Chowan University Top Questions

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It is a peaceful campus with a family atmosphere. The professors can work with you one on one because the campus is small. Chowan is very involved with the community. The buildings are conviently within the right distance of each other. Compared to other schools that I considered, I felt lost because the schools were large.


Chowan is the only school I considered. I visited the campus and fell in love with it. Everyone here is a huge family, students, staff and faculty alike are involved in campus activities and there is minimal drama. Everyone here has a friend, there is no excuse to be alone or bored because every person on the campus has something to do, there is always someone to talk to. The classes are interesting and a student can find help anywhere if they have a question regarding work or any personal issues.


It is very small and I can have a more personal relationship with my professors and felow students, I didn't want to be known as a number but as Shannan.


It is filled with friendly people who believe in your future and your goals.


The only thing i find unique is that its a park university