Central Ohio Technical College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That my dreams are not out of reach. I wish I would have started this journey years ago.


I wish I had done a little bit more research and applied to Liberal Arts schools so that I would only have to spend one or two quarters at my current school verses a year.


I feel the information i recieved from the school was all I could have asked for. The admissions staff was very helpful with all aspects of my return to a higher learning enviroment. The financial aid package was all I could ask for also, the school took great care to meet all my questions with the appropriate responses for my transition into this school.


How the financial aid process worked.


A list of available financial scholarship resources to cut down on the cost.


I wish I had knew about the tutoring programs they offer for free. That would have helped me immensely to pass my College Algebra class. I also with I would have known about the Financial Aid. They said I had all my papers I need and then said that I owed all this money for my classes. They said we missed three (3) papers.

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