Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


HI there, I know everything seems very scary now. It's like you're getting thrown into a separate world with little or no advice. You're wondering "How am I going to be an adult? I still eat spongebob shaped macaroni and drink Capri Suns." It's okay. Though everyone seems like they have everything together, I guarantee that they're putting on a brave face just like you are. It's a scary transition for everyone, but trust me, it's nowhere as scary as everyone makes it seems. Remember, millions of adults have been through this process and if they can do it, you can too. Take everything one step at a time and things will be a lot easier. Remember to talk to people about your anxieties, they probably feel the same way you do and will be happy to hear someone is feeling the same emotions they are. There are so many people who are more than willing to help you so use their services. You're going to do great, I promise. Take a deep breath and go take on the world.


First things first, buy a planner. When you get assignments, make sure that you right down due dates. Whatever you do don't slack off because then you will start falling behind. Make sure you are always caught up. Another thing to know is how to prioritize tasks. If multiple assignments or projects are due near each other, make sure you consider which one will more heavily affect your grades based on how well you are doing in that class. Make school a priority over everything else even over your social life especially if you want to be the best that you can be. Who would want a "C" average doctor performing surgery on you when you can have a "A" average one instead. If you ever need a break make sure it can fit in your schedule. If you ever have any questions, always ask your professor, that is why they are there. If you ever need extra help like tutoring, try forming a study group or find the school's tutoring center. Also remember to have tons of fun when you can.


Please stay focused and understand that you may not know what you want to do right now, but if you just get your schooling out of the way first, life will be much easier later. It is very hard to try to be a wife and mother and still get the most out of a college life. Stay focused, be determined, and this part of your life will be over before you know it.


Dont wait uply to college while you still in school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell me to go to college right away. While, I believe going to community college was the right choice, taking a couple of years off to work slowed me down a little bit. I had to retake classes that I already took in high school because I needed a refresher. Since I worked, I ended up not qualifying for financial aid my first year while my sister did. Having no aid besides hurt my chances of going to school. The other thing I would have told myself was not to get my truck. I bought a truck that I couldn?t really afford just because I wanted it. This was fine while I had work, but when work slowed down, I lost a lot of my social life because I couldn?t afford to do anything. I would just sit home and save up for gas money just to be able to drive my truck. So to sum it up, I would tell myself to go to school right away and not make any big purchase that would tie me down.


I feel I made a good decision in the steps I took in my current college state. I'd tell myself to continue doing an excellent job and to work a little more vigorously to achieve my desired classes. Going to a community college has definitely prepared me for what I plan to pursue in the future as a major and potentially a career.


A diploma is worth nothing unless you have plans after hign school. High School only prepares you for college and not for life. College is were the real learning happens. There will be no easy way out. Its all hard work, and family won't always come first. It is better to learn good study skill now in high school, for they'll be great help in college. You are going to have to sacrifice things you enjoy doing, but at the end it will be all worth it.


I would tell myself to be more involvesd in school and take advatage of all the help that is available. Also to take the time and not procastinate on my school work because in college there is no time for that. College goes by really quick but you learn more in a shorter period of time, where in high school you go over the same thing for weeks. You have to learn how to prioritize and manege your time with school, work, famliy and freinds. You have to learn that school comes first because it's going to benifit you in the long run.


The first thing I would tell myself is that college is a lot better than high school and not something to be scared of. Second, I would say not to get too caught up in the little things and to pay more attention to the important things. I would tell myself to start working on scholarships right away and to work on drawing out a more defined plan, because, I know now that having a very clear and solid plan makes your dreams seem so much more tangible and obtainable. Having a plan, and reevaluating that plan often, helps to keep you motivated; it always gives you something to work towards, something to look forward too. Another thing I would tell myself is to cherish the time I have with my family and friends because that time is going to fly by and slip away before I know it. Despite what I think now, one day I'm going to wake up and realize that I'm all grown-up, but that isn't going to be a bad thing. Most importantly, be true to yourself; never compromise your values and what you believe is right.


The advice that I would give to myself as a college senior, is that do not stress yourself out about what path you may choose, or get dissapointed in the fact that your friends may choose that big name college versus you not going or going to a smaller college. We all have different paths in life, and some of us may take a longer time to accomplish them, but we all have a plan in life. Have fun and enjoy your senior year, this is the year that you may never forget and all of the friends you have you may never see again, so have fun and do not stress. Try your hardest and focus on what you want in life, but remember in the end your never a failure. Keep trying over and over again, if you don't succeed try, try, try again. You always can look back and remember that you tried many times and never quit!


Ask your teachers and guidance couselors for as much advice as you need. Never hesitate to believe they will not give you the time and never be afraid to take courses that challenge you. Don't forget to have fun and involve yourself in activities that help with your future career. Always do your best and never give up.


I would go back and tell myself to go take all the classes that I might think I would need for college. I would tell myself to take the SAT?s and the ASAT. And try harder in all my classes, instead of just doing the work because I had to. I would have planed out my career goals better instead of having none. Pick a college to go to sooner than I did. Fill out scholarships and your FASA right away and don?t give up. But most of all take chances and have fun it?s your last year, next year it?s the real deal. You have to pay for school and... well really everything. And that your senior year is going to be the best year.


Kristin, look at you now! Two years ago when you were walking down the aisle to be handed your diploma you knew nothing about the future or even what you wanted the future to look like. That was okay, see where it brought you? If I had to do it over again there would be few things I would change. The most important point I would be sure to work harder in is enjoyment. College is not a focus solely on the grade. I would have liked to have had the mindset going into college that I have now; the mindset that it is an avenue of learning, not a requirement for learning. Once I discovered how much more beneficial classes were if I stopped looking at the grade and started looking at the application it became easier. My grades improved and my memory on the subjects increased dramatically. Finding a humorous side will help you remember things. Studying for tests should involve making mental maps and mnemonic devices. Having breakfast before school is important and coffee does not count. So relax, be passionate about learning, and I promise you, the A's will come.


If I were to go back to my senior year, I would still be in college any ways, so I?ll have to go back to my sophomore year. I know at that time I had many fears about what would happen to me after high school. I didn?t want to be like the rest of my family, dead end job, no jobs, or no education. I would tell myself to embrace the chance for college, fight for it. I would admit to myself ?yes sometimes it?s scary, but you gain so much in friendships and education." I might also warn myself not to over work myself and take too much one, to focus my learning. But knowing myself I wouldn?t listen anyways. But seriously college is worth every sacrifice you make and is something I needed, something I still need to make it through life and make it better then what I have had up to this point.


The advice I would give myself , if I could go back in time, would be to stay in school. It would work to advantage to stay in school and learn as much i could possibly learn. I would tell myself to push forward as hard as I could to get through school no matter how much I didn't want to because it would pay off it the end. Not only would I give myself advice but I would be my own mentor. I would help myself succeed as a senior in high school. I would attend tutoring for the classes I was having trouble in. I would get into different clubs because they help with numerous things. I would study hard for my SAT's and the ACT test so that I could get into a university of my choice.


Dear Eryca, Congradulations, you made it through high school! As your future self I feel entitled to tell you that college is not any different than high school. Sure, you'll do a little bit more work than you did at McNary High School, but it's nothing you can't handle, and you'll meet some great new friends along the way. The only thing you really have to worry about is finding a place to park. Remember this: always arrive at school thirty minutes before your first class starts so you won't be late to class because you were trying to find a parking spot. As a matter of fact, I would consider online classes so you won't have to deal with that. Other than that you're golden, kid. Many good things are to come in your future as long as you work hard and do your best. Signed, Future Eryca


If I were to go back in time, and found my high school senior self, I would have told her to prepare for different types of class curiculums and also try to achieve better grades before leaving high school. Keeping notes from older classes and not allowing myself to slack off during class and studying times would have helped me a great deal when I attended my first college course. I would have also warned myself about expenses, such as food and living quarters. Also, I would definitely discuss with the young girl about how to organize free time, study time, and files in general. I now have a system, but I remember a time when trying to find the homwork due that day was a huge trial. In all, I would remind myself of exactly the reason why I wanted to go to college when I was younger-- to learn and succeed in this world as much as I can.


If I could go back to in time and tell myself anything I would tell myself that I need to start doing my work sooner rather than waiting tell the last minute to do and turning it in a little late. I would also tell myself that the food is better than I thought it would. I would tell myself to not be afraid of asking question in class because if I?m having a hard time with it than someone else maybe too. I would also tell myself that I should use the study centers to help me with my home work because they don?t just give you the answers they help you understand it, and that they are also students themselves. I would tell myself that it more independent than in high school the teachers aren?t going to hassle you about your work all the time so I would need to keep track better. I would also tell myself that the instructors are all really cool.


The best way to prepare for your times in college is to scheduale your days out. Although it may seem like the class is easy or you can get through it with no troubles, there are going to be a lot of other important things in your life while you attend college. I know you are sort of scared to ask for help because you don't want others to think you are not smart, but you need to go ahead and stay after class to get that extra help with note taking so you understand which information is really important. There are going to be so many obsticles once you start school like your son. The main thing is that you need to set that hour or two of personal study time and sit down and do your class work when you have the free time instead of fooling around. This is your future and believe me it will make a difference in more than just your life so do what you need to do and don't second guess yourself if you need help with something. Learn about study habits and note taking.


As a high-school senior I was so stress stricken about making the right decision. What do I want to be? What do I want to do? Where do I go to school? There was so much emphasis on these decisions, that the fear of failure lured in my mind each of the days leading up to graduation. If I were able to share some insights with myself as a high school senior these would be a few. Success does not hinge on those decisions we are forced to make before graduation. It is true that some careers depend eminently on a college career, that your success in attaining a higher paying job initially with a company is increased, and college life can be and experience unmatched by any other. It does not define whether or not you will be successful in life. Many job titles are obtained with experience and time investment with a company; not a college career and a trailing debt. Finally, get your base college credits fulfilled with as little debt as possible, while taking time to volunteer, travel, and experience life. This will give you an discernment and show you where your true passion lies.


If I could go back to talk to my high school senior self, I would probably first slap me and say, "Get better grades!" It's true; I didn't apply myself as well as I should have in high school. I wasn?t a bad student but I wasn?t as good as I could have been either. I would tell me that the path I took after graduating was a good one, waiting until I was 25 to go to school because otherwise I may not have met my wife and had our awesome little boy. I would tell me that it is harder to go to school full-time while trying to provide for a family, but it is worth it because it gives you a focus and determination that most likely wouldn't have been there when going to college right out of high school. I would tell me that the life experiences I would have will solidly determine what I want to go to school for, and I wouldn't waste time on constantly switching majors. With that information conveyed to the past me, I would ask for the nearest time-portal home.


If i could go back and give myself advice about college i would definately say Be Organized! make sure to keep all your classes in seperate folders and buy a planner in which you can write down due dates, assignments, and everything else you need for that class. Second advice is to sit in the front of the class! when you sit in the front teachers have more eye contact with you and when you have questions they can see you when you raise your hand. You participate more in class and you have an advantage of not getting distracted too easily. Listen to the teachers methods of doing things! when a teacher is explaining how to do a certain problem you need to listen so later you wont have to be asking anyone else what the teacher said in class. Last piece of advice is to Try you best and make sure to give your best to passing your classes. Dont think later that you could have tried harder for a class you didnt pass, just do it. College is not high school when allyou think about is friends its about your future!


If I could Go back in time I would tell myself to work harder and pay attention becouse what i learned in high school could have been used in college and it would have been easeir.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school self any advise I would tell myself only two things, everything else I have learned I would want myself to learn the same way as I did. Of the two pieces of advice I would like to tell myself is one, take physics in high school and do good at it to save myself some time, and the second piece of advise is to decide between those two major possibilities before going to college other wise it will mess me up and make thing harder and longer for me. Other than those two pieces of advise I have nothing else I would want to say, its better to figure things out as you go than to experience no difficulties at all.


My best words of advise would be, "If you don't use it you loose it. " I waited ten years to go back to school and now looking back, I wonder where I would be now, had I not waited. I think it is important for highschool students to realize that the future does not begin once you graduate from high school. The future starts while you are still in high school. Skills learned while in high school ultamately lay the foundation for the path through college. It is important for students to understand how much easyer thier journey through college can be with a little thought and planning while they are still in high school. Students can use the last years of high school to explore who they are and what thier interests and skills are . Some high school even offer classes that allow students to earn college credits while still in high school. It makes a huge difference when a student has set goals, and has thought about how thier choices while in still in high school can. The future begins in high school. Why wait untill you graduate to explore the possibilitys for the future.


If I could go back in time to give my self advice when I was in high school I would have told my self to apply to for as many scholarships as I could, also to save up my money for books and classes. I would also have told myself to study for tests to be prepared to take tests in college because tests in college are a big factor in your grade.


To always make time for homework. Trying to crame it in at the last minute sucks. Also meet as many people you can. Some of my best friends have come college.