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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Life is just breezy, isn't it? You never study, and still make good grades. You show up to class late, and still receive the teachers praise. You tell yourself that you will start studing and caring when you get to college, but let me tell you that those ideas are garbage. Now that I have been in college for a while, I can tell you that high school does in fact matter. It all may seem at times to be a bit mundane, but believe me when I say that high school is about more about more than just reading chapters and passing tests. It is about working hard and knowing how to spend your time best. Begin getting used to putting effort into school, because college will require a multitude of it. Begin to manage your time wisely, because without time management you will be doomed to failure. Start learning ways to manage stress, because there will be considerable amounts of it at times. To sum it all up, start being an adult. The best choices may not be the most attractive, but you must be able to choose correctly. Do these things, and you will succeed.


If there is anything I would tell my past self, it would be to take your time on deciding what you want to be. Everyone pressured me to go ahead and start college whether I knew what I really wanted to major in or not. I have wasted almost two years of college on courses I never really felt were my calling. If everyone would have just let me take my time in making my decision I never would have dropped out and be in the position I am in today. Now I have a daughter and I am struggling to give her everything she needs because of the dept dropping out of school had put me into. I am now attempting to go back in order to gain a fresh start and raise my daughter in a home that can provide her everything she would ever need or want.


The advice I would give to myself about making the transition to college from being a high school senior would to be better prepared for all of the many challenges that you face when going through your first semester or first year of college. If you have the choice of a roommate or living alone, live alone, it usually works out better. Don't trust people you don't know, because usually they are not what they seem, unless you get to know them, and even then sometimes things aren't always what they seem. Don't ever believe everything you hear, it's usually always lies, go to the person and ask them if what you've heard is true or if you have a problem with them. Always be prepared; and always have Money and extra money,,, You'll need it!


I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask questions. That's what the staff is there to do. Your student advisor will help you make decisions on what to take when and advise you on the best course of action in your educational career. I wish I could have told myself to take it easy on myself when I first started, all new beginnings take time to adjust . The sacrifices that are being made now will give you oportunities in a uneasy future. I would also tell myself to laugh more, especially at myself. Life is serious and if you don't laugh and poke fun at life, it will be harder and a lot more grim.


If I could go back to my senior year and tell myself about college, I would say that college is just like high school, only with more freedom. And what Spiderman's Uncle Ben said was true: "With more power come great responsibility" and the same is true with the freedom that you'll have in college. You will not have teachers reminding you to do homework or reports before they are due. So be prepared to become more responsible for yourself. Stress over tests is the worst! But, if you study all week long in intervals, studying is a piece of pie. Just take it slow and make sure that you understand your notes before committing it to memory. There's nothing worse than getting test information down wrong. Transitions are always hard, but as long as you are ready to take on the challenge of college, the transition will not be so bad. So get ready for a transition into the real world and be ready to become responsible for yourself and your actions. If you're ready in these ways, then I'm sure that you can conquer the beast known as college.


Going back to 2009 and being able to inform myself of college life and the growing up that will take place would have been very helpful. I could have told me how college is not as scary and overwhelming as people make it out. College is an amazing place that not only helps you better your career choice but also betters yourself. It will help you find yourself and form you into an adult. Also I would tell myself not to catch senioritis and to do the best I can my senior year. My education is too important to throw away on a high school romance or a football game. I would tell myself it will pay off working hard rather than harldy working. College has been an amazing experience that has awoken me and helped me grow up and love life. College does not always have to be about partying or stressing about studying. The last thing I would tell myself is, "You can and will survive if you go to class and pay attention. Nothing is impossible if you stick to it and try. Stay true to yourself and others. You will survive, accomplish your dreams, and more. "


I would convince myself of the need for good study practices and the determination to stick with something to provide a better future for myself. I would find examples of those who have made decisions that have hurt them in the long run. I would advise myself that every decision I make in the future would not only affect my life but the lives of other people around me That to have a degree in a field that would provide job security for me and the right amount of money paid hourly to be able to pay off my bills on time every time but to correct my credit score instead of hurting me.