Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is for people who are financially stable or have enough scholarships to cover majority of the tuition.


The only kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind of person that’s afraid to go outside of their box. I believe one of the things many colleges will do is test you as a person as well as a student to help you find your true self.


The type of person who should not attend Clark Atlanta University would most likely be someone with poor time management. Someone has not had freedom in the past, for example a child who grew up sheltered. A student who is seeking an experience on a closed campus is also not recommended to attend, for Clark is a open campus. Students who grew up in a rural setting and do not have any interest in living in an urban setting are advised not to attend Clark either and if a student is seeking racial diversity then CAU is not for them.


If you're looking to party, not get anything done, or to never study then Clark Atlanta is not the school for you. Only the hardest working students should go to Clark Atlanta because it's not an easy school for any major. You have to work hard, and try your best. The slackers should never attend this University.


A person who doesn't want to pay alot for school and doesn't like large universities.


A person who isn't able to balance out fun and school work.


A person who is not finacially stable. If your parents or guardians do not have any good credit, you won't be able to apply for loans because finacial aid does not cover the cose to attend Clark Atlanta University and they do not offer ANY type of assistance to help you attend school. All they do is raise tuition each year instead.


I don't believe there isn't any type of person who should attend our school.We are a diverse college that seeks to encourage everyone to come join us.We don't discriminate or discourage anyone in any way at Clark Atlanta University.


I believe everyone should attend this school because it has a great enviorment and the education is great.


This school is for everyone who loves to have fun, be around people of their kind and still be able to get a good education.


a person who thinks its easy here at CAU


People that are not outgoing, and not wanting to be involved in the community sould not come to this school


I think this is a great school for everyone. You have to be able to have self control though.


The type of person that should not attend Clark Atlanta is a lazy person who does not want to work. The teachers here really challenge students to do there best. Students who are not prepared for the adult life and do not want success out of life should not attend. People who do not want to experience the African American style of college also should not attend. Lastly students who do not want to strive for the best should not attend Clark Atlanta University.


I would say anyone not to attend this school because everyone have thier break in life; maybe now they not sure what they want to do in life but it may come to them in the future. But I would say those shouldn't attend if they not serious about their eduation; Clark Atlanta is an expensive college and I wouldn't want anyone to waist thier money. I like to encourage people to want to go to college not discourage them. I feel anyone can make it in college,as long as they set thier mind to be.


some who isnt going to work hard, and try to learn or move ahead in their education or life


A person who is not going to try to learn, because here at Clark Atlanta University in order to get somewhere you have to try. Our school motto "Make a way or find or way".


The type of person who should not attend this school someone who is not driven and motivated. There are many things that go on around campus that you can engage in that will help you along the way to achieve your career goals. Someone who is not foused and strong minded because their are many distractions and that could completely mess you up in your college career at this school bacause the social life here is very extreme if you can't handle it.


I wouldn't suggest this school to the type of person that doesn't feel safe in an urban enviroment. This school is not located in the best of emviroments.


Students who aren't focused on academics and getting involved with the community should not be admitted to Clark Atlanta University. Our school is dedicated to helping the community and improving Atlanta as a city, and if someone is not focused on the should really reconsider attendin CAU.


I think that anybody could come here but if you don't think that you can handle the city or if you don't have a way to pay for the school, you should not come here.


The kind of person who should not attend Clark Atlanta University is the person who doesn't want to lead and /or doesn't have leadership qualities. This school has potential leaders graduating each year from here and going on to do bigger and better things. Also we have a lot of people who constantly strive to serve the local community around our institution so if you don't believe in giving backto people who are less fortunate than you then Clark Atlanta Univesity isn't the right scool for you to attend.


The persons that should not attend this school are people that are not ready to learn.


people who do not have a lot of money or dont have good grades


a well organized person will be extreamly frustrated with this school because they are sooooo unorganized.


Someone who is not comfortable with large groups or city life.


The type of students that should not attend this school would be the people who have a racial problem. Clark Atlanta Univesity is an HBCU and there are only a few of other races that atten this school. If a person do not like to get involved with school activities or participate in school activities should not attend because this is a school for students to get out and get involved within the community.


I believe that anyone cac attend Clark Atlanta


I dont believe there is a certain type of person who shouldnt attend this school because there is something for everyone no matter who you are.


Someone who is definitely anti-social and close-minded. This school offers too much for one to always be cooped up in a room. Also, a person who is not dedicated to school work and serving the community. CAU is very big on community service.


A person that does not value education should not attend this school.


someone who is not goal oriented or is not focused on their academics.