Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

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What i consider to be unique would be that the classes are small so it is easier for the teacher to really pay attention to most of the students.


What is unique about my school is it cultural diversity, In my opinion, i have never seen a school that is so focused on the different types of cultures that attend this school. It helps its student become comfortable and proud that they attend this school.


Easy access campus, and smaller classes than larger colleges. Affordable credits and good teachers.


As a community college Chemeketa helps students either right out of high school or students re-entering school after a long break, transition to advanced learning. Community colleges help to prepare students for a four year college that will be much harder education wise. Other than helping students transition to more advanced learning, students are also able to attend a cheaper school than a four year college and figure out what they want to do in life, this helps students pick the right major before it's too late.


Chemeketa is the only availble college for a very large area. This produces a student body, that consists of all races, and all different classes. Chemeketa is a school has resources avaliable for people of all levels of ability and backgrounds. Chemeketa provides many oppourtunities to students that may not have otherwise had the chance.


The Paramedic program that I am wanting to finish is one of the top ranked programs in the Pacific Northwest. You get a lot of hands on and there are tones of instructors with lots of experience to help. Also all of our instructors are either currently working in the field or have worked in the feild in the past so we get a lot of first hand stories and therories.