Centenary University Top Questions

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Centanary is unique in the way that it is a relatively small college where every professor is concerned for your well-being and they know who shows up to class and who doesn't. It is in the quaint town of Hackettstown in the mountains of New Jersey, and the campus is beautiful. I also like that the campus is small and I can walk anywhere within a matter of 10 minutes.


The faculty here are just so sincere and understanding, they are amazing.


It is a small school with a small environment. I love that Centenary College is so small because the student and professors can have more of a one-on-one relationship in and out of the classroom.


What was unique about Centenary College was the diverse student body. I was exposed to many different cultures and viewpoints, and learning about different ethnicities and celebrations. As a student, I was given the opportunity to broaden my prospective and interact with people who I may otherwise not have, had I not attended the college.


My school is unique because it is big enough to house a diverse amout of people, but at the same time it is small enough where the student to teacher ratio can be observed and helpful.


You can get one on one help all the time and the professors, staff and other undergraduates allow you to fit in, in any place you want to you are not forced into anything you have the total freedom that you are looking for. It is close to go home on weekend by mass transit and a car is not nescessary you can always walk downtown to get items that you need.


We are given laptops at the start of our years here and they are maintained by the school.


Centenary College is extremely diverse; not only do we have a variety of race and religion, but we also have a great deal of exchange students from Japan. My school really opens your eyes to different lifestyles. Also, Centenary has several activities that I really enjoy doing such as snowboarding and horseback riding.


Students receive a laptop as part of tuition. We were told that they are for educaitonal purposes only, but barely any students listened. So many "wrong" things happen with those computers.


My school is very innovative, what it lacks in size it makes up for in the drive to be different and better. The school is always looking for ways to improve and expand.