Clemson University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My School has alot of school spirt and is very accepting.


Clemson University provides the classic college experience with a small town atmosphere and excellent educational opportunities.


Big school with a small town feel thats very welcoming and friendly with a wide variety of activities for all types of students and intersts.


Small town school with big personalities.


Clemson has a really pretty campus. There are trees and big fields for sports everywhere. People walk everywhere on campus, and the streets are always full of students. Tillman Hall, or the big clock tower, serves as the heart of campus and the face of Clemson University tradition and legacy. Downtown Clemson is within view of Tillman, where you will find many shops, restaurants, bars, a paint your own pottery store, a music supply store, gas stations, or anything else you might need or find interesting.


Clemson is a place of magical wonder, that takes the breath of any vistor, student, faculty/staff away.


It is a very social and interesting college that is teaches very challenging curriculum.


It's a very engaging and active school that emphasizes many areas.


Everyone loves to be in Clemson, and the feeling of a solid orange family permeates everything we do!


My school is a very inviting environment and all the great people there make it a lot easier to get use to the college lifestyle and the transition from high school to college.


Clemson is a beautiful place, with intelligent professors, interesting classes, and social and academic networks that combine together to provide something for everyone, no matter what your interests are.


Clemson University is generally a quality, bang-for-your-buck institution that offers students a good opportunity at having the quintessential, but well-rounded, college experience.


Clemson knows how to watch football, play frisbee, eat fried chicken, and explore the great outdoors, all the while building friendships and finding academic success.


Clemson University is where The Blue Ridge Mountain?s yawns its GREATNESS!


This school allows for good learning experience.


Clemson is a great college town university where the sports are amazing and the academics are top notch.


Clemson University is a beautiful, happy, spirited, academically respected, athletically inclined, community based, and service oriented campus that strives to succeed in all the goals that it sets, changes that it makes, finding the best qualified professors, providing new opportunities for its students and faculty, and placing students into the work force immediately upon graduation.


Clemson is a university that promotes the involvement of students in the different organizations on campus and promotes a strong school spirit that unites the students and faculty like a family, while at the same time emphasizing the students' need for a solid education in the classroom, as well as interships, o-ops, and study abroad trips to prepare those students for the real world after college.


Clemson is a beautiful school on beautiful rural land with warm, welcoming students and faculty, strong academics, insane school spirit, and everything you need to make your college experience the best.


Clemson is a large college in a small town with a lot of technical focused academics and big sports emphasis.


My school is full of school spirit, thousands of happy people, and is just an overall great campus!!


My school has an amazing commitment to being honest, respectful, and have intergrity, which are very noble and worthwhile characteristics.


Hard work, studying, relaxing, partying, alcohol.


Well worth the money!!


A college town with a great campus, great athletics and plenty to do in your spare time.


Clemson University is an excellent school with a huge emphasis on academics.


This is a self-sufficient, rural campus full of people working hard, playing hard, and making a good way in life through a high-quality education. It is a tight community but with room enough to breath, full of diversity and not quick to pick a fight. People are responsible but not overly stressed, relaxed but not lazy, interested but not obsessed. Overall, from the landscaping around the buildings to the social interactions among students and professores, it is a healthy, vibrant place of higher education.


My school is great, extremely school-spirited and the best school out there!!


Structured, and fun atmosphere!


Clemson is one of the best universities in the country, I love my school and would not want to go anywhere else.


Clemson is an excellent academic school that offers students a multitude of ways to spend their spare time.




Clemson is a beautiful, wonderful, active, career-driven, football-loving, diverse school that I never ever want to leave from.


The Best Place in the World


A beautiful place with beautiful weather, where people are excited to work, live, and thrive.


A school that enriches your knowledge and creates special bonds and makes you feels at home.


The best experience of your life--an embracing, spirited community that is also academically rigorous and prepares you for post-college life.


Clemson University is a place to begin your career, meet amazing and different people, and have a great social life.


Clemson is exciting and spontaneous.


The greatest University with the best students.


Clemson is very school spirited; the classes are tough and students are encouraged to do well.


Clemson University is a very balanced campus which offers several opportunities and ways to get involved both academically and socially.