Chapman University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person from the bay area who likes to be surrounded by a small community. And since I am in the music program, a person who enjoys classical music.


Most of the students are fine with coasting. They will waltz out of Chapman with a degree and nothing else. The kids who invest the extra time to find outlets, internships and professors willing to help them will graduate ready for their field of choice. Ultimately, Chapman will let you leave with a degree as long as you can afford it. What you get out of it is up to you.


Definitely someone who wants to spend the next four years of their life in Southern California. Because Chapman isn't really a sports heavy school, someone that isn't a huge football head. Chapman is filled with driven students, so a person who is motivated and ready to begin the trek on the right path to their career is meant to spend their college life at Chapman. Finally, someone who is looking to relax and really soak in the essence of college is meant to be at Chapman: cool, calm, and collected.


Someone who loves to know a lot of people. Also someone who wants to be in the greek life.


Someone who likes small classroom sizes and who wants to get a lot out of their education. Chapman is also very nicely centrally located so there is always something fun around to do.


Students interested in trying several different career fields and anyone that wants the beauty of southern California, without all the crowds.


Chapman University should be attended by anyone and everyone. I dont believe that any school should have a set type of person that could attend. As long as you are dedicated to learning and willing to do whatever it takes to maintain your grades, I believe that you should have the chance at a great education regardless of your ethic or economic background.


This is the best school for transfer students, students looking for an associates degree, and students who need a smaller, more intimate learning enviornment. Many students here plan to transfer into larger universities as juniors, with the skills and knowledge to make the transition easier. This is a great school for parents returning to college years later, and for students who don't quite have an intended major, and are seeking to get thier general education completed while they decide.


Anyone who wants to go forward in a meaningfull career. Our classes have alot of work involved; so a person who is not willing to work for their future career should not attend. I come in contact with many of the other teachers and students that have different classes than I and we are all glad to be at MTI and we are friendly to each other and all supportive of what everyone is trying to do.


A person who is creative, enjoys the arts, and has a lot of determination definitly should attend Chapman University. There are many fine art majors that Chapman has to offer, mine being film production. The University's staff becomes thoroughly involved with these art programs and the students, including myself, could not be more excited to be apart of this school. It takes a lot of dedication and determination as well, and those involved in the art majors at Chapman certainly show that they are career driven within their majors.


Chapman University is a great school for a person who is looking for a close social network, great learning opportunities, and an amazing feel of confidence as they persue their choice of studies.


Someone who is responsible and cares about their future; People who are not sure of what they want are welcome here, as long as they are responsible with their grades. People who like to be involved in extra-curricular activities; friendly people. People who show great interest in their careers; music majors (especially vocal performance majors); and people who are in a good financial position.


Someone who wants to go to a small to mid sized school who likes small classes and personal attention from their professors.


Any one can attend this school. For the people who are really motivated and want to get ahead, you can do that. For people who are unsure, but like the weather and to hang out with people, that is great too. Finding people you fit in with will take some work, but you find people that you love hanging out with.


Anyone who places a lot of emphasis on individuality in academic settings. I never feel like just another name to my professors, so anyone who wants personal attention should attend. Also, if you're interested in going Greek but are unsure about living in a house with brothers or sisters, Chapman's the best.


Anyone looking for a smaller liberal arts school.


A person who is secure enough in their individuality to live in an area of the country that worships conformity. The school itself is good, though, if you can get past the location.


someone very financialy prominent and well known in a field or the buissness world this school is for the elite.


A person that is definitely serious about a college graduation. Someone who has the time and money to devote to studying and trying their hardest to doing well.


Anyone who is outgoing and ready to learn in a family like environment.


Someone with a lot of money to spend who likes to unwind at the end of the day. Someone who knows how to pick what classes to take because you can get stuck with some pretty awful classes.


Anyone interested in the arts, business, film.