Centenary University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who enjoys getting to know everyone and having someone know your name. I had been emailing back and forth with a transfer counselor and had never seen her before; at orientation she spotted me and pulled me aside to talk about my application! She knew who I was and what I looked like and I had never even met her before! If you like having relationships with your peers and teachers, this is the school for you. A place where you feel safe and important.


This school isn't a party school. It's a school for serious students who want to learn and excel their career.


Anyone who attends Morgan State University should be very open minded. You should be willing to embark on new journeys as well as try your best to get out of your comfort zone. A person who is willing to motivate one another and become motivated. Your college experience should not define you but help ground who you already are. This person should be ready to matriculate and prosper in this world we all call LIFE. Anyone who attends this school should take it for what it is worth and go beyond BEYOND!


A person who is willing to strive for excellence in themselves and a quality education.


Someone that is open to try anything new should come to this school. Our school offers many different experiences in sports, theatre, and academics. If your ready for something new and exciting, then that's the type of students who should come here.


A person should attend Centanary if they like a small school, and a rural community. The school is a train ride away from New York, but the town and school itself is lacking in entertainment and big parties.


The kind of person who should attend this college is anyone who wants a good education without the big campus and large population. It is small and close-knit, so anyone who likes to be a part of a college were you get to know a lot of diverse people in all different fields, should come here. They have a lot to offer you just have to be willing to get involved.


Someone who needs special attention in classes or extra time during tests and quizzes would thrive here due to understanding staff and small class sizes. The school has an amazingly successful Equine Studies program as well as what appears to be accomplished and highly involved Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing majors. Centenary is also a great place for people who would prefer to commute or be close to home.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is enthusiastic, motivated and determined to become someone greater than they are now. This school is appropriate for students who are willing to work hard for what they want to achieve and will not take no for an answer when reaching their goals and dreams.


someone who likes a small campus


A person who wants small class size, personal attention and a family atmosphere.


The kind of person that should attend this college is someone who wants to learn.


The kind a person should attend this school is someone who likes to be in a small community.