Central Michigan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are always very helpful and willing to get to know you and work together to be successful.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of dumb people here. A lot of them weren't able to get into MSU so they go here. Also, a lot of the students are people who goofed off in high school so they spent a year in community college and transferred here. Many of the students are focused on having a good time rather than building a future for themselves. Again, there are always exceptions and I'm involved in a political club on campus and the people in there are very motivated.


In any given class room seated with thirty 18-23 year olds, I am able to surpass nearly all of them academically and often find myself feeling rather unchallenged on a near day to day basis and although I may have had superior education options prior to enrollment, many classmates are unable to maintain a healthy grade point average.


Mostly friendly, but can be standoffish and not easily approachable.


Love to party


There is no specific sort of person that defines CMU. There's people of every color, every background, every interest, every social standing; everyone interacts with everyone, and judgment based on these facts is rare. Discrimination isn't unheard of, but that's at any school. As an African American student, I've always felt comfortable on this campus and I've never experienced any sort of hate based on my diversity.


For the most part all of the students are really friendly. I have met a lot of good people in my time here at CMU. Whether you're in class, on campus, or at a party, chances are you will make a lot of friends.


Some students seem to complain a lot about studying, homework and professors; I have personally had some really bad classmates that would sleep in the class, come hung over, talk on their cell phone, not participate. Others are super amazing and love to help out.


Many of the people I meet are extremely friendly and want their classmates (and themselves) to succeed and try to help other and accomplish their own goals.


Students here are very friendly. A lot of the students definitely enjoy having a good time on the weekend, but we all, well, most of us know that we still have to get our school work done because that is very important. Other than that the students here are great, very helpful, inviting, and super friendly.


My classmates all seem to be very determined with high goals set and are working hard to achieve them.


Most of the students keep to themselves and some students are very out going, but respectful of the professor.


Friendly, somewhat competitive but ready to party.


Committed, fun, and helpful.


Most of my classmates are people just like me! We allhave an agenda: Graduate and go on to pursuit greatness. Some are young and some are working adults. There is diversity present in the class, which is good to get an overall perspective and view of people from different ethic backgrounds.


My classmates are a diverse group of people.


My classmates have all been welcoming. I feel they are all friendly and are in the same boat I am in. They are all up for making new friends and getting to know each individual personally.


The student body is varied but the core seems not to be no so mainstream, the people in my classes at CMU are Richly diverse


my classmates are focused and passionate about their major.


Easy going, often frustrated, funny, and study hard.


The experience I have with my classmates at Central is one to brag about. Everyone is always willing to help and give advice. Especially when certain classes create groups to work on projects, you instantly get to know these people throughout the semester and in my case, end up becoming great friends! I can?t think of a better experience than meeting new people all the time in class.


My classmates are very intelligent but do not know how to balance out school and partying.


My classmates are students that are here to learn and grow in their field of study, they are also willing to be there for other students and help them out.


In most of my classes there are freshmen just like me coming to Central Michigan University to learn and get a degree so that we can start our future careers and start a family, but you may be in some classes that are more upper classmen which is ok, there is no need to be scared, just be confident and try your hardest!


Attention level and cultural backgrounds are all different, but all of us know that if we didn't have to be in class, none of us would be there.


My classmates are respectful, civil, and welcoming.


Most of my classmates are dedicated students who are just as interested in their education as I am, though like every school, there are some students who could put more effort into their education.


My classmates are all diverse in age, race, academic choice, and attitude.


My classmates are almost 100% like me, nervous, yet excited, scared, yet ready to take on the world of college, so there's nothing to be feared from reaching out and making connections.


We're ironically overworked people (whether it be from education, partying, or working) who drag ourselves to class when necessary in order to ultimately fulfill our purpose of being at school in the first place; this is excluding the fact that we have nothing else to do but sleep and eat anyways.


At Central Michigan, there are many different people. It is a very mixed crowd. Everybody that I have met has been pretty nice, and always willing to help. It is a good environment to live.


My classmates are usually very friendly, easy-going, and hard-working.


Extremely helpful, fun, and hardworing!


My classmates are well rounded individuals, who care about eachoher and who want eachother to succeed in and out of the classroom.


I have a wide variety of classmates, ranging from jocks, to artists.


A some what mixed atmosphere


Most are friendly and talkative.


High-strung, perfectionist that are overly concerned about studying to achieve A's and not about studying to actually learn the material that will be invaluable when they get out in their field, who spend too much time together.


Mostly outgoing and friendly.


Everyone is really nice and social. All the people in my classes are easy to talk to and you will usually see them out on the weekends.


For the most part, students are friendly, enviromentally aware, and quick to contribute information in class.


For the most part, everyone is very friendly, outgoing, and helpful at Central Michigan.


some are fun some are at school to learn different classes are different


My classmates were very helpful, nice and outgoing people.


Friendly, helpful and great group of classmates that I enjoy seeing and know I can count on if I need any help.


My classmates tend to be a diverse group of people with all different beliefs and walks of life.


Friends that are willing to help with academics as well as life in general.


I feel as though the majority of my classmates do care about getting through college to pursue the career they have chosen because they want to succeed in life.


My classmates are very diverse.


All my classmates are engaging and interesting. Everyone has something to say, and everyone takes part in the conversation. If someone else needs help, most (if not all) are willing to help out. Above all, I would have to say that Central Michigan is one of the friendliest schools in Michigan, if not the nation.

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