at some of the other schools. And the focus on God in everything is amazing and really sets us apart from not only secular schools but many other Christina schools as well.