Centenary University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


majority of my classes are equine, so we all get along because we have something in common.


my classmates are very friendly, and helpful.


My classmates are various ages which makes for a well rounded class. At least two generations of students that learn from one another.


my classmates were willing to learn


Cohorts are filled with genuine, active, supportive individuals.


Most of them are very friendly, and are studying similar things.


Classmates are diverse. All races and monetary backgrounds. I think the most interesting thing about Centenary classmates is that Ive formed friendships with other Centenary College classmates AFTER college. I have met classmates through my job (10 years older and 10 years younger). We bond together at work, and have similar interests. I think the word classmate extends far past just the classroom experience.


My classmates are energentic and outgoing, with great characters and knowledge.


Since Centenary is a very small school you know all of your classmates and help each other out.


I have come across various classmates who all can be described in different as they range from funny,loud, talkative,quite,annoying,friendly,dedicated,hardworkers,slackers all these words describe the classmates I have.


My fellow classmates don't tend to participate in school activities and go home every weekend.


There is a diverse background of people here hispanics, whites, asians, blacks you name it but once you get to know them they are all great people.


They are my best friends, we all help one another get through the course work as well as personal issues.


My classmates are very attentive and strive to do more than neccessary to accomplish their lifetime goals.


They are all easy-going, fun, out-going, friendly, happy, excited, passionate, group oriented, love what they do, want to excel, helpful, disciplined.


Students at Centenary are uniquie, self-motivated individuals.