Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is financial aid this school does not offer many scholarships and the cost to attend this school is very expensive.Aside from cost the schools visitaion policy is absurd they are teaching us how to become adults but controllong who can and can not visit our room is a contradiction.


The worst thing about Clark Atlanta University would have to be the amount of competition in the school. Atlanta is a city where a lot of people come to get discovered and to network in whatever trade that they are involved in. Being that Clark Atlanta is apart of the AUC, there are many students that are trying to do the same thing, which means there is a lot of competition.


Attending Clark Atlanta Univerisity I believe the worst thing about taking classes here would be the social atmosphere. I say the social atmosphere because people here are not very friendly. They only talk to people they came to attend the school with.


I consider the staff in the offices of my school to be the worst thing about my school. The staff can be very rude to both students and parents who are trying to get things sorted out at the beginning of the semesters or just in general. The staff working at my school have no respect for the students or regard for their feelings. It makes it hard to focus on the good things about the school when the people you have to talk to when you have a problem are so rude.


There is not anything that I think or consider too be worst about this college.


The worst thing about my University has to be the baskteball gymnasium. I believe this is the worst thing about my school because it is outdated. As students we are charged a fee to have access to the gym, but it is old and no one wants to go in there. There is not a lot of room for fans to come and cheer our teams. I feel like it should be renovated.


School pride overrall on campus is terrible, especially within the second semester freshman. A lot of student attending Clark Atlanta University speak negatively about the school and it's programs. I feel that this has a lot to with competition between Clark and Spelman and Morehouse. Spelman and Morehouse show a lot of school pride and they also have a lot more funding than Clark. Therefore they are able to produce more or better quality works thus making them "better schools."


When it comes to attending Clark Atlanta University, I would advise for the prospective student to apply for as many scholarships as possible, because what a lot of people do not know about CAU as a whole is that it is a private HBCU. Often times, private schools or HBCU's cost more than a average school. Secondly I would also advise the prospective student to get invovled in at least two campus organizations in order to bulid relationships with other students on campus. Last but not least, get to know the upperclassmen, they will help you!


The faculty's organization


One of the worst things about my school is school participation within sports. The only games that have the bleachers filled with students are the Morehouse vs. Clark Atlanta rivalry games.


That Wise classes want you to get that you need for the class, but never use them. So you are spending hundreds of dollars on books that you won't use. But you try to return them they wanna give you less money for them rather then how much you paid for them.


I dislike, how there is not alot of school spirit, or alumni support.


The worst thing about my school would be the price of tuition.The tuition is expensive and a lot of students are unable to pay to further their education.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of tutition. The cost I'm paying to attend is not worth it academically. I havent recieved as much knowledge as I should have since I have been here.


The worst thing about my school is the lazy worker in the the retention office and students accounts. Dealing with money is a drag at this school because the office is not offering the support that the students need.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the amount of help offered to students past freshman year.


The worst thing that I would say about my school is the cafeteria and the food that they serve. I do not like that freshmen are required to select the unlimited food plan which costs a lot of money but we do not receive what we pay for. I don't like the selection of food we are able to choose from but other than that I wouldn't complain about anything else.


The worst thing about my school are the faculty and staff that are over student accounts and other auxillary services. Many times they can be rude and impatient. However, I do not let their actions take away from my college experience. Clark Atlanta Univerisity is a great school!


There is nothing that I consider bad about Clark Atlanta University.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of aid financially available to students. As I do attend a Historically Black College and it is said that 98% of students qualify and need financial aid including me. This makes every year a surprise resulting in many students in addition to me not knowing if we are going to be able to attend one semester to the next.


sometimes I am not being challenged in all of my classes so at this school it is important to get a serious teacher if you want to get what you're paying for. Of course it's great to get through a class effortlessly but when you go get your job and realize you dont know anything...then what?


The worst thing about my school would have to be the dorms/apartments for students who live on campus. They can be way better compared to other universities. The price of attendance is also the worst. Tuition is raised every year and noone knows where the money goes, and we have nothing to show for it.


The worst thing about my institution is the financial aid office, the financial aid office is where students are suppose to go when it comes to applying for scholarships, loans, work study, etc. Our office is limited to scholarships and they are not organized nor reliable when it comes to applying for scholarships or any other financial issues. The workers in the office are not professional when it comes to how they choose to talk to the students; the students are not treated as the adults that they are.


Communication between the faculty and the students. The school lacks organization in areas such as registrar and financial aid


The worst thing about Clark Atlanta University is the staff. The staff does not consist of enough friendly people who are student-centered.


The worst thing about Clark Atlanta University is the lack of organization.


The worst thing about my school is that we are not as enthused about school as we should be.


The only opposed issue I have with the university is that when covocations and award ceremonies are taking place, it is not prepared and not neatly organized. I dislike the rules and regulations they have based on curfew. It is established her that all students do not have curfew to report back to their dorms. I guess they give us more freedom now that we're considered adults.


Organization within offices such as student accounts and financial aid because both are very unorganized and it's very hard to get ahold of people in those offices.


Working with financial aid, student accounts, and housing. Some try to help the students and some just don't. The lines for help are tremdously long and then when you get help it's something simple or something that is irrelevant. There is a lot of disorganization and unprofessionalism that I have experienced when working with one or all of these adminstrative areas listed.


I actually love this school and wouldnt change a thing about it. It has more then enough programs to enter as a freshman. It is plenty of opportunities here and i would love to earn my degree in biology from this school. The student,prefessors and the enviorment are very good.


The worst thing about my school is a question that I cannot answer. I honestly do not feel there is anything that I would consider absolutely bad that I would say it is the worst thing. It takes a lot of organization and people to run a college campus and I feel as though the institution does this well. Of course there are minor problems at any campus you may run into but there is nothing I would consider as the absolute worst thing.


The worst thing about Clark Atlanta University is the time period for some classes. Some classes are only an hour long and that is NOT enough time for me. Sometimes the class time goes by rapidly and then it's time to leave.


Clark atlanta Univeristy has its problems, but i still love my institution. Everyday the people of my university work harder to improve the minds and bodys of our fellow students while also tryin harder to improve our campus as a whole. I wouldnt consider there to be a "worst" anything about CAU. Its a growing process and everyday its getting better.


As a Historically Black College and University, I believe that Clark Atlanta University should become internationally known outside of the black communities. Even though it is a black college, Clark Atlanta University should want to become known in a more diverse aspect. I believe that the same way Ivy League schools have gained respect and attention throughout the world so should Historically Black Colleges and Universities. By becoming internationally known would help enhance the opportunities for African-Americans and other races. This would show Corporate America that minorities can succeed beyond what is expected of them.


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is it's high tuition cost that literally drains families and students of money and also puts a load of stress on students that just want to get a great job doing what they love the most.


I have only been attending this school for a semester, beginning my second. As of now, there is not anything that I can say is the worst thing. Every school have certain flaws but it can't make everyone happy. With me, I feel that the school is okay and it would be worth it upon graduation.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is the finacial aid process. Although the counselors, and advisors do try and help us get settled there has been plenty of problems with the sytem and also how everything is organized. Most of the time we end up waiting 1-3 hours to be seen and then are only spoken to for a minute. I feel that although we are adults we are still seen, treated, and sometimes spoken to as children.


For every good thing about something, there must be also a negivtive aspect to it. Being that it is a social and networking school, people seem to get wrapped up in the social events and loose there sense of priority. Another thing I would consider to be bad about my school is sometimes I feel like my money is not being used where it needs to be. My school also needs to work on there enviromental responsibility and start recycling and cutting back on excess wasting. Our public safety could use some tuning too because it is an open campus.


The worst thing about my school is the location. Even though it is located in the Great city of Atlanta it is located in a bad neighborhood.


It is underfunded. Because it is a private institution , it does not recieve nearly the amount of money that it should so scholarships are hard to come by


The worst thing about Clark Atlanta University is at the beginning of each semester financial aid and student accounts offices are always chaotic, in which makes your registration process long and tiring.


The worst thing about Clark Atlanta UNiversity would have to be the Financail aid line but that is at all HBCUs. Since fall of 2007 they have worked on it and it has gotten extremely better. Do know this You have the resorces to be successful but they will not be given to you, your simply shown where to go and what to do. It is on you to make things happen.


The only thing I disliked about my school was the Financial Aid office. The office is not good at giving students money for school. The end of first semester I had made the Dean?s list , I went to the Financial Aid office to see if I could get a scholarship and they still told me NO! My Family Contribution was too high; I felt if that was so accurate I would have not taken out a loan to attend. I felt like I worked really hard for those grades and did not get any award in return.


not enough financial aid


The one thing about Clark Atlanta I dislike is the financial aid. The office there is often too congested and it makes it hard to talk to anyone. The tuition is very expensive and I feel like if the office were more organized, fewer students will have issues.


The worst thing about school was the shifts for the cafeteria because breakfast was over too early and dinner started and ended early as well too.


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid. It is the worst because in some way there is always a problem with it. Although it gets resolved, there is still some kind of problem.


The cost of the school. Clark Atlanta is very expensive and the financial aid department needs new staff. The staff can be unfriendly due to the stress of angry students who have not been financially enrolled.


The areas surrounding the campus because it's ghetto, ugly, and should be rennovated.