Central Oregon Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


That is one of the good things here. The onlu problem for me is that I'm an older returning student. So I don't fit into the social life. I have found my niche temporarily, but it changes each quarter, as studnets come and go. Most are 18-22. They are incredibly polite and friendly. Many come from Alaska or California. Also, there is a new Culinary School at the bottom of the hill (the school is built on a hill with a view of the mountains.) Many of the students are skiers and bicyclists, that is what Bend Oregon is known for. We have cycling races in the summer, and skiing on Mt Bachelor in the winter.


My Classmates are always trying to help each other


Anywhere from 18-65 a group of individuals that want to learn.


My class mates are wonderful caring people, who when I reach out for help are always there by my side.


My class mates are very interesting, brilliant, and fun to be around for me .


My classmates are are from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, but what makes it great is how open they all are to discussing their different views.