Cedarville University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It's difficult to integrate with the school when you transfer in January from a different school


The worst thing about Cedarville is the fact that it is in the middle of corn fields. It makes it hard to get off campus to explore Ohio, find a church, or be involoved in some type of service opportunity if a car is not available to you. However, you will form close bonds with the people in your classes and your dorm and will develop friendships that will last a lifetime.


The worst thing about the school is that you can't wear shorts to class. And really, if that's the worse thing that can be said about a school, is it that bad? Only pants or skirts can be worn to class. It could get a little warm for guys during a summer term or September and May, but it's not that bad. There is after all air conditioning.


The worst thing about Cedarville University is the cost of tuition here. You get a wonderful education experience, but many students (including myself) find it very hard to find the money to afford Cedarville University.


It tends to be isolated.


The weather can be tough, but it's more than worth it!


There isn't a lot of entertainment nearby without having to drive. If you don't have a car, you really can't get to restaurants or stores without someone else driving you. Even if you do, it takes at least fifteen to twenty minutes to get there.


Terrible financial aid opportunities and very unhelpful and mean-spirited Financial aid office, the worst department on campus.


The worst thing about the school is that it's a fairly spread out campus so you have to walk a pretty good distance to get anywhere.


I am not sure I could mention a "worst" thing about Cedarville. Any minor "complaints" I may have seem to pale in comparison to the quality of the school.


The mandated activities such as daily chapel that sometimes last two and a half hours; making it difficult to get adquate practice time for my instrument.


The worst thing about my school is its distance from major cities and shopping locations. It is in a tiny town which is about 20 to 30 minutes away from everything and it sometimes can be tiring to drive everywhere to get to stores or other venues.




there is nothing worst about this school


Cost and people's inability to accept other peoples beliefs/opinions.


The cedarville bubble. it stinks because we are in the middle of corn fields so we forget about the outside world sometimes and get caught up in the fast paced crazy college life we all live.


There is not much diversity at Cedarville. Not that people are not tolerant, but I don't think the school attracts many people of a race other than white.


not enough racial diversity. they try, but haven't really grown enough yet.


the lameness of the student body, most students don't have a life. It's best to search hard for the fun and interesting people and make them your friends. The guys in the dorm is the best aspect. Girl RAs are nazis guy's RAs and cool.


The only bad thing I could say about Cedarville is the expense, but you could say that about any university.


It's very close minded. We argue about stupid things and don't deal with the right ones.


I personaly would like it if Cedarville University were in a warmer enviornment, because it gets down to the teens or lower in the winter.


The weather. The rain falls sideways and the wind is killer.


LOCATION! Not just the fact that it is in Ohio, which is something I do not like because I am from Maine- 1000 miles away! The campus is literally in the middle of cornfields. There is one fast food restaurant, two banks, and one convenience store within walking distance, but if you want to go shopping, out to a movie or even to Walmart, you need a car and have to take a 20 minute drive to one of the two cities close by.


There really are no bad things about this school. I wish that nursing majors could have more clinical practice before junior year, but that is only specific to nursing.


Spiritual complacency is the worst thing about this school because everyone can put on a happy face and get by with the religion classes, but so often people forget the reason they are Christians in the first place.


The curfew and dress code, it doesn't allow you to completely feel like a college student.


There's a bit of turmoil going on right now as the school is facing a crossroads in regards to some theological issues.


In some ways Cedarville spoils you with a look of Heaven. The chapel- singing with thousands of believers, experiencing the cultures of other believers, learning continuously about God. The classes- steady Bible-based truth designed to expand your knowledge of God's creation. Campus life- being surrounded by believers, having clean and good fun. It makes the world a little less inviting, when you realize that even though Cedarville was so awesome, Heaven is even better. Makes me long for Heaven even more.


The cost is very high, making it impossible for a lot of students to attend here and also forcing alot of students to drop out.


Honestly thats hard. I guess I'd say financial aid. It's pretty expensive here and I could do for some more monetary assistance, if you know what I mean.


Like all schools, Cedarville has "polictical" issues when dealing with administration and students; little injustices are constantly overlooked. For example, the students were not listened to when two professors were teaching a view considered unbiblical (theology class). Although the student body took great measures to present the desire to stay conservate in its view on "truth" they were not included in the resultion of the issues (two of the student favored profs were fired). There are other similar little issues, the worst is dealing with students with LD and ADHD (that is most difficult to discuss in so few words).