Central Oregon Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Central Oregon Community College?


Honestly, anyone could attend this college. I have seen a very diverse group of people in ages, gender, and race. Even with the diverse amount of people everyone is very nice and gracious. Also SO helpful, you can go to any building and either find the information you need or get directed to the place that could help you. They have great accesses for people in wheelchairs and also have people available for people with other disabilities like hearing impairments and more. This campus is great for anyone who loves a beautiful view and is a little rusty in school.


This is a great school and I truly feel that it is open to anyone seeking to further their education. If you enjoy a beautiful campus, caring instructors, fun clubs then COCC is the school for you. If you are a serious student who likes to also have an active outdoor life this is a great location. COCC offers the feel of a small community college, but you have access to world class instructors. So if you are ready to step up your educational options, have some fun in the great outdoors then take a look at COCC.


Any kind of person can attend this school. It is very diverse in its people, instructors, courses, and activities. It is a very friendly nice place that I really realy enjoy. It has an amazing atmposphere and kindness is common. There is a lot of help there for struggling students and most instructors understand that people have lives and problems outside of school, too. Overall it is an amazing place for anyone, even early college students like myself, to attend.


This school is amazing