Central Texas College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for actively striving to meet the requirements to a hectic, busy military schedule. Our classes tend to be late in the evening as to provide for a feasible time to attend class for our active duty military members. This lets them attend a full work day, and then come to class in the evening. My school is completely aware of the military life style, and does it's best to fit that. And although I, myself, am not military, I am a dependent and can understand how crazy their schedules can be.


Central Texas College is a diverse community college that give the local are the opportunity for to get an education.


Central Texas College caters to the distance learner - especially the soldier. They have numerous satellite campuses worldwide, including one located on Fort Hood. They also offer most of their classes online, which is especially helpful for soldiers who are frequently in the field, or deployed to other nations.


Central Texas College is best known for working with people in the military.