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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Contemplating this question, I'm aware there are more things I would tell my high school self that I first thought. Beginning with academics, I have always maintained high A's in my Senior Year of highschool. However, if I could go back, I would tell myself, to keep it up, give myself credit where credit is due. All through out high school I felt as if I wasnt good enough, that even a perfect 100% on a test could of been better. I would tell myself to give myself more credit and continue to do so, no matter what. I would tell myself that college is NOT as scary as it may seem. That I CAN conquer the world If I tried. I would tell myself to continue to never let my passion filled eyes die out, and to always chase my dreams, no matter how far fetched they may seem to others. I would tell myself that no matter what school puts me through, or how many late night, Mid-Term study sessions I go through, that I have a dream, and I should never let it go, no matter how hard or how much I might struggle.


Well, considering that you are me, you and I both know that living in a world of words only densifies the hard-lined truth: you don't get anywhere in life with a poem. You can sway a crowd with talk, but you can swing the world with your actions. College life isn't tough, and social anxiety doesn't get better. But, if you can immerse yourself in books and poems, it isn't so hard to find the orphic detail in every character you love, hate, and worship -- in reality. Its valiant to display altruism, but be generous to yourself and give 'me' every scrape and claw at an opportunity to succeed in education and ultimately in life. Genuinely realize that your family issues and abuse are infinitely small in comparison to who you strive to be. It's time to escape into a real, gritty world full of heroes and monsters and establish yourself through your amazing grades and vibrant intellect. Instead of hiding behind a set of thin sheets and inked letters, use your ACTIONS to lead our country out of economic and political turmoil. Become that person you have always wanted to be. Yourself.


I would tell myself many things, but I think the first thing I would tell myself is that its okay not to be a perfectionist the whole time. Highschool goes by way to fast to be so worried about the future all the time. I would tell myself that its going to be okay because I will get into a college and get my degree done and be on my way before I know it. I would also tell myself to trust my parents and live with them while in college and save money. I tried moving out my second year at the jr. college I was going to. I would say stay living with your parents and save your money there is no reason to move out yet when they are willing to help and guide you. The last thing I would say is listen to your parents they actually know what they are talking about, I know in high school it doesnt seem like it but they actually do!


If I could go back to high school, I would definitely tell myself to not be discouraged by the circumstances of your situation/enviornment. Unfortunately, at the time I went to high school in Killeen, Texas, it was still a small town with remnants of racial inuendos thtoughout the city that trascended into the school. Not only was their racial subtleties, but there were certain treatment given to kids who parents were well off. I grew up in a single parent home and wasn't able to obtain certain opportunites. Thus, as a highschooler, I wasn't given much attention to and encouraged much to be successful in life. In fact, the school faculty thought I would be a high school drop out. But because of my preservance, I endured four painful years and went off to college to prove to myself that I had just as much of an opportunity than any other student.


My story begins with me recently completing my GED. After 18 years and 5 children later, I have finally completed that goal. Now let me take you to the year 1991, my senior year. I was academically driven as a straight "A" student and enrolled in all advanced courses. My only objective in life was to obtain a full academic scholarship and become the first family member within 5 generations to go to college. I was born to a family of poverty and college was not an option otherwise. Now, back to January, 1991 and what I would tell myself about college life based off of what I know now. I would say to myself, "Theresa, the recent news of your pregnancy is not the end of your dreams. College is a must, not an option. The road to your dream is not over. College is fun, you meet new people that share similiar goals, and you gain a sense of accomplishment that words cannot explain. Don't put this off, the information is still fresh and learning is what you know. Use this advice to ensure your future success."


You have no idea how easy you have it right now. You have the money no other financial obligations. The only obligation on your time is your social life, which you are far too serious about. You need to channel that seriousness in to your education. Your mom always said you should get an education just in case, heaven forbid, you end up like her - divorced and being the main provider for your children. She was right. Even though she had a job, she could have done much better for herself - and her children - with a college degree. Staying in college will mean the difference between just getting by, or being able to live with a little bit of financial cushion. Someday, it will make a big difference in the lives of your son and daughter. Of course, this isn't a one-shot opportunity. You'll have other chances to go back to college if you quit now. But I promise you, if you quit now and try finishing later, it will NOT be any easier when you are trying to juggle marriage, motherhood, a full-time job, church, and a college education. DO NOT QUIT!!!


If i could talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to follow the same path that i am on now. To spend my first year at a community college so that i can mature mentaly and prepare myself for life at a university. I would also tell myself to apply to every school and every scholarship available so that i don't limit myself.


Dont Slack. Grades and scores are very important.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school self what I know now about college life, I would say continue to do your best. I remember how hard it is right now, but you?ll be fine I promise. Soon you will find your destiny and be on your way to changing lives and helping people, one at a time. Be good to your family they love you no matter what and you will miss this time with them. Take pride in your work and never give up. Spend more time with your sister, this is her first year of four. She could use a role model, and someone to give her the same advice I am giving you now. Above all, enjoy your final time here. You wont get it back, so have some fun while hitting the books?but the future has a few surprises in store that not even this can compare to. College isn?t as scary as you think, its actually quite liberating being in control of your future. Don?t let anyone tell you that you cant.


Don't go out just because everyone else is. Be careful about the descisions you make because they can affect the rest of your life and/or your future career. Be early not on time. Listen actively, don't just show up to class not to get counted absent. Read when you don't have to. Don't put off projects until the last minute. The lack of time invested will show through. Boys come and go, often. Always take your own car to pasture parties and be able to drive it back. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Picture yourself in your future profession and choose your wardrobe accordingly. Don't go through one class and not ask a question. Learn to do things for yourself and depend on yourself. Don't get to busy having fun so that you forget to call Grandma and tell her how much you are learning. Just be yourself.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself how much I would enjoy the college life. Before I started going to college full time I worried that it would be just like high school. I would be stuck with kids who had to be in class, not ones that would want to be there. I would tell myself that the instructors would be well read and knowledgeable about the class. That there would be real discussions and interactions between student and professor. I would also tell myself "you are going to love it."


I would tell my high school self that I am good enough. ITs not all about what you know already, but what you will learn in the next coming years while in school. You learn life skills along with your book knowledge which will make you better when you enter the world of bussiness and careers. Some days or even months may be difficult when a subject isnt interesting or is hard. Apply yourself, do the best you can and you wont fail. It is like being in a tornado at first. Filling out all the paper, applying for financial aid and taking placement tests. Nothing is bad as it seems at the time, so keep your eyes forward, if you look back smile, remember that's where you have been and you made it.


If I were to make myself aware of what I know now about collegenow, I would start off by explaining how much a certification can buff up the newest student's education. Although working through an entire degree is beneficial in the long run, certifying in the field that you are pursuing should be the very first consideration. I would have been able to be involved in the experience portion of my education much earlier had I done so. This would have meant less time spent struggling to find employment as well. It is very difficult to enter into a field without some type of proof that you are aware of what you are doing. This is one thing that I wish I would have known about when I had first entered into a College career. I can only hope that obtaining a certification now can make up for the lost time. Thank you.


I would tell myself that know matter how hard it became and how poor I was and how much I was struggling, it is essential that I continue college. I would say that if I stop after my first semester, it will be my biggest regret in life, because it will set back all of my goals and ambitions by a decade, and as a result, I will work meaningless, and hard jobs for another fours years til I get the next opportunity to go back and get an education.


I would tell myself to start taking classes as soon as I could. It is an easier transition since I am older and have responsibilities so I am more serious about my schoolwork. I can't deny that I missed out on all the college experiences of joining teams, sorority life, clubs, etc. I would tell myself to stay focused and use my money wisely. A little goes a long way, but when you are young you aren't thinking about money that way. I would tell myself to take 12 or 15 hours at least every semester in order to finish as soon as possible. College takes a long time to finish, and I don't like to waste time.


I would say don't put your education off to get married and start a family. You will need the education in the future. If you are unsure about going to college then at least go part-time, a class here and there, while you are trying to figure out what you want to do because it will be easier to do now rather than later. There will always be an exuse to put it off. Then one day you will realize what you want and go back to school and it won't be as easy if you had just gone back then.


"Don't be nervous about living on your own in an environment that is unfamilliar to you. Just stay focus and stay away from the females that are here at the dorms because you will get into a little trouble. When you get to Central Texas College, go straight to the Culinary Lab and the professor will have your unifrom. Things will seem tough at first, but concentrate. Basic food prep will be one of the toughest cooking classes you'll ever take along with American Regional Cusine, Fundamentals of Baking, and Garde Manger. But if you stick to it , you will come on top. Also, don't join the reserves just yet. wait till you finish and get your Assosiate's degree, then head on to your Bachlors. While your in your Senor year, retake the PSAT and score high, if you do this, you won't have to take these basic classes buring your solphmore year in college.


College life is not as scary as you think it is. You can actually find a lot of self-discovery during this time. Just keep at it, and work hard. Be sure to take advantage of all the services and extra curricular activites the school has to offer, they make make college easier and more enjoyable to go through.


If I could go back in time and be able to discuss with my former self the obstacles needed to accomplish a successful college education, I would inform myself about how hectic and demanding being a full time student can be. In addition, I would exhibit the financial difficulties of being able to attend any college and having to work even harder past those economic hurdles. I would also present a schedule of what needs to be accomplished from a day-to-day basis and encourage myself to apply for more scholarships so as to relieve that busy list somewhat. Furthermore, I would promote myself to consider the huge impact that SATs scores have on college admissions: GPA is not the only aspect colleges tend to view for their applicants. Finally, the last statement I would make to my former self is to go straight into your weakest subjects after graduation because that time period will be when they are still freshly incorporated into the mind. The longer the wait, the more difficult it is for the memory to recover. Overall, I'd congratulate myself for doing so well so far and to keep up the good work!


Prepare for the future by planning for tomorrow.


The advice I would give to myself if I could go back in time and be a senior once more would be to work harder and to get more involved academically and socially. Getting involved in dual credit classes can help you get credit for college while still getting credit for high school. Academic involvement is not the only way to get involved in high school; there are other ways such as volunteering or joining a clubs. Volunteering and participating in clubs during your senior year can make a difference when filling out scholarships or applying for colleges. Getting involved academically and socially will make you look better as a student and as a person, and catches the interest of colleges. As a senior you also want to complete your FAFSA along with your applications to Universities and scholarships before the deadlines in order to qualify or get accepted. Knowing everything I know now as a sophomore in college, if I could go back as a senior in high school and listen to my own advice I would have worked harder and been more involved both academically and socially.