Chowan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time as a high school senior the advice I would give myself is your save money up to buy things like senior portraits, cap and gown packet, diploma, school clothes, school supplies for when you go to college, and plenty more things that you will need for school. When you get money don't spend it save it because you are going to have a lot of stuff you will have to do and get. I would give myself that BIG WARNING DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY SAVE IT. Because you will reallly need it in the future.


Be more prepared and commited to the college of my top choice. Always know what I'm getting into before I jump the gun. Have an valid financial plan when attending college and be eager for new things.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school I would tell my self to save my money I got from graduation and spend it on clothes and items I would need for college. Also I would tell my self to get prepared for doing math work with out a caculator. I also would tell myself to geta job and start saving money for my books and a car.


If i could go back in time and speak to my high school self i would tell him to "try harder, its not gonna kill you and try things that you are afraid people would criticize you about. No ones opinion is more valuable then your own and one who wants to see you happy, everyone isn't trying to see you fail. But the ones that are, you just have to stand tall and show then that theres a way to succeed without the popularity and support of everyone. Remain humble, never try to just get by. Set your goals high and always try to reach them."


If i could go back in time and talk to myself about transitioning to college, I would tell myself to stay focus on my work, use my time wisely, take advantage of everything my college may offer, don't be afraid to ask questions in class, take more chances, and to not worry about what others have to say. I would make sure i was determined to join as many clubs as i could, not party as i did, make better choices when it comes to friends, and learn to stand on my own feelings and beliefs. I would know that my teachers are there to help me and that they actually care. I would put more time into my work, and not just do enough to get by. I would read more, write more, and make myself better when it comes to studying. I would know that the more times i put ito my studies matter more then friends and other events that might be going on. I would know that it is my life and i can't lean on my parents, life would be what i made it.


Four years is not the "new" 8. The years that I spent in college were just that; years, so I would make the most of them. Time management and application are your two best friends; become well acquainted with each of them, they will serve you well. I wish that someone would have told me that a lecture is not a lecture that it would be a lesson for me to apply to my life. Every day that you attend class, is a deposit into your account of life. Every time that you “skip” class you are making withdrawals that are creating debits that will affect you in years to come. The debits are seen in your personal life, your family (kids ask TONS of questions, do you have the answers?) and definitely in your professional life. Promotions are a privilege, not a benefit or right. So attend class and do your time and best. What you today will affect tomorrow


If I could go back in time, then I would advise myself to be prepare for the road that is ahead of me. To tell myself that I need to become more focus, participate more in class by answering questions or creating a discussion, and to also work hard and not let any teacher give me an answer, or working out the problems for me. I would allow myself to spend more time studying, completing my homework assignments for each class, and to participate in sports or club organizations in school. Becoming motivated would assist me a lot better than just weighing myself down. There are more important things in life than just playing video games, and being isolated within my own bedroom. Also, there will be no professor to assist guide me to succeed. I would have to do it on my own. It is good to read books and I should read it everyday, because there is a lot of reading when it comes to homework assignments in college courses. I should practice learning how to write essays more during my spare time. I should start my own study group to help study for quizzes, tests, and exams.


Looking back at myself as a high school senior, i would probably have told myself to start getting serious about studying. I would tell myself that in college there is no room for playing around and that there is less leisure time than study time. I would make myself aware that there are no room for absences or tardies because every second im not in the classroom are seconds that i could be learning material that may be on the following test! I would had told myself that the more studying you do the better! There will be alot of time to do other things once my degree is earned! I wouls had to myself that i cant go into it taking tests off of natural ability that i actually have to study for tests! I would had told to myself that it really isnt that bad in college, i didnt have to be so nervous the people here are friendly and welcoming!


During this college experience I have grown and iv'e become independent. Before I came to college my mom would do all of my laundry and cook for me. My first time washing my clothes I was afraid of putting my whites and delicates on the wrong cycle. After calling my mom I felt reassured that my load would come out ok. As time went on I began to learn new things, like how to budget . I would have never thought a dollar would be so valuable to me. Having a roommate has made me realize that I can be a selfish, bossy, germ phobic. College has also made me realize that I must encourage myself when I am faced with difficult task. At home there was always someone there to push me, but when I got to college I became my own motivation. College has showed me that I am the only one who chooses my path of success despite the path that others may take. I am glad I came to college because I believe that it is one of the few choices in life that I made that Is guaranteed to have a positive outcome.


I have gotten to know a great deal of people, that had I not moved out-of-state, I would not have been able to meet. The college experience has taught me the value of indepence and personal time management, but also making the most of even the smallest windows of opportunity. There are all kinds of ways to plug in at college, you just have to find that one place that you enjoy most.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself, I would tell myself to focus more in school, try harder, and remember to do my best and settle for nothing less. I would tell myself about money as well as time management. I would try to redo, most of my senior year. I would be more active in school and spend more time with my counsuler learning about my options as well as apply for more finaancial aid.


If I could go back and give myself advice as a senior and me having some college knowledge I would tell myself to wake up. Reality is about to come soon and I not only need to worry about going to college but taking that extra step I need to get there without any problems. I would make sure I would stay on top of my grades and focus on the most important things that were going to get me into college. There would be no time for error. I would let myself know to apply to alot of colleges instead of a select few. One of the most important things I would say to myself would have been to get a job. Reasoning being is because I have six other siblings and my mother is a single mom and my tution was going to break her. I need to do all i can now so that she wouldn't have tpo suffer later.


If I could return to the spring of 2009 I would tell myself to not be afraid to go out and make friends at Chowan, to just be myself and be more open in the first week. I would tell myself that Chowan is the place I'll willing call home, a place I can love, learn, and grow in. To take every single opportunity to join a club and the sorority on campus, and not to judge a book by it's cover, because that tall, sporty, pretty girl is your future roommate, and she will be your best friend. I would remind myself to keep to a tight schedule and not forget to turn on the alarm clock the night before and no all-nighters. I would tell myself that the most important thing about college isn't just the academic classes, but the social growth, independence, understanding, and maturity that is gained by living alone. Self motivation is key and that will always be the driving force behind every action.


The advice that I would give to myself would be to take classes that would help me better understand college life. The friends that I chose would be more selective. I would be more alert on different things, than just passing it on. My life here at this school is a rewarding one. I appreciate the people who help me to get where I needed to be. My teachers at Opio Acadamy was and still is the best. Mrs. Allen taught me how to learn at a different level than others. I was told that I would not amount to anything. Mrs. Allen help me see who I was. I am somebody . If you want to see a miracle, just look at me. I am a miracle. Strong work and study habits are a must. I learned that if you want to succeed in life their are somethings you just have to do. My goal is to succeed and make my mother proud of me, because she work very hard and did without to help me succeed. I not their yet but I am on my way. It gets hard but I will not give up.


I would advice parents and students to begin the college selection process early. Gather information and visit each campus location. After narrowing your choices, schedule a day to sit on some classes and stay on campus before committing. Investigate what the college offers in the areas you are interested in - academics, sports, extracurricular, etc. Speak to current students about their opinions of the college atmosphere. Discuss academics and social life. Contact the alumni organization with questions and follow-ups on career choices. Ask "hard" questions, expecially of the current students. Do you enjoy being at this school? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What were you looking for in choosing this college and did that goal materialize? What advice could you give me concerning college choice? You may find that your initial feelings and ideas change as you learn more about what is "out there." Make the best, well-informed decision and stay positive. Do not go into the situation with the attitude that you will immediately drop out or change schools when problems are encountered. Know where and who to seek for assistance. Make the most of what could be the best years of your life!


Know who you are inside before you get to college because if you know who are now then no one in college can change you into something you dont want to be.


If you went to a small high school were the teacher was able to give you one on one time then you should most likely attend a small college.


When it comes to finding the right college, is basicaly to know what you want. First your major choice is the biggest thing to decide and find a school that has that major. Then take into account if you like small or large areas and student bodies and base on that. Don't choose a school just because your friends are going there. Go somewhere you would be happy. Just be in an area you know you can study but still have a social life. Make friends with the right people and just enjoy yourself, yes college is for furthering your education but you don't have to cut out a life. Never take more credit hours than you know you can handle it will make your life very difficult. And just enjoy yourself but remember what you are in college for. It's a magical place and wil change your life.


Make sure you look at every aspect of the school. Just because a school my be offering you a lot of money to attend their school doesn't mean it will be acdemically challenging. Take campus size into consideration; everyone does not do well in large surroundings where know one knows there name. Choose a school that best fits your child not the parent.


The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a school, besides finances, is the comfort level that the student will be able to experience once attending this school. One has to keep in mind that the student will be alone and away from home, so they need to be safe and comfortable and able to experience happiness. It is dangerous to be depressed on a college campus. College is a time for new beginnings. It is the time that most people remember as the best time of their lives. But if you use college right, your undergraduate degree can launch a successful life.


If you are a parent, I would tell you that you need to visit all the colleges that your child wants to attend. Because even though you have a brochure, seeing the real thing is amazing. And let the child choose because they tend to know what they want. Students, do not choose a school just because there is a lot to do or many bars around the school. If you're going to spend so much money on a college education you should get something good out of it. Last of all, if you have more than one college that you are looking at, look at all the benifits and disadventages of each and choose which one you think is going to be the most condusive to learning but also having a life.


The advice I would give to parents and students is to make sure they know what they want out of a school. Before committing to a school, resource it and know just what they are all about. Also, when applying to schools, be sure that they offer the major in which one is interested in achieving. The best way to make the most out of college is to really get involve. Check around campus and see just what activities and clubs are available. It is also a good idea to know students on campus. College isn't all about academics, beyond popular belief; it's also about finding one's place in society.




Pick a school where you can express your personality freely. If you do not feel comfortable, then it is not the right choice for you. Make sure that accademics always comes first. That is the most important thing. Don't worry about any financial problems. Just sit down and talk to an advisor and everything will work out. Do not be afraid to talk to people when problems arrise. That's what they are there for. Take advantage of any oppritunity given to you. Last but not least, enjoy this experience. It will last you a lifetime.


While trying to find the right college; visit the campus more than once. While visiting the campus, do different activities, if the soon-to-be student does not feel invovled or enjoying oneself; it probably isn't the right place for he/she. College is everything the student makes it. The student can be a hermit and graduate in four years, or the student can be and stay involved all four years and it can be the best four years of his/her life. College has been a wonderful expierence for me. I have fully enjoyed every second of school thus far.