Cerritos College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person willing to put in the work to accomplish his or her goal should attend this school. Someone who takes his education seriously at this level will be guided towards success if he has the determination to reach for it.


The type of person that should attend Cerritos College is someone who is looking for a better future. This school is made for thos who want to get an education and find a respectable job in their field. A person should be well adjusted to being in a diverse community, full of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. also A person who wants to attend Cerritos College should be prepared to learn and stay focus on their studies because Cerritos College is no joke, you must stay focused and study hard to be able to pass all your classes.


I believe that every type of student should attend Cerritos College. Cerritos is very diversified, from new freshman to adults that are continuing their education after having families. I feel that it is an excellent start for those students that are serious about continuing their education and those who pan on attending a 4-year university.


I believe any kind of person can attend this college. There is help throughout the campus from counselors and teachers, even from the different programs and clubs established. They do not let you slack off, and if you seem like your going in that direction, people encourage you to get back on your feet.


A person that is focused and really cares to be involved in the school or at least classes. A person that is determined to get an education that they want and a person who wants to move on to a university to finish the classes that they need.