Chapman University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


While the smaller campus size is very ideal in many aspects (student to faculty ratio, class size, stronger relationships within your major field), it can be frustrating when there is a lack of school spirit, not as many events offered as in other schools, and knowing or recognizing most of the student population. Coming from a large high school, Chapman sometimes feels a bit too small when having an urge to a large football game or weekend events for example.


It doesn't seem like a lot of people try hard. There are a lot of wealthy people and I feel like they just get handed things and take their college classes for granted.


The fact that a large percentage of the students are extrememely wealthy is a bit strange and interesting to deal with. You have to adapt to their lifestyle in a way and it can lead you to being pressured into going places or buying things you wouldn't normally buy. Overall if you can adapt to a different, more wealth driven atmosphere, you will be fine.


Nothing really. i really like everything about my school!


I disagree with the use of funds on campus. So much money is spent frivolously by the student governing bodies toward pointless decorations and activities when it would be easier to apply funds to more worth while outlets.


As an incoming freshman at Chapman University, I was enthralled with all the attractive benefits that Chapman had to offer, such as small classes, a renowned film school and respected faculty. While those are great things, what was not disclosed was the competitive and challenging process of enrolling in such classes. Now as a student, I am in a position in which I am waitlisted for almost all my required courses and it is threatening my ability to graduate on time. At a school that costs $50,000+ each year, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.


There are some very bad faculty members who the administration need to deal with, but do it. The administration has a lot of lapses in the area of maintaing faculty that are good (especially in the film school) and treating the students with respect and sympathy when it comes to financial matters.


For me personally, the worst thing about my school (which isn't even that bad) is that the campus isn't that divese when it comes to the age groups of the students there. Most are right out of high school or in their early 20's. Therefore, many of the groups recrutiing for members are gearing for that age group, leaving students like me (in their 30's) feeling uninvited.


My school has an issue with communicating within the seperate departments. The registration office doesn't always talk to the financial aid office, who in turn, may or may not send the appropriate papers to the student. My school initially told me I couldn't register until my financial aid was in, and that my financial aid couldn't come in until I registered. It would be more helpful if there was a better system of communicating these needs than hoping a ffrazzled student knows where to find an obscure from to print from the web.


I currently attend MTI College for paralegal studies. I honestly cannot think of a negative thing about my school. All staff and instructors are great and I am doing well in my classes. My only issue is that I have to drive about a half hour to get there, but the travel is well worth the education I am receiving at this school. We have a great group of classmates of all backgrounds that contribute alot to our class experience.


Some people at my school can be very closed minded. For the most part people are kind and welcoming, but come from families that are very well off. People will not understand why I don't dress in the lastest fashions or why I believe people should have access to things. The faculty can also be frustrating. It can take a while for things to be sorted out through different departments which puts students in a tough place when it comes to starting the semester.


The worst thing about Chapman is the parking. It is almost impossible to find a decent parking spot in the parking structures.


The cost is probably the worst thing about my school. Even though I got a great financial aid package, I have lots of student loans that I will be paying off for a while after I graduate.


The lack of international diversity. It takes a while to find cool friends from interesting backgrounds.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of parking spaces. There are many commuters who need parking spaces, but must arrive very early in the morning in order to get a parking space for their afternoon class.


the lack of diversity and the expense of it, it is way too expensive for what it is


expensive textbooks


Not having enough school sponsored concerts and performances.


The way in which the administration often does not listen to the students when it comes time to decided things, especially new professors or letting go of old professors. Also, we consistantly are building needless statues and fountains.


The price tag.


Too focused on enhancing the image of the school through buildings, technology and equipment without a strong investment in teaching quality.


So much going on, hard to find the right direction for you!


The lack of community involvement.


The tution is quite high and I don't think they give enough financial aide support or help outside of their financial aide system. Also, there housing system is very problematic for those who live in a close proximity (49 miles or less away from campus).


The worst thing is probably the price, but they're pretty good about giving out scholarships and hefty financial aid.


The worst thing about my school is the price if you don't qualify for enough financial aid and can't afford to pay for a lot of it. However, if you do qualify for aid, you've got nothing to worry about because they give out a lot to the people who they deem "financially needy". There's not enough help finding scholarships and that kind of thing.