Central Washington University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The amazing diverse extracurricular activities and clubs offered here and the amazing surrounding scenery we have in our backyard. Water water rafting, hiking, camping, rock climbing, free movie nights almost every Monday, a great fitness center, small interactive classrooms, and down to earth people.


I brag the most about how much spirit Central has. There are so many activities to support the school and there are always activities to get students involved which makes it alot of fun to go to school here.


This is the best school in Washington if you are pursuing a nutrition degree. There is a lot of focus on being healthy throughout the student body. It is easy to make friends because everyone lives in a close viscinity to each other. The summers are super hot and you can float down the Yakima River and the winters make for exciting snow storms and adventures.


If I were to brag about being a Central Washington University student I would start off by saying that it is a great institution for dedicated students and faculity. The classes are decently sized with about thirty students per professor, which creates an optimal learning environment without having to struggling for one on one time with your instructors. Also, there is a wide variety of subjects to fit any college students growing mind and interests. Central Washington University gives each student the best chance for them to succeed and excel in life.


I am always very happy with the quality of service that I receive from the staff faculties (They are friendly and very helpful). I will also tell him /her about the quality of the program that the school gives to the students. It meets with the expectancy of the students (dreams and inspirations). Professors are very experienced in teaching. The school provides financial assistance to relieve the burden that students can meet for paying their tuitions.


Central Washington University has a new Student Union and Recreation Center; it was completed in 2006. The Recreation Center and Student Union are all under one roof. Secondly, the university has the THE CHIMPANZEE AND HUMAN COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE (CHCI). CHCI hosts chimpanzees that are able to communicate in American Sign Language.


I attend Central Washington University through Edmonds Community College, one of its University centers. So when I brag about Central, I mention how convenient it is to go to a University in Lynnwood at night and still work full time during the day.


The campus is beautiful, with a small town feel, while still within a short drive to Seattle. The campus size and population of the school are not overwhemling. Central Washington University has a very welcoming atmosphere.


I tell my friends that CWU has the BEST Music Program in the state, only the best music teachers come from there. The campus is beautiful and the buildings are well maintained.


I brag that Central is a really fun school because it is small enough to know a lot of people. It is common to have the same students in multiple classes. I love knowing the majority of people who live on campus. I also brag about our recreation and workout center. It is really new and the nicest I have ever seen at a college. Overall, I would just brag about what a great school it is. Every aspect is wonderful and there is nothing ot compain about!


The school has so much to offer. Its a perfect size for students that are afraid to move into a big city with a huge Univeristy. The surroundings of the this school are amazing. We have the Yakima River not far a way where you could rafting. The school it self is perfect. They have class rooms that are perfect size because you are able to have one-on-one talsk with the instructors.


I tell them that the cohort structure of the Elementary Education program at the Lakewood Campus makes you feel as if you are attending school in a supportive family environment. The workload is intensive, but you will finish with all of your coursework completed in six quarters and begin student-teaching in the spring of your senior year . This is an ideal scenario as you begin student teaching and gain exposure and experience exactly when principals are looking to hire new staff for the upcoming school year.


The weather in Ellensburg is always really pretty, statistically there are over 300 days of blue skies. The buildings here have history and stories to go with them. The Recreation Center has a rock wall that is accessible to all students as well as planned outdoor activities. Students have the option to live in Living Learning Communities which groups them with students that have similar educational interests. The professors are more the willing to go above and beyond to ensure that students are learning the necessary tools for their future.


It is a great environment to learn in because of all the help you can get on campus such as the writing center, math help, the huge library, and the teachers are really great. There are many events for help and entertainment happening weekly that you can check out all posted on different bulletin boards around the surc and other buildings. Also living in the dorms is a great experience because you meet more people and then your friends live right next door and the RAs are helpful always if you have any questions.


I like to brag that i can live away from home on the other side of the mountains, and i don't have to go home unless i want to!


I brag about the fact that the class sizes are well proportioned. The largest class is about 100 students so the learning environment is very personal and less intimidating.


When I tell friends about Central, I explain to them how both the campus and overall environment are very ideal. We have the perfect balance when it comes to class sizes, campus size, and rigor of curriculum. There are many opportunities through on-campus organizations, for students to apply themselves and find something they love to do and be apart of.


I brag to my friends from home about how wlecoming people are are how the class sizes are the perfect size to get personal help.


I most brag about all the help that is offered and the small class sizes. There are tons of people who are willing to help you , as well as different programs. Professors have office hours everyday and if they have a TA or GA they have office hours too. With the exception of one class i have never had a class size bigger than 35 .


I love the Central Washington University Student Union and Recreation Center. It is a very fun place to hang out, eat, shop, and have fun. Central also has a lot of clubs, intermeral sports, and many other extracurricular activites to participate in. I also like that even though approximately 10,000 students attend Central the classes stay fairly small for more one on one interactions between students and the professor. This way, a student can actually get to know the professor and can get extra help when needed without the professor becoming overwhelmed.


I brag about the successes of the football team and the variety of majors and undergraduate research opportunities that are available here at Central.


I brag most about the small class sizes nd the ability to really interact with each professor because of these small sizes.


Classes are relatively small, giving professors' ample time to interact with the students and provide more feedback. For both the Chemistry and Biology departments, there are great opportunities to work closely with excellent professors on independent research projects.


Central washington University offers a wide range of campus organization, groups and events. It is a very diverse school with people of different cultural background and works of life. At central washington University all students are classified under the same umbrella, there is no discrimination or any form of bias treatment of student based on their ethnicity. Central Washington University professors are very respectful of the students and are always willing to help at all times, that is why the academic excellence at Central is unparalled. These are the things I brag about the most when I talk about Central.


I tell my friends about the small classess and how I don't have be in traffic. Also it cost less then the UW or SeattleU.


Ellensburg Washington has a beautiful campus that is spread out, but not so far that it's hard to find your way around. The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful!


The school size, becasue I don't have to do a lot of walking everything is close by. The school is the right size not to big but not to small either.


The classes are not oversized and the professors are helpful. The work is not as hard as other colleges seem to be.


There is nothing much to do other than just focus on school stuff. There are fair amount of grocery stores, and you can live pretty comfortably.


Nice weather.


The snowy weather and going to Snoqualmie pass for boarding! The fun nightlife! Floating the river in the summertime! Going to the Gorge for concerts, and camping at Vantage!


When I brag, it?s always about CWU?s size. It?s big enough to feel different from home, but small enough to feel comfortable, focused, and friendly. My friends at other schools talk about classes of hundreds taught by grad assistants, but my class sizes are usually small and intimate. Professors care about their students here, and many even invite students to social events after class! I love having my professors know me by name and being able to walk to class and see several people I know along the way. I feel like a community member at CWU!


When I tell my friends about my school, I tend to brag about our music department. Being a music major, (it?s kind of biased) I do notice fundamental differences between other college's music departments and the one I attend. At Central Washington University, I tell my friends, the music professors care deeply about how you succeed as a student and what skills you retain. The motto at the school of music is "Central, where teaching is a performing art." This mindset I believe sets students up for success in their soon to be professions.


Its the perfect size of school. Not too big and not too small. It allows you to meet new people while maintaining relatively small class sizes that are productive in helping you learn and allowing for interaction between students, teachers, and teachers aides.


how nice the scenery is on campus and how nice the library is.


I tell them that even though it is a small town , or college town that's exactly what makes it what it is. I love the campus and the atmosphere of it. It's a small town atmosphere and you feel so connected to the town, it also doesn't have that huge of classes the biggest class I've been in was a class of about 75.


We have a rodeo team, its a gorgeous campus, not too big/not too small. Ellensburg is in the middle of the state so you can go anywhere in like 2 hours. Good clean town with a good community.


My teachers/ professors know my name and can have a conversation with me, unlike big universities.


Too much to really pick one, I just love it here. Everyone that attends this school is either going to love it or hate it, depending on what you are looking for, not a big city school but is an awesome one.


What types of classes I'm taking. Also, the fact that it one of the only schools in the state that provide my degree.


I mostly tell my friends about the resources ( financial, emotional support etc) and that our school has an excellent dining and recreation facility.