Chapman University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I am usually very successful at making friends, but making friends has been hard. I feel like itwas based upon my disaffiliation with sorrorities and the fact that I still live at home.


Registration is an extremely frustrating process. Despite Chapman being a small school you have a hard time getting the classes you need if you are not given priority registration. As a freshman I could not get the classes I wanted as we had the last registration dates and most classes were filled by this point as Chapman did not allot a certain amount of class spaces for registration each day. I was left having to take classes I was uninterested in and did not need to take and found myself wasting the first semester of college.


Parking is so frustrating... there are never enough parking spaces.


The most frustrating thing about Chapman University is probably the same at all colleges when you start in the Spring. Since I transferred from a UC school to Chapman, it was very difficult to find friends and feel a since of belonging. I would not recommend transferring to any school in the middle of the school year. I know there is alot of stigma that Chapman is an all-white snobby school, but I haven't experienced that at all.


Honestly, the most frustrating aspect of my school is the lack of diversity. In this day and age, it is important for one to be familiar with as to how to interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds. By learning about different cultures and traditions, one would not only be enhancing one's knowledge concerning the world, but also shall be gaining experience with making connections with different people. The fact that Chapman is unable to provide me with this opportunity is quite disappointing.


Some of the student workers at the financial aid office are careless and disorganized with students' documents. It is quite frustrating to have paperwork lost over and over again. It is also frustrating trying to communicate with someone that isn't very experienced. I also do not like the idea of sensitive information being in the hands of another student.


Finding parking. Chapman is expanding and with more students less parking spaces are avaibale close to campus.


Sometimes, I am frustrated by how Chapman decides to spend its money. For instance, they have an entire budget devoted to the flowers on campus, and they are replaced constantly. They also spend quite a bit of money on fountains, and unnecessary ceremonies that, while providing fun and spectacle, are quite costly. I think these funds could be better spent on providing scholarships to students.


Tenured professors who no longer care very much.


Unecessary spending and fees.


I think the most frustrating thing about Chapman is finding an on-campus job. It is fairly easy for someone who has held an on-campus job before to obtain a job, but if you are a first-year student, it's really hard to find a job. I have been told that in order to have the best shot, you have to apply right when you get to school the first semester, so now I know for next year.


There are so many opportunities and classes available in your own major and other fields of study. It is so difficult to find the balance between academic and social fulfilment. There is that constant struggle, you are always busy and always running around.


The most frustrating thing for me is how much Greek life impacts campus life. I really dislike Greek life and find many of its members to be mere followers of their sorority or fraternity rather than thinking as individuals. They have too much impact on campus life to be (not) thinking like that.


financial situation and then lack of diversity


Sometimes is is difficult to register for some classes that fill up quickly but usually if you sit in the first day of class, professors will sign you in id there are enough seats available or even request to change rooms so that more students can join the class.


When it comes to registration, they always let the freshmen register first, which is sometimes hindering to sophomores and juniors, but especially to transfers and those who switch majors.


Although Chapman's campus is beautiful there is always construction around campus, which does not hinger work, but can be annoying at times.


Unavailability of classes to Upper classmen...It's a little difficult to sign up for classes as you get older, but Chapman will work with you to help just takes a while!


that i can't stay here longer


Chapman can be too focused on making itself look good in the long run...and not worrying about who they're pissing off currently. Building marble statues and new swimming pools is ultimately way more in their interest than keeping tuition down. Chapman's main goal in life is to be USC.