Chatham University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is a small, quiet, and friendly school.


Chatham is very helpful and accomodating to and for adult students.


The beautiful campus. I like to call it the little oasis in the city of Pittsburgh


The expendable class schedules.


Oh, man, a harder question would be what I don't brag about... I brag about the wonderful people I've met here, students and faculty alike, the small size allowing for more personal attention, the education program, the amazing dorms, and the fact that it's a small college in a huge city, allowing access to lots of resources but always a tightly-knit community to come back to.


Small classes and that there is no boys!! I never have to get dressed in the morning!


My campus and how beautiful it is considering how clean facilities keeps it so presentable. For example if it snows, snow is being shoveled and salt is being thrown down before the sun comes up, or if leaves fall, they are being raked up. I also brag about the freedom i have in my on-campus apartment and I am only a sophmore.


Chatham University has a really awesome film program. You have the best facilities around! The technology is all current such as the Final Cut Studio's which used to be the old bowling alley. People say it's haunted! I totally believe it. When I worked there I always thought I heard noises!!! Scared me half to death!


It's an all women's college that is hard.


The small classes, the awesome professors, the interesting classes, and the environment on campus and off


I brag about the small classes, the small community, the activities that we have, the gym, and the dorms.