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The atmosphere is what sets Clemson University apart from other schools. The campus is beautiful and has a comforting feel. But a lot of campuses are beautiful, so the fact that almost everyone seems genuinely to care about how you are and that everyone seems generally happy, is what makes me want to stay and call my classmates "family". Join that with all the school sponsered activities and clubs, and it a fantastic school to spend your undergraduate studies at!


Clemson is a rather small school with a big family. The family atmosphere and sense of camaraderie amongst the students is remarkable. At many universities, students get lost in a large pool of numbers. Clemson cares about the student and their success. There are many opportunities available to prepare students for life after graduation and the faculty makes a genuine investment in the lives of the students during their time on campus.


You'll never understand the most unique feature of Clemson University until one is a student and an alumnae. Verbally explaning to someone why "Clemson University is incomparable" is not nearly enough to make someone understand. The most unique attribute of Clemson is the connection you feel with the university. It's the way you tear up when you see a Clemson commercial on TV, or the chills you get when seeing highlights of a Clemson football game. It's something you will ever be able to experience without having attended Clemson University.


Unfortunately, most of the schools I looked at were large SEC or ACC schools. Not too much makes it different from USC or UGA except for its small-town feel and its extreme school spirit. I actually attended University of South Carolina my first semester and then transferred here. Compared to USC, there is a ton of school spirit and it is a lot safer. I also feel as though there are more Christians here, less partiers, and more people focused on their studies. I have also noticed the academic workload to be far more challenging.


Our campus is beautiful and oritented so that all of our academic classe builings are within reach of each other. Surrounding the college town is the potential for endless opportunities to be involved in something wether that be hiking in the mountains or the short distances we are from major cities such as Charlotte, Greenville, or Atlanta. There is always something going on in Clemson, there is never a reason "I am bored" should cross your mind.


It was a perfect combination academic standing, beautiful campus and stong sports programs. Clemson is everything I hoped my college experience would be. The school is big enough so you are meeting new people all the time and small enough to have a personal feel.


Clemson University is unique in that Clemson students are connected through school spirit and love for our community. Walking through campus it is visible the people genuinely love Clemson and this love extends out into the enitre Anderson County. Clemson students give off such a happy, positive vibe that is contageous to anyone to visits. We are proud of our highly ranked acedemics as well as our sports teams and this pride is known to all. Clemson University is not just 20,000 students. We are connected in our tiger bond; we are a family.


They have a tigers for tigers program that allows students to go work to help preserve tigers.


Clemson offers an incredible amount of variety and extra-curriculars, along with great opportunities to embrace the Southern charm of South Carolina. Though it wasn't my first choice, I'm thrilled to now call myself a Tiger.


Our sense of community is extremely strong. We love our school, our town, and our lives in Clemson. There is no place I rather be than Clemson University. I feel like that is my home, everyone is so warm and caring that I could never feel alone there. I don't think I could attend any other college and have the same feelings as I do for CU, that it where I belong. I have yet to meet anyone who wants to leave.


Clemson is awesome!


Clemson has a very, very high level of school spirit, which can bring people together. It also isn't so academically driven that you never have fun.


Family environment that feels like home


My school has a strong school spirit that helps us to all put aside our differences and bond in an effort to help our school achieve to its maximum potential


The atmosphere is overwhelmingly comforting.


Compared to the other schools i considered Clemson has alot of school spirited students,techers and other staff members. Also Clemson was very welcoming.


When comparing the world's top public university to the other colleges I have recieved an acceptance into, my decision was obvious. People often ask me, why not UCLA, and I reply, "Well, I want to change the world, Berkeley is the place I'm going to build my foundation to do so." It is as simple as that. Berkeley, in only a year and a half has provided me with a completely different outlook on life. I want to take everything I learn here and utilize it outside in the real world to create positive change.


Clemson Univeristy is an agricultural school that originated in the late 1800s because people were fed up with there not being a school for agriculturalists. They built the school to oppose the University of South Carolina, which mainly catered towards politicians, engineers, and business majors.


It has a great community feel and everyone is a family. Even though there are 15,000 or so, you still know tons of people and the school doesn't feel too big.


The school spirit is incredible. Everyone gets really into sports and completely backs our teams up.


The reason that I picked Clemson University over other schools that I was accepted to was because it has a large population but not too spread out. On my visits it seemed to me that everyone was just a little happier. The weather here is great, and I liked there industrial engineering program. And last but certainly not least, Clemson has a lot of good sport team, GO TIGERS!


The vibrant student-centered atmosphere at Clemson is one of ?Determined Spirit? and everyone, students, locals, and staff, have an immeasurable will to never surrender. The staff and administration are always willing and thrive at going beyond expectations to help every student succeed this is reason Clemson University is ranked in the top 25 universities nationally. Clemson is a major university with a small college feel and it is an honor to be a Clemson Tiger GRRRR!!!!


larger, beautiful, well-known, big football school


Clemson is a college town and the university is not located in a major city. The university has a rural country home feel instead of a major urban area sprawl.


Our school has a school spirt and a friendliness you can observe just while walking across campus. Students truly love being here.


Clemson is a beautiful place with friendly people. It is quite a learning environment, with many professors and students who care about that what they are learning and teaching, as well as each other.


Its a beautiful school


The pride of attending the university is so great.


It offered all the amenities of a major university withinthe comfortable bounds of a rural setting, plenty of space and a fairly compacted student life. The particular department in which is am studying was more uniquely structured to expand education in that field than any other college or university that I had looked at; it definitely had the established root system of the field but it was stretching itself to explore new areas of thought and expertise. And I felt that I could comfortably have fun on and off campus without drinking, which was important to me.


Great love for the university, large amount of clubs, originizations, businesses, and just general places to go. A small town feel with the conviences you expect from today's modern city world. When you search for an answer someone at the university is always there to help or point you in the right direction.


The sense of community among the students. Although it is relatively a big school it feels small and personal.


Clemson is a medium sized school with a small sized school feel. The campus is warm, homey, and inviting, and the sense of community is tremendous.


There is such a love for Clemson here that it just draws you near because it is such a warm and inviting family.


the unity of the students and overall spirit


I do have one gripe- it would be quicker for me to walk all the way across campus barefoot on glass than it would be to get my car, drive there, and find a parking space- not to mention the $40 love notes that Parking Services leaves under your wipers.


The Clemson experience is on that is hard to describe but easy to experience as we can and try to demonstrate that we are a family and welcome all and no how to have a responsible good time plus work hard in the classroom to leave this place in a better stae than when we got here as we want to make this one of the best experiences of your life and welcome you into the family. RU ORANGE, IT'S ABOUT PRIDE!


Clemson has a beautiful campus and an amazing library.


Amazing school. Student body has a great balance of social life and academics. Sports are unbelievable, especially the football games. Very motivated students and professors that are there for education but at the same time make sure to have fun.


Clemson is a great place to recieve a top notch education, meet friends that you will never forget, and it is also a given that you will have a blast!


Clemson is the best place ever, it may look like a small town in the country with not much to do, but trust me, you'll never want to leave!


I love Clemson b/c of how well rounded it is. It's academically vigorous, but the students also love to have fun with intramurals and extracurriculars.


if you are going to have a roommate, you need to discuss things with them (personal info) immediately and lay down some ground rules. no one wants to walk in on a nighttime love session.


If your looking for a challenging school that isnt only going to look good on a resume but is going to be the time of your life, Clemson is the place for you!


I'd like more clarity on what us, as students, are supposed to do as major requirements and so forth. That we know the status of our particular school or college within the university and that we have more of a say as to how it is run. As well I would like an orientation that is more major oriented, that really shows you how you will live and learn at Clemson. As well, a better consideration from the administration concerning the students well being, whether in regards to parking, meal plans, rooming, tuituion costs or even how to best learn a subject.


Everything I said is from the perspective of the out of state student. Clemson really is whatever you make it - if you're open to and embrace the redneck aspect of it then you really can have a good time, but if you're not you won't have much fun. Be warned that the southern kids are like that because most of them haven't experienced anything else in their lives and so even though you might be open to their lifestyle, they probably won't be open to yours.


Football season is great.


Awesome school, I would recommend it to anyone. I think Clemson has something for everyone. I know I love it, its where I'll stay for all my college years. Go Tigers!


Clemson is a great University. People have a great time being themselves, pursuing things they love to do. It offers a lot of things for anyone. You can be involved with multiple organizations or you can play intramural sports. You can do things with your friends or you can be in a sorority or fraternity. You can enjoy a Clemson football game at 8:00 on a Saturday night after being out on the lake and tailgating all day. Clemson is an experience that will suck you in and never spit you out. As Joe Sherman, class of 1964 said, "Clemson: those on the inside can't explain it, and those on the outside don't understand it."


No I think that covers it.