Clemson University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's a very great college to attend, the community is great, and the classes are challenging enough for me to learn and succeed in class.


I think Clemson great and unique.It is one of a kind because of its small town is filled with college students which makes nearly impossible to not make friends.


The campus is a bit small, and there's not that much to do in town-- that is the number one complaint I can think of. With active hobbies and friends, you can find ways to spend time (outside of academic work), but the fact remains that outside of your own personal hobbies, there's really not anything to do in town. The students of Clemson definitely have spirit-- they're all happy to be here. This is especially evident in football season, when everyone is outside hanging out. Finding friends isn't hard here.


The best thing about the school is that it is a really fun, relaxed place to learn. There are plenty of clean and quiet places if you need to study, and plenty of loud and friendly places when you want to hang out with friends. If I could change one thing, I would change the hours of the dining hall, because my friends and I always get really hungry right after 9PM when they close, so we have to go downtown to eat. My school is the perfect size. I have never had a problem with large classes, I learn best in lecture-sized classes (though I've only had 1); most of my classes have been high-school sized (15-25 people). People are generally impressed when they hear that I go to Clemson, as well as jealous; they know it is a good school with high emphasis on academics, and they know that it is a school where you can have a lot of fun as well. I spend most of my time at the library or in my dorm: the library when I need a quiet place to do homework, and my dorm when I want to hang out with some really awesome people. Clemson does have it's own town, and the downtown area has plenty of restaurants that can cater (no pun intended!) to any appetite that you may have. The school's administration is generally well-respected by the student body, we even have cookouts at our President's house! YES, we have tons of school pride. 50% of the students here wear orange on a daily basis. On fridays during the fall, every student wears orange to show their pride. The school itself is not usual at all, Clemson is definitely a unique place to attend; from the giant field for sports in the middle of campus to the intense intramural sports to the more interesting class curriculum. Something I will never forget about Clemson was in the fall, when we were allowed to go (safely) to the rooftop of our dorm. There, I could see all of campus and the view was astonishing. From above, you can really see how beautiful the campus is.


I wish the school placed more emphasis on diversity because it does seem to consist mainly of instate students who are not very aware of what lies beyond the bible belt. I hear a lot of complaints from fellow students within my major that there are a lot of the same kind of student; one that is financially well off from mom and dad, one that has no problem taking advantage of his/her parents money when applied to buying alcohol. I like the small town feel that Clemson supports and promotes but I do wish that the downtown area had more than just pizza and sub shops...more night life activities for students under the age of 21.


I love my school. The reason I love my school is because everyone here loves this school. There is so much pride echoing throughout campus. Every single person loves orange and purple (no matter how ugly the two colors may look together) and loves their tigers. Watching the football team run down the hill is a life-changing event. I will always remember my first football game. The size is amazing. It's big enough and small enough. You can't usually walk across campus without seeing someone you know, which is nice. There isn't much of a college town nearby, but the little town of Clemson is nice and shopping isn't far off campus. Being from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, when I tell people I go to Clemson, they are usually shocked that I would choose a school so far away. With technology these days, I can get in touch with my parents very easily, so we keep in touch! One thing that was shocking to me about this school was how religious it is.


The best thing about Clemson is its beautiful campus and the intense school spirit. One thing that I would change is that I would have more on campus parking for residents. Clemson has a big school feel, without being huge. People seem really impressed to hear that I go to Clemson, it is a great place to be, but you have to put in time for school work. When I'm on campus, I'm in class, at the gym, in my dorm, or outside with friends on Bowman. Clemson is the definition of a college town. Administration and all of the professors here are outstanding, and are usually more than willing to help you as much as they can, and if they can't they know someone who can. There is always some controversy at the Quad where most of the frat boys live due to some party habits. Clemson students are "all in" and school pride is at its peak during football season, you haven't seen a football game until you've been to one in Death Valley. The football games are unforgettable, but I also will never forget the people I've met here. Many students complain about the food after a while, just because it's not home cooked doesn't mean its that bad, I feel like that happens everywhere, and parking services seem to get students every time.


Clemson is AWESOME! It is a tight knit college town that bleeds orange. You will rarely meet an unfriendly person, and everyone always has each other's back. The campus is consolidated, easy to navigate and beautiful. My teachers have always been very helpful and my classes are not too big and not too small. Not to mention, the plethora of outdoor activities around the area that are always fun to take advantage of!


Clemson is the perfect size; it's not to big or too small. It's in the middle of the country, so you're isolated from the rest of the world in a little college town but you're still able to mature and learn things about the world. There is always something going on campus so you will never be wanting for something to do. The students are very friendly and helpful. School pride is very evident on campus. Everyone is always wearing orange and Central Spirit is a huge club on campus. My favorite thing about the school is the fact that there are farms that Agriculture majors can visit to gain more experience with animals.


The school spirit is crazy - everyone is all about their school spirit at Clemson. It's pretty large, but not too large. People tend to think highly of Clemson students. The campus is absolutely beautiful. There are tons of places to relax between classes or study spots. The town is very college friendly - the college pretty much is the town. (and downtown is fun too). The administration is very friendly. Clemson football is the best.


The best thing about Clemson is the school spirit and the strong athletics. I wouldn't change anything about it and it's the perfect size. People ask how I heard of Clemson when I tell them I'm going there because I'm from New York. Definitely a strong college town feel. There is a ton of school pride, which can be seen all over campus, especially at games.


Clemson is the most spirited school I've ever been to or seen; I should know spirit when I see it because I went to an overwhlemingly spirited high school. Wearing orange on Fridays unifies all clemson students and alumni everywhere and it shows just how big your family actually is, because that's what Clemson is, a family. Students and faculty alike welcome you in the clemson family with open arms and do there best to make you feel your at a home away from home.


You want to try to be involved as much as you can, or at least make sure you are involved in something you are passionate about. You will find your niche...


The best thing about Clemson are the people! They're crazy. If I could change anything about Clemson, it'd be the food. I'd put in a five-star, around the clock restaurant. The school itself is just right. Not too big (unless you go into the research fields, then clemson seems huge), and definitely not too small. When I tell people I go to Clemson, they kind of just shake their head at me and say, "Well, I go to USC" or "I'm a Gamecocks fan" in which case, I....better not say here. I spend most of my time on campus walking around actually. It's great exercise and the view is nice (when it's not marred by the people walking back and forth). Clemson is definitely a college town. My tour guide said so. Clemson's administration? I hardly ever see them. Or if I do, I don't recognize them. Biggest recent controversy? Probably budget spending and the upping of tuition. There is a lot of school pride indeed. From the die-hard fans, anyway. Don't know about the rest of us... Is there anything unusual about Clemson?! Of course there is! One experience I'll always remember is meeting my college friends for the very first time. Surreal, man. They are still the biggest surprise of my life. It's like: These people actually like me?! What?! Frequent student complaints? Dining halls, mostly. Some professors, and the fact that we can still gain the freshmen fifteen even though half of the time we go hungry for some reason or other...


Clemson is very welcoming. It's definitely a college town. Everyone has school pride.


The most important thing about Clemson by far is the sense of family that everyone has there. I know everyone says that about their schools too, but at Clemson it's a little different. When you meet somebody on the street that went to Clemson it's almost like you know them already. It may seem insignificant from an outside view, but this quality makes for a safe university setting, a close knit college town, a bond between students and faculty members, and a general sense that you really are where you're supposed to be.


The school really is just a great place. everyone thinks well of Clemson and love it like its their second home. Football games are a blast and the town of clemson has plenty of places to hang around on the weekends. Thee is so much school spirit it just consumes you on gameday. You really do bleed orange.


Clemson is the perfect school. The campus is large enough to feel like a college campus, without being overwhelmingly big. All of the students are all very friendly and close knit. When people hear I go to Clemson, they are always amazed and have great things to say about the school. The school pride and spirit at Clemson are AMAZING. Clemson sports are always a big thing, and the students are always very excited to attend these events. On the weekends, Bowman Field is a great place to play frisbee or volleyball, or just hang out with some friends. Clemson is the perfect place to be, any time of the year.


The best thing about the Clemson experience is that we are and see ourselves as one big family and the Orange Nation, It's About Pride in which to show the world that we are a family and welcome all that visit or compete here with open arms and want them to leave with a sense of warmth no matter the outcome. Well as a rising senior, I guess I would change nothing really as I have enjoyed my experience and learned so much in and out of the classroom plus been able to grow as an adult even more here. People tend to react very positively when you mention that you attend Clemson, no matter whether you start here or transfer here, and say you must be pretty smart and know what you want, especially when they ask what you are majoring in. The administration here at Clemson is one of the most caring and talented aspects of the college experience that want to see you succeed to your greatest potential and they treat like you an adult and keep you well informed plus they care so much about this university themselves. The school pride here is crazy and overwhelming sometimes but in a good way from the president along to the knowledgeable incoming freshmen, who get to experience it fisrt hand as soon as they step on campus and definitely after some of the huge events that take place here all year.


Overall, Clemson seems very nice and I've heard great things about it. I don't start my freshman year until August, but I can still provide a little insight into how the school works. They nickel and dime the crap out of the students. I guess all colleges have application fees, addmission fees, housing application fees, orientation fees and basically every other fee they think of to clean out the wallets and bank accounts of prospective students and their parents. I guess that's just business as usual. Right? I Guess the 17 thousand dollars times the thousands of students attending Clemson just isn't enough because these days, colleges and pretty much all schools are controlled by greedy crooks (a.k.a. business majors). These people need to remember that $1000x$1000=$1,000,000 and that is a lot of money. There is no reason for Clemson or any other college to charge all of these absurd fees. Think about it, they charge an application fee! They charge people that want to come and pay their $17000 tuition $50 to ask if they can give the school $17000. That's either very stupid or very clever. I guess that to the people charging the fees, it's clever.


Clemson has an awesome environment! Teacher and student relations are very good! Football games are great too. There are a lot of students but they try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Clemson has a good academic reputation. College town.


Clemson is the ultimate college town. The athletics at Clemson are the ultimate reason I chose to attend there. Football games are unbelieveable, Clemson is always one of the top teams in their conference and the town is revered as one of the best atmospheres in the nation during football Saturdays. The school has the perfect number of students, 17,000; this is not too many and not too few. The student body has a tremendous amount of pride about their school, athletic teams, and campus. The campus is one of the best in the nation, many students from other schools often comment on the uniqueness of the campus. Rolling hills, blue skies, perfect weather, mountains in the distance, Lake Hartwell a stone's throw away, Bowman field, and the history of Clemson all make this an amazing place. I enjoyed walking on campus every single day, seeing historic landmarks, breathing in fresh air, and socializing with people just like me. The campus, the learning, the students, the athletics; everything was amazing, there is nothing like it.


Clemson is the perfect fit. About 17,000 students is great; large enough to get those big lectures that would be unnecessary to have in a class of 12 (intro to geology and general economics) but small enough to where you get your more difficult classes more individualized in smaller classrooms (advanced accounting, econometrics). Its a great college town with a high affinity for the Clemson Tigers. The whole town participates in campus events. The football games...well i cant even explain the football games on paper, its just that unforgettable thing you have to experience yourself. Clemson's reputation has grown greatly over the past couple of years. Whenever I mention Clemson in a conversation back home in the mid-atlantic the university gets much praise from people for its academics and great sports team. Its the kind of school that you go to and when you leave, you chase down everyone on the highway you see sporting a Clemson Tiger paw; waving and honking your horn annoyingly. The orange is intoxicating.


The entire Clemson area is completely all about Clemson. I visited many schools in my college search and I can safely say that I did not see any other college with close to the amount of school pride, not only on campus but in the surrouding area as well. Easy evidence of this can be seen in athletics. Clemson has a pretty big student body but not too big that you feel lost.


Clemson: Clemson is not a very big city but the vast majority of it's inhabitants are college aged students. Due to this there is a dense population of people in your age group if you attend. Football season is electrifying period. The Death valley experience, the extreme noise and our teams entrance down THE HILL (also know as the most exciting 10 seconds in College football) cannot be beaten. School pride and environmental awareness are also important on campus. Yet, the most inviting aspect of the University is the campus itself. There is a certain level of comfort you gather from just being there and once you become an enrolled student you become a part of the community. You immediately feel at home.


Watch out Disney, Clemson is the new happiest place on earth where dreams do come true. Welcome to a school with a big school picture with over 300 organizations to join, huge sports to cheer for and so much going on but can also manage to have a small campus feel. Make sure you leave for class with an extra 5-10 minutes because chances are you are going to stop to talk to a few friends that you see on the way. Everyone either plays sports or is a huge sports fan. Clemson has a preppy feel but the university does what it can to encourage individuality. The downtown may seem small but there are some awesome places from Todaro's pizza (yum!) and Spill the Beans icecream. The only problem with the university can be parking, but you really don't even need a car. The town of Clemson revolves around the University and are so respectful to the students. Everyone just has so much school pride and love for where they go. Clemson is 5 minutes from the lake and so cloes to the mountains to go hiking and stuff. Lots of your friends will have boats so you go to the river a lot, even just to swim at the Hidden Beach. I could never say enough good things about Clemson, I love it!


Clemson is the perfect size-not too big, not too small. There are about 16000 students undergrad. which makes for the perfect amount. There's enough that you never stop meeting new people but not too many that it's impossible to see the same person twice on campus. I constantly run into people that I know. There is tons of school pride. I love driving around and seeing people with orange stickers on the back of their cars all over South Carolina but anywhere. If I saw someone wearing a Clemson shirt in the airport or Australia I would feel like they are a brother and start talking to them. There is a sense of family just because one goes there. And football games display peoples' pride as alumni of all ages return to tailgate and watch the games. I love how nice everyone is on campus. Teachers, administration, students. People are truly friendly. And the guy are true southern gentlemen. Something I don't like is that the college town has too many sandwich shops and gross bars instead of cool places to hang out, like restaurants and cuter places. But overall, love it!!!!!!!!!


clemson is not necessarily a friendly campus. many of the students i have met won't give you the time of day if you aren't drop dead gorgeous or involved in sports. those are the people that make clemson not a fun place, but there are others that are completely nice and always willing to chat.


The best thing about Clemson is the community. Everyone has this one common bond, and we really do bleed orange. Every person is sold on our university and will brag and boast about it to anyone who will listen. This is in every aspect: academics, athletics, community service. There is not a single thing I would change about my school, and if I had to do it all over again, I would still go to Clemson. Clemson is definitely the perfect sized university- we are able to compete on the Division 1A level, and yet we are not too large- it takes 20 minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other. Clemson as a whole is the experience that I will always remember, particularly the football games!


Clemson is your ideal "small" big school. Now what I mean by this is that even though there are almost 20,000 undergraduate students who you will probably not know, the feeling of home is very strong. One of my favorite parts of Clemson is the school pride. Everyone at this school loves this school. Even when I talk to someone who goes to Clemson 10 states away there is like an instant connection and friendship, its crazy. If your looking for a good school in South Carolina in particular than Clemson is your top choice. The numbers state this fact all across the board and im sure anyone you talk to will tell you the same thing.


Right now, I'm not very happy with Clemson's administration. It seems like they are very concerned with making us a "Top 20" school. Whatever the hell that means. Just because some association has ranked us along side of other schools isn't really that big of a deal. I hate the phrase Top 20. Anytime some new rule is passed. Top 20. Anytime we turn down potential applicants. Top 20. Anytime we get an email from Barker. Top 20. Enough with the fucking propaganda. Instead of this insanity, why don't we do something useful for the students? A parking deck, so that it isn't a cutthroat competition to park your car! We are in the country for Christ's sake! Parking shouldn't be an issue! But no. I have no idea what we are investing in to get to the Top 20, and am skeptical about the value that possibly achieving that goal really is. Rants aside, I really love Clemson, and the students here are incredible. It just hurts me to see the school I love being run by such apparent idiots.


People are almost always impressed when I say I'm a Clemson student. It's always a good feeling telling someone where I go to school. This contrasts with the school I transferred from (University of Tennessee), and how people mostly would say "Why do you go there?" after I told them where I went to school. Clemson does a great job of showing how large it is during big events where it will impress the family and friends, but also manages to make being a student very personal. Even walking around campus you can't believe almost 20,000 people are there at the same time. Even though most would consider it to be a rural setting, Clemson definitely has a night life (throughout the week), but don't be fooled, those same party animals manage to get the grades too. The school pride is unparalleled at Clemson. Everyone realizes their places as consumers of the education provided by Clemson and criticizing the university is rare, in fact, I've never heard of it. Of course, everyone has their opinions on particular professors, but that probably doesn't change at any college.


What I like about Clemson, besides the beautifully forested and hilly campus, is the people. Students are driven to improve themselves and their university as well as the coummunity at large. Professors seem very invested in their students, expecting profession work while nurturing their intellectual curiosity in the learning process. Many staff members take pride in working at Clemson, being very hospitable and always huge Clemson fans.


I think Clemson University makes the town of Clemson. While this sometimes is a good thing, it can sometimes be a bad thing. When fall and spring classes aren't in session, then it can be difficult to find people to spend time with. I wish that stores like WalMart and Target were closer. I think stores like this would make Clemson feel less like a college town and more like a town where a college just happens to be. I think the focus on athletic events is great at Clemson, and makes the school what it is.


The best thing about Clemson is the football games. I can barely remember any home game I went to. Tickets are real easy to get since the stadium is huge, unlike some other schools. Clemson's a good size I think it's around 16,000, which is pretty good the campus is a good size I think. If you're looking for a huge school where you never see the same people twice unless you're friends with them then this isn't the place to go, you see the same people all the time around campus, it's a good community feel. The "town" of Clemson isn't really much. There's two or three bars downtown to go to but it's not a great college town. Like I said Clemson really isn't the party school a lot of people build it up to be. Clemson is also kind of in the middle of nowhere - Greenville SC is like a 40 min. drive, some people go there to club, or Atlanta's a 2 hour drive. There's so much school pride at Clemson that if you aren't insane about the Tigers or the color orange you'll probably want to get out after the first week.


So I am just going to go with the suggested topics for this: The best thing about Clemson really depends on who you are at Clemson. I think that everyone can agree that Football is a pretty big staple no mater who you are. However, obviously if you are Greek then you probably enjoy activities geared more towards that interest or if you are an athlete then you are going to think the best thing about Clemson is something totally different. Personally my favorite thing about Clemson is all of the ways to get involved on campus. Not to mention that there are a HUGE variety of things to get involved in. I think the size of Clemson is just right. At first it does feel a little overwhelming, but I went to a school of 1,200 my freshman year and transferred to Clemson and I would DEFINATELY recommend a big school! But at the same time it isn't too big. After a month or two at Clemson you will start noticing that you recognize someone everywhere you go and after that the campus just seems smaller and smaller. Clemson is definitely a college town. We are kind of in the middle of nowhere but it makes it kind of fun because all of the surrounding community is all geared towards college students. Clemson may be nestled in the heart of the south but there are people from all over the country here. I don't feel like you don't fit in if you are not from the "southern culture." I don't consider myself southern at all but I have no problem finding plenty of people that suit my taste


It is great having everything on campus including the football stadium. It makes you feel even more connected to Clemson and gives the feeling that you attendend a close knit campus. The best part about Clemson is all the great people. Everyone is so nice and you have so many friends to study with and just hang out with.


The school is the perfect size. I went to a much larger school (60,000) before coming to Clemson, and am so happy I transferred. It's great because you run into people you know all the time, but you can also avoid people you don't want to see as well. One thing I didn't like was that the Greek life was so intense. Make sure you join Greek life. When I came to Clemson I wasn't able to get into a Sorority because I was always a junior and I think I was at a disadvantage because of that. Girls are 'clicky' in their sorority and don't really try to meet other girls which is a draw back. One thing that was also had is the stereotypes that southerns had about northerners. Coming from the north, many people assumed I was brash and 'a yankee'. I still don't really know what that means but assume southerns think that people from the north are ghetto and trashy which is so wrong! I wish southerners were more accepting and became better friends with northerners because most of the time people stuck with the people they lived close to (whether they knew them or not before coming to Clemson).


It's a college town,most are born from southern big money and like to act the part. The administration is excellent and caring.School pride is huge. Complaints...PARKING!


Clemson is just the right size, its small enough so you don't feel completely overwhelmed, and it is big enough so you will never run out of people to meet. Tiger pride is really something special. I know every school has pride in its sports and academics, but I think Clemson really stands apart. Everybody is proud they attend Clemson because of its ever-improving academics. Also, the students, as well as the teachers, all stand behind Clemson sports. The motto around campus is: "You can't hide that tiger pride!"


When I first started attending Clemson, I wasn't a die-hard Tiger fan. Trust me, that will change after attending Clemson. Clemson is all about pride. It may not have a huge student population, but its students are VERY, VERY loyal. Clemson is big into traditions, and soon...very soon, you'll become one of the all the other Tiger fans. GO TIGERS!!! Clemson is definitely a college town...well, really the town wouldn't exist without the University. The actual town of Clemson is very small, and there isn't too much to do off campus - except all the frat and sorority parties. Most of the entertainment is on campus. CLEMSONLiVE, the entertainment organization on-campus, is the organization that is alloted the largest amount of money out of all the organizations on campus. There is always something you can do on campus whether it be a party, a speaker, a movie, a concert, etc. You don't ever really need to leave campus except to go to Walmart, of course, which is only about 10 min off campus. I love the size of Clemson. I thougth that it might be too big for me at first (around 18,000 students), but I've realized that I like the larger student population. I like seeing new people all the time. Plus, you can make more friends when there are more friends for you to meet. Plus, I think that only about 6-7,000 students live on-campus. Most of the upper classmen live in off-campus apartments - there are tons of them in Clemson.


Clemson is an interesting place to go to school. I wouldn't recommend it if you require having a big city nearby as the university is really the only thing in the area that truly resembles a city (although Atlanta is just 1 1/2 hours away and Greenville is about 1/2 an hour away). Overall, it's a fun place to go to school. While there might not necessarily be as much going on in the city it's pretty easy to walk around campus and find/make something to do. For example, I don't know of too many large cities in which it would be okay to have office chair jousting in front of the library.


I love the Clemson football games. There is a ton of school pride. There isn't enough parking though. Its the perfect size not to big or to small. I really like the size of my classes, most of them are small.


big enough to have good programs with money, small enough that you become friends with your profs and that when you meet people you find out what a small world clemson really is. this is a rural school! There is greenspace and people try to keep each other entertained, there isnt a lot to do besides go to dinner or the bars but thats the way we like it... rural. You can go to Anderson for an adventure or even all the way to greenville!!!


The best thing about Clemson is the people. We love our school and love to support our school in every way: sports, school spirit, groups of people and friends, organizations, intramural sports, etc. The parking on Clemson's campus is one thing I would change. We need more of it and the parking police can be ridiculous at times. They tend to forget that they are only parking police. Clemson is the perfect size. It's big enough to have 80,000+ people at a home football game and small enough that you know alot of the people in your class, just from seeing them around campus week to week. When people hear I go to Clemson, alot react by saying, "I"ve heard thats an awesome campus" or "Clemson, a jock school"...On campus, I spend a lot of time at the intramural fields, the library, and Tillman Hall. Clemson is definitely a college town. The town and shops revolve around Clemson, its tradition in sports and academics. For the most part, the administration is great. Everyone I know, including me, love our President Jim Barker. There are certain professors in every major that people don't like. I just graduated this past May and there was one professor in my department that I did not like and there were plenty of others in agreement. I can't remember the last controversy on campus, honestly. Clemson is full of school pride. If you ask students who transfer from other schools to Clemson, why they transferred, most will say its because of Clemson's unbelievable school pride. Clemson is one of the few land grant research universities that has ties to all 50 states. Another unusual fact about Clemson is that we are just now reaching 100,000 alumni since our school has been in existence. I will always remember Homecoming week in 2006. Clemson played Georgia Tech in October for football. We were ranked 12 in the nation and Georgia Tech was ranked 13. We had the ESPN college gameday show come to Clemson for our Homecoming weekend. We had the largest gameday of the season and we won the game, beating Georgia Tech 31-7. I will never forget that weekend experience. Most frequent student complaints are definitely with the parking police on campus.


Clemson is a fantastic higher level institution. The best thing about Clemson has to be the great sports' programs. The one thing I would change about Clemson is the parking, I would make more parking room. Our school is just right, not as big as other Division 1 schools but bigger than a lot of schools. People usually react positively when I tell them I go to Clemson because they know how phenomenal of a school it is. I spend most of my time either at Fike recreational center, edgar's, or studying in my room. The Clemson administration is extremely friendly and very knowledgable. Clemson has the most school pride I have ever seen.


I love Clemson. I have been coming to football games here since I was 2 months old. My Dad's family always had season box tickets so I ahve grown up loving Clemson. It is such a great environment. When you're walking to class, you can see a person you had in class with you Freshamn year and you'll say hey to each other. It is large enough to have a huge variety yet small enough that people you know Freshman year, you will see out Senior year and still stop and say hello. It is wonderful. When my friends found out I was going to Clemson, they were shocked I got in because it has such prestige as a university. Clemson is great because it is in a small town. The town is built around the university. All the local shop owners know most of the students by name and will greet you the minute you walk in the door.


Clemson itself is a very small college town, but is surrounded by Seneca, Anderson and Greenville, so there's never nothing to do. And if you find friends in the right places, you're never bored. The academics are strenuous, although some are more demanding than others.


I never wanted to attend Clemson until I went for a campus visit. I fell in love in 10 minutes. Turned to my mother and said sign me up...I'm going to school here. My mom even loved the campus saying it reminded her of her college years at Purdue. The best thing about Clemson is the fact it is located in a college town. Everyone there lives and breathes Clemson University. The friends you make and the memories you have are worth just as much as the name on your degree. But your education is important as well. Our classes are not easy. I have had many times where I worked my butt off just to make a C in a class. I believe the size of the university is just right. As a freshman you think it is huge, but by your senior year you realize how cozy it really feels. Clemson has a great national reputation. I have always received positive reactions when I tell someone I went to Clemson, well except from South Carolina fans. The best place to spend time on campus is Lever beach!! This is really the grass hill behind Lever dorm. The minute it is warm, everyone is out there tanning and goofing off. A lot of people spend insane hours in the library. I'll be honest, I only went to get coffee. There are so many things I will always remember about Clemson. Many involve the hours spent tailgating with my roommates (future bridesmaids) There is no explanation for the memories Clemson brings. School pride is insane and football is our god!!! We live for football season because that is where BLEED ORANGE really lives!! I guess there is only one way to sum up the big picture of Clemson: "It's the Esso Club during the summer, it's Littlejohn on the floor vs Duke. It's hating UGA, USC, and UNC. It's a cold night in November in Death Valley, it's walking across Bowman on the way to class, with the dew messing up your shoes. It's talking with a professor about life as you wait for the CATBUS, it's cutting class to go watch baseball at Kingsmore, it's saying hi to a person you had class with freshman year and you still don't remember their name. It's a Sunday at Fike, it's shaggin on a Friday before a football game at Explorers in October...It's so much more, and most of all, it's part of you. It's Clemson. The Best Damn Place in the World"


Clemson is awesome, I'd never been on the campus until my Senior year in high school, but when I toured it I knew it's where i wanted to go. I grew up in a small rural setting and hate being in a big city for more than a few days. Clemson is big enough that there's always something going on, but small enough that a country boy like me doesn't feel overwhelmed. Clemson is definitely a college town, there wouldn't be a town if it weren't for the college; and I mean that literally. Clemson offers a wide variety of things to do, I spent a lot of time playing pool and bowling. The biggest complaint that I've heard from students is the massive amount of Freshman "weed-out" courses. In every major there is one class that exists for no other reason than to fail people. I know of several of these where the curriculum taught in them actually doesn't help you progress in your major but the class is required to move on.