Cedarville University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not enthusiastic about following the Lord and living for him, I don't think you should attend Cedarville. Don't come here looking for a party school--it is a serious university with a high academic standard.


A person who isn't a committed Christian shouldn't attend Cedarville, because the whole focus of life at Cedarville University is glorifying God through worship and serving others. One who doesn't enjoy having chapel every day should also not attend Cedarville, because that is required at Cedarville.


You should consider not attending Cedarville if: you like sleeping in past 10A.M., you want to live in a big city, you do not like wind, you do not like having all 4 seasons, if you do not like snow, if you cannot adhear to a curfew, you drink, you cannot live without fastfood, and if you do not want to learn about the Bible and Jesus.


People who like to be excessively independent and (or) "play by their own rules." In highschool, independence is what I prided myself on. I lived for breaking rules and doing my own thing, even if I didn't get approval by the faculty or my peers. But to excel at this school one must be more mature than that. Cedarville strives to turn teenagers into adults by developing their talents, widening their horizons, and equiping them with skills to lead and succeed in their chosen field.In short, one must be willing to learn and mature here.


Cedarville University is very committed to inspiring greatness in every area of life; therefore, someone that is not interested in doing great things, accomplishing their goals, and being well-rounded should not attend.


tudents looking for a party school with alcohol and drug use on or off campus.


If you are not a Christian or care nothing for God, Cedarville University is not the place for you. Their goal is to train their students to learn how to study the Bible, to grow closer to God, and to make a difference in the world for Christ.


You should not attend this school you do not want to reconsider your beliefs. This doesn't mean that you will lose your faith, but rather, you will graduate with a stronger faith than you came with, because you risked vulnerability to stand back a realize why you believe what you believe. Sometimes you end up coming back to what you had originally thought, but through the process you grow to respect the other sides of the issue as well. Other times you conclude a very different belief. This true evalution of faith can be unnerving but is nevertheless invaluable.


People who aren't willing to give maximum effort to their studies should not attend this school. Cedarville is very academically focused, and students who aren't focused will struggle here.


A person that is not looking to work hard at school should not come to Cedarville because the coursework and class loads are challenging but also very rewarding.


This is a very Christ based campus. Our student body spends much time in community help and outreach. I volunteer at a teen help facility called the barn which keeps kids of the streets and in a safe positive enviroment. A party animal probally wouldn't like this school very much. Also its pretty challenging academically and slackers shouldn't attend.


A student that is willing to seek the Lord in all manners of lifestyle. The academics will be challenging, the social life outstanding, the rules rigorous, the opportunities overwhelming. Really, CU has created a campus that is inviting to all kinds of students, asking only for the common denominator of a personal relationship and growing walk with Jesus Christ.


A non-Christian


Anyone not interested in growing in a relationship with Christ. Also, those who chaff under rules should probably look elsewhere.


This is a Christian University. If you are not a Christian, you shouldn't come here.


A person who hates rules and Christianity should not come here. The person who has no desire to learn about the God represented in the Bible shold not come here either.


Someone who is not an evangelical Christian. He/she would certainly feel uncomfortable. This is definitely a Christian college.


A liberal person not committed to scriptural teaching would not fit well at Cedarville.


If you are not a Christian it would be hard to attend this school because there is also a Bible minor that teaches students a Bibilical worldview. I would think you would either decide to become a Christian and accept Christ as your Savior or get sick of hearing about it all the time.


someone who doesnt believe in God.


You shouldn't attend this school if you plan on partying all the time. If you completely hate rules. If you want nothing to do with Christianity. This school isn't for you if you're that kind of person.


Someone who is not able to accept authority or who does not want to live for Christ.