Central Carolina Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Because this is a community college, it can also be equated to a technical school. If one wishes to pursue a rigorous, highly academic degree, this is not the school for them. If one does not have an interest in applied sciences or hands-on techniques of learning, this is not the school for them. If one is seeking the "college experience," due to the lack of eateries and residence halls, this is not the school for them.


I honestly believe that anyone can find themselves at CCCC. The college offers a variety of programs for every individual. They have programs to transfer to four-year institutions, offer certifications in trade areas, can work for the working mother/father, or the professional wanting to become certified or promoted in thier field. The only person who shouldn't attend this school is an individul that doesnt value the importance and power of an education and does not want to persue higher education.