Clemson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The person who would feel suffocated in a small town. While there are some things to do off campus (movie theater, hiking, ect.) The towns surrounding Clemson are very small and fo not have a lot going on. Someone who is used to a big city feel, or who wants that, would probably be miserable way out here in upstate South Carolina.


The kind of person I would suggest not attend would be one that is not openminded. While Clemson does not have a particularly diverse population, I have definitely seen diversity increase as my time here continues. Diversity is a big issue at Clemson and not something that needs to be prohibited, but rather encouraged. Also, those in dire need of financial aid might should not attend unless granted many scholarships. Coming from a low-income family I can attest for the struggle that comes from attending Clemson and the stress of wondering how I am going to pay each semester.


Someone who is not willing to work hard and take advantage of great opportunities should not attend Clemson. Faculty involvement in the student body is only part of what makes Clemson so great. The student body is exceptional. They are the reason Clemson has become the greatest school in South Carolina. All the opportunities presented must be taken advantage of in order for students to reap the many benefits offered by Clemson. Willingness to work hard is critical to attendance at Clemson.


Students that want to be in the middle of a major city and a school that reflects that.


Anyone who has hard time making friends. It can be difficult to find a group to be a part of.


Someone who has no interest in athletics, tailgating, etc. Clemson is a southern university so much of the social activity revolves around those things. There are other alternatives and not everyone is sports-crazy, but if you are looking for a more "liberal arts" experience, Clemson is not the place for you.


As we are surrounded by vagabonds on our daily walk to campus everyday, Berkeley, for any student, is an experience of its own. Being a close-minded person that chooses to live a normal, self-benefitting life is far from the typical student that should attend Cal. Rather, an ideal Cal student should have a zest for wanting to positively impact our society towards progress. This one quality and whatever that indvidual's talents may be will allow that student to truly grasp everything Cal has to offer and utilize everything they have learned to become a impactful person society.


People who should not attend my school are people who aren't going to give there all to succeed in classes.


The kind of person that should attend this school would have to very focused. You must also be a sociable individual, because you will definitely use your social skills in all of your courses.


Students who are not willing to challenge themselves academically, and who do not want to broaden their cultural/socail/academic knowledge base.


Clemson University is situated in a small rural community in upstate South Carolina. Although, students from all fifty states attend this university, the student body is composed primarily of residents of the state of South Carolian, or those states bordering it (i.e. North Carolina, Georgia). The school is well-known for its athletics, namely football, however, there is an intellectual community present on campus, although small. The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is the student with aspirations of winning academic bowls, or debate tournaments. Constant partying deter any possiblity of real academic achievement.


The kind of person who should not attend Clemson is one who does not like to work hard, who does not like the cold, and who does not like people.


Someone who is not focused and determined to work hard to succeed should not attend this school. Classes are not easy and will present challenges throughou the course.


Someone who isn't career oriented. Someone who lacks motivation to succeed in life. Someone who only wants to attend college based on what television portrays. Someone who is not interested in school.


People who are very driven should attend this school. One must be very focused and able to handle a lot of work at one time. This school is full of school spirit filled people. It is good to have a social life because it is college but to never let your grades fall behind from doing so. People who attend this school should be open to many cultures and races present on campus. Whomever attends this school should keep their head held high through their whole college expierence.


Someone who is friendly, willing to be social and has a love for college football!


Someone who despises greek life, hates online shopping (the closest nice mall is 40 min away), only thrives in an urban environment , hate sports, and isn't a fan of school school spirit.


If you are a person that does not want to succeed in life and make something of yourself then Clemson University is not the school for you. Clemson provides the best for all of their students and prepares them for the outside world which you will live in once you graduate. Graduating from Clemson University with a degree will be one of your greatest accomplishments. So, if you are not motivated to do and become the best that you can be then Clemson University is not the school for you.


I think people that attend Clemson are very academically-focused. Most students enjoy the sports aspect of the university because our collegiate sports are so good. Also, alot of people are very sociable and join some type of organization whether it be a fraternity, sorority, club, honor society, etc. Yet, one drawback is that it is very conservative and not very diverse so I don't know if someone who is very culturally diverse should attend.


Clemson is a small place. Those of you looking for a city are not going to find it.


A student who does just wants to party and live the steriotypical college life.


Liberal arts types


Someone who likes big cities and a lot of excitement


If you can't tolerate football or the upstate SC southern culture, then stay away. Most Northerners should stay away.


There isn't really a kind of person that shouldn't attend this school. I would just say that anyone who comes should come into this school with a more laid back perspective, while still focusing on their work.


Murders, rapists, vandalizers, or theifs.


A person who is too timid and shy should not attend this school becuase of its size. It may be overwhelming to them becuase they will definately feel overlooked easily.


Someone who can't hold their tounge about politics and religion they would get ripped apart.


Some who need a metropolitain area. Clemson is out in the country and all of the esentials are near by, but for many city related things, such as a theater, mall, or large shopping are, its about a 30 minute drive


Someone who is not into school spirit, because Clemson is crazy about the sport teams, especially football and basketball! Also someone who is not ready to be pushed out of his or her comfort zone, because that is what college is all about, and it's hard to meet people if you are not willing to be outgoing. I have also found that students who only study all day or students who only party all day will not prosper. Clemson students enjoy working hard and playing hard, and they usually find a good medium.


I think Clemson University is great for everyone. Anyone should be able to find a part of the school where they fit in.


A person that is not willing to get out of their room to: make friends, go to study groups, etc.


I think anyone could attend Clemson, unless they want to go to a better school. We honestly have every type of person here.


Someone who will not take academics seriously should not attend Clemson. Also, someone who is not willing to work with and learn from people of different backgrounds may have a hard time here.


People that are high maitence and needy


I think that anyone would fit in here. We have a wide variety of cultures represented, and everyone has a niche that they fit in. Its wonderful!


If you hate bright colors, athletics, large groups of people, trees, squirrels, the colors orange or purple in excess, the southern accent, and sweet tea, this is not your school. However, if you do like an odd combination of cultures, sports, and the art of throwing rocks at pretty preppy kids, you might just have fun here.